Career Opportunities After IT Management Degree: A 2024 Guide



29 January, 2024

Career Opportunities After IT Management Degree: A 2024 Guide

“Any science or technology which is sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke

Acquiring an MBA degree in today’s time is like stepping through a door to a realm of dynamic harmony of business, its management and the skills required to run it. It is about learning how to craft creative strategies, innovate and adapt, to be an artist with the precision of his/her field. The degree is not about learning what’s only written in the books but going beyond it and taking the narrative to succeed in the real-life world.

The study of management is an enthralling experience of exploring the organisational ways of working, the unpredictable markets, the efficiency &  the productivity, and the vast rhythmic dynamics of it. Pursuing a management degree would mean that you will foster connections at some global levels, develop thinking that goes beyond just classrooms, learn the leadership skills that can transform the future, and build a successful landscape of multiple opportunities for you.

The best selling point of the management degree is how diversified this field is. It has different specialisations depending on the choice of the individual. However, in the long run, one can see how these different specialisations blend with each other to effectively manage an organisation and the business.

IT Management: The Sea of Digital Opportunities

A business today is only successful in the world of competition when it is backed up with the best of the professionals filled with passion and finesse in their respective fields. This is the age of digitalisation where data, codes and figures rule the ultimate management. A domain where a single decision can predict the outcome of a future or create alternate answers is the most interesting part of IT Management.

A Management degree in IT means that one is to use their strategic acumen and technological oversight to implement the best IT Management practices. In recent surveys conducted across different industries, it has been proven that the use of IT in the workplace has given a boost to productivity, efficiency and better-planned decisions for stable & successful outcomes. Be it cyber security, or bringing an impact on a company’s finances or handling other technological affairs, the IT industry has only given a competitive advantage that has always translated to why it has become a necessity for organisations.

Job Opportunities after a Business Degree in IT

The IT industry is one of the most in-demand sectors to transform a business. Here are some of the job opportunities that one can go for after earning a degree in IT Management.

  • Cybersecurity

In Cyber Security, your key role is to protect and safeguard all different processes, data and technology used against any loss or theft. With the advancement of the digital age, malware and theft attacks are also increasing day-by-day and so, every institution, whether in the public or private sector, today employs cyber security to avoid any data loss. You can work as a Cybersecurity Consultant, Incident Responder, Security Architect, Security Analyst, etc.

Average Salary: INR 12 LPA
Highest Salary: INR 25 LPA

  • Software Engineer

A Software Engineer is the one who is responsible for the development of software and its full life-cycle. From designing the software, checking and maintaining its functionality to its documentation, these are some of the rules that you can take upon wishing to work as a Software Engineer. You will do research about a software program that is to be used in a business & its management, designing it and looking after its functionality.

Average Salary: INR 9 LPA
Highest Salary: INR 20 LPA

  • System Analyst

The role of a System Analyst is to check how functional is hardware or software or different IT systems being used in businesses today in terms of the needs of a particular sector, the employees or for the clients. The role includes researching, monitoring and maintaining the effectiveness of different systems and implementing them if they seem useful for the business.

Average Salary: INR 8 LPA
Highest Salary: INR 20 LPA

  • IT Architect

Just like architect crafts and builds institutions, An IT Systems Architect builds, checks, designs, maintains and improves the technological infrastructure depending on the organisation and the needs of the employees in consideration of all legal regulationsAs an IT Architect, you can be in charge of either operating the systems, configuring and dividing them or a Section Checking Officer who will be responsible for maintaining all systems related to computers and networking.

Average Salary: INR 18 LPA
Highest Salary: INR 35 LPA

  • Chief Technology Officer

The Chief Technological Officer is the lead in handling all the IT operations in a company or a business. He/she has to look after every operation related to IT Management at the workplace. They are to find solutions to any error in the technology, making sure that all the operations are running smoothly, configuring that technology according to the new requirements, checking whether all the operations or processes are free of malware, etc.

Average Salary: INR 30 LPA
Highest Salary: INR 50 LPA

Best MBA Institutions for IT Management

Since this is a digital age, management degrees can be pursued both offline as well as online. Here is the list of the best MBA institutions that one can look for if they wish to pursue IT Management.

Best Full-Time MBA Colleges for IT Management

College Name Course Fee
IIM Raipur INR 18 Lakhs
Jamia Millia Islamia INR 94,000
Panjab University INR 5.04 Lakhs
IIM Kozhikode INR 20 Lakhs
Parul University INR 1.48 Lakhs

Best Online MBA Colleges for IT Management

Online MBA Programme Course Fee
Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth Pune INR 1,40,200
Jain University INR 1,70,000
Uttaranchal University INR 80,000
Chandigarh University INR 1,50,000
Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed to be University INR 1,28,000


IT Management degree is a launchpad for all the technologies that are to come and for the ones existing today. The algorithmic efficiency and the binary functions steer constantly through changes which seamlessly handles operations and provides solutions that transform businesses every day. The vastness of the field is yet to be explored and exactly why IT Management is such a popular degree amongst the learners. Every code or data is a reflection of anticipation of the future backed with past experiences that tell the tale of an everlasting and evolving field of IT Management.

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