Top 5 Career Paths After an Operations Management Degree



02 February, 2024

Top 5 Career Paths After an Operations Management Degree

“Improvement usually means doing something that we have never done before.” – Shigeo Shingo

Continuous improvement is the road to excellence. Operations Management is all about making sure that a business is running smoothly and efficiently. First of all, let’s talk about its stereotypes. Operations Management is not about factory floors and dusty warehouses. It is the brain behind every smooth-running system. We will make it simple for you. Operations Management makes the process smooth from delivering your Amazon Prime order in just two days to keeping your social media feeds humming with fresh memes.

It is like the behind-the-scenes magic that makes the world work, and you are the magician.

First thing First: What is Operations Management?

Operations Management is all about the efficient and effective production/delivery of goods and services. As an Operations Manager, you will be taking care of everything from planning and scheduling to quality control and inventory management. You will need to think critically, solve problems, and make decisions quickly.

Career Prospects for Operations Management Graduates!

As per one of the articles published in Times of India, The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that jobs for Operations Managers will increase by 6% between 2020 to 2030.

This growth is because there is a growing demand for Operations Managers among businesses that want to become more productive & efficient. If you are also thinking of making a career in this field, you will play an important role in helping businesses to fulfil their needs and make things run smoothly.

Essential Skills for a Successful Career in Operations Management!

Skills Description
Analytical skills As an Operation Manager, you must know about analysing data and identifying trends to make informed decisions.
Problem-solving skills You should have problem-solving skills. Critical thinking is important for Operations Managers so that they can quickly and effectively solve complex problems.
Decision-making skills As an Operations Manager, you need the ability to make clear decisions, especially under pressure and tight deadlines.
Communication skills You should have good communication skills as you will be communicating with employees, customers, and suppliers for successful operations management.
Leadership skills You should have leadership skills to motivate and inspire teams. This is the key aspect of operations management leadership.

Exploring Careers & Job Titles in Operations Management!

When you are starting a career in Operations Management, it is important to know about the various jobs in this field. There are many different roles and each requires its own specific skills.

1. Operations Manager

As an Operations Manager, you will have multiple responsibilities like overseeing the smooth flow of daily tasks to strategising for future efficiency. You will be leading and motivating teams and ensuring quality control. You will also be managing the budgets.

Ultimately, the Operations Manager is the guardian of efficiency, the problem-solver, and the champion of smooth-running operations.

Average Salary of Operation Manager: INR 10.6 LPA

2. Supply Chain Manager

As a Supply Chain Manager, you will oversee the flow of goods and materials from suppliers to customers. You should be able to negotiate with vendors, manage inventory levels. You also have to make sure that products are getting delivered on time.

Average Salary of Supply chain Manager: INR 14.1 LPA

3. Production Manager

As a Production Manager, you will be responsible for the production of goods in a factory or other manufacturing setting. You should be able to schedule production runs, manage quality control and ensure that products are manufactured safely & efficiently.

Average Salary of Production Manager: INR 13.2 LPA

4. Logistics Manager

As a Logistics Manager, you will be responsible for the transportation and storage of goods. You should know about how to plan routes, negotiate with shipping companies, and track shipments.

Avg salary of Logistics Manager: INR 9.9 LPA

5. Project Manager

The Project Manager makes sure that everything runs smoothly and the project is delivered well and on time. They are like the captain of a ship. One of the main responsibilities includes guiding the team to reach the project goals.

These are some of the main responsibilities:

  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Completion of Projects
  • Break Down Projects into Tasks
  • Assign Resources
  • Track Progress

Average Salary of Project Manager: INR 17 LPA

Average Salary after Operations Management!

Job Roles Average Salary
Operations Manager INR 10.6 LPA
Supply Chain Manager INR 14.1 LPA
Production Manager INR 13.2 LPA
Logistics Manager INR 9.9 LPA
Project Manager INR 17 LPA


If you want to make a career in this field then you can definitely go for it as the possibilities are endless in the Operations Management field. You can go into the Corporate sector to explore new fields or venture beyond the office walls. Remember, Your skills are a passport to a world of exciting careers.

Good Luck!

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