Career Prospects after International Trade Management 2024



01 February, 2024

Career Prospects after International Trade Management 2024

Welcome to the world of ever-evolving career opportunities. A career in International Trade Management is not new. It is today counted among one of the top management roles in today’s world.

There are endless amazing career opportunities awaiting you in International Trading. An MBA in International Trade Management can upskill you towards the land of the globalised business environment. Let us dive into the multiple career opportunities, salaries and job roles that you can take up in the field of International Trade Management.

What is International Trade Management?

The exchange or trade of products and services between different nations is known as International Trade. Trade of this nature builds up and expands the global economy. The most traded commodities include food, raw materials, clothing, machinery, television sets, and capital goods.

International Trade Management also involves managing businesses which include importing and exporting a wide range of products. It involves drafting and processing import/export paperwork as well as other forms for customers in compliance with laws, rules, and customs processes.

Scope of International Trade Management

International trade between different countries is an important aspect that raises living standards, generates jobs, and allows customers to purchase a wider variety of items. This is an important and widely recognised work responsibility in the country, thus there is no end to its scope in sight. As a result, the need for positions managing international trade is expanding.

Students who pursue an MBA in International Trade Management learn the abilities required to manage international businesses’ operations across borders and continents. The degree puts an emphasis on globalisation, international marketing, purchasing, logistics, and advancement. You can find employment in roles like Foreign Trade Zone Analyst, Market Research Executive, Foreign Trade Representative, Global Trade Manager, International Trade Manager, Freight Auditor, Business Development Manager, Global Trade Manager, and Policy Analyst.

Skills Required for International Trade Management

You require a different set of skills to succeed in International Trade Management which includes the basic undertaking of trade and IT skills. However, it is always a bonus to learn these skills to be on top of your role in International Trade Management:

Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills Communication and Negotiation Skills Commercial Awareness and Business Acumen
Intercultural Competence Risk Management Networking Skills
Attention to Detail Trade Compliance Regulations Time Management

List of Top Jobs after MBA in International Trade Management with Salaries

Here are some of the top jobs you can pursue after completing an MBA in International Trade Management, along with their average and highest salaries in India:

Sl# Professional Scope Average Salary Highest Salary
1. International Business Consultant ₹ 13.2 LPA ₹ 19 LPA
2. International Finance Manager ₹ 25 LPA ₹ 36 LPA
3. Investment Banker ₹ 7.1 LPA ₹ 40 LPA
4. Project Manager ₹ 19 LPA ₹ 28 LPA
5. Global Business Manager ₹ 16 LPA ₹ 59 LPA
6. Export Manager ₹15.3 LPA ₹18 LPA
7. Import Manager ₹6 LPA ₹15.5 LPA

Let’s discuss these jobs in detail:

1. International Business Consultant

As an International Business Consultant, you will be responsible for managing the company’s business dealings with international clients. You will be watching the company’s business profit. It would be an important part of the job to review and analyse the expansion of your company as well as your clients. This job role requires critical thinking, analytical thinking and good communication skills.

  • Average Salary: ₹13.2 LPA
  • Highest Salary: ₹19 LPA

2. International Finance Manager

An International Finance Manager is someone who boosts the company’s finances. You will be responsible for reflecting your ninja skills in the latest international finance trends and supervising the financial budget, reports and business statements of the company.

  • Average Salary: ₹25 LPA
  • Highest Salary: ₹36 LPA

3. Investment Banker

As an Investment Banker, your main responsibility is to raise money for the company, either through debt or equity. In addition to managing the company’s finances, you will also have to look after its clientele. You will assist those clients in raising the money they need to support their various endeavours and grow their businesses.

In addition to researching finances, prior businesses, and financial records, Investment Bankers are expected to assist with document preparation, other legal matters about financial resources, and research.

  • Average Salary: ₹7.1 LPA
  • Highest Salary: ₹40 LPA

4. Project Manager

As a Project Manager, your responsibilities will include reviewing various projects at different stages, allocating duties to the teams, and addressing any issues that arise while the projects are being completed.  Along with checking all the right areas of supervision, you will also be responsible for collaborating closely with the finance, legal, and other teams to ensure that the project is completed on schedule.

  • Average Salary: ₹19 LPA
  • Highest Salary: ₹28 LPA

5. Global Business Manager

In your role as a Global Business Manager, you will be in charge of managing all business-related matters both inside the business and with its associated clients. Your primary responsibility will include managing all business-related duties, objectives, procedures, difficulties, etc. The Global Business Manager monitors the company’s various divisions to ensure that every choice made by them eventually benefits the company’s expansion rather than impeding it.

  • Average Salary: ₹16 LPA
  • Highest Salary: ₹59 LPA

6. Export Manager

As an Export Manager, your job responsibilities will include ensuring that the products fulfil the importer’s specifications. In addition to this, you will be incharge of handling the logistics of shipping products to the buyer in another nation. It could also be necessary for Export Managers to market their company’s products and sales overseas. Overseeing the export operations of a company including market research, product pricing, and customer relationship management are also a part of the job.

  • Average Salary: ₹15.3 LPA
  • Highest Salary: ₹18 LPA

7. Import Manager

Your job role will include complex yet exciting day-to-day tasks, including supervision of imports. As part of your job, you will be collaborating with suppliers, vendors, and other parties to guarantee that goods arrive on schedule and in acceptable shape. Managing ties with Customs Officers or other government representatives may also be one of the roles of an Import Manager.

  • Average Salary: ₹5.5 LPA
  • Highest Salary: ₹10 LPA

Best Institutes for Online MBA in International Trade Management & Related Programmes

Online University/College Programme Fee
NMIMS Global INR 1,68,000
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune INR 2,35,000
Woxsen School of Business INR 3,90,000
Jaipuria Institute of Management INR 3,25,000
IMT Ghaziabad INR 3,10,000


An MBA in International Trade Management holds endless opportunities for you to explore the world of business plus international growth. You will explore a vast range of new skills including cultural awareness, networking, excellent communication and effective leadership.

International trading is a continuously evolving platform. If you are someone who wants to explore more beyond our nation then this is your chance.

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