Does Location Matters When Choosing A Business School?



13 June, 2024

Does Location Matters When Choosing A Business School?

Are you deciding which MBA college to choose? Or what is the ideal location for an MBA? We are here to tell you why location matters when choosing an MBA and what the benefits of choosing the right location for your Business School are.

Selecting a city where there are multiple job opportunities, exposure to projects and skill development chances is crucial. But how do you select the right location and why does it really matter? Let us guide you through the ultimate compass of direction and location for your B school.

Where The Action Is: Industry-Specific Opportunities

The very initial reason why location matters is the easy accessibility to specific industries. If you choose your business school in urban established cities with greater job markets and companies, there would be higher opportunities for you to apply.  For example you want to work in

technology or with startups; studying at business schools in Bangalore can connect you with top tech firms and venture capitalists. Likewise, if you’re interested in working in textile industries you can study at top business schools in Ahmedabad. This way you will be updated on the latest job trends, the market and the recruitment requirements of these industries because the proximity is less which would give you the extra benefit of connecting easily with different industries.

Reel vs Real-World Training: Projects & Internships

Selecting the right location is crucial as it also affects the quality of your education. Many real-world opportunities are impacted by distance and location. When you attend a college which provides nearby internships or projects, you get the experience of the future opportunities, exposure and skills that you require for the upcoming target clients. Similarly, you get higher exposure to enhance your skills both soft and hard skills when you select a location-based college which provides on-field projects. For example: If you’re interested in studying in the automotive industry you can apply to MBA Colleges in Chennai, which is popularly known as

the “Detroit of India,” Chennai is home to many car manufacturers and suppliers, offering excellent opportunities for internships and projects. Being in such a location allows you to gain hands-on experience and understand how the industry operates.

Selecting the right location also builds a strong connection with local companies and enhances practical problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills in areas like project management.

Knowledge Gurus and Industry Pros

A business school’s location has a good chance of inviting people who are experts in a particular field, be it an alumni, CEO, professor or industry expert. When your business school is in the right city you would get a chance to connect with professionals in different industries.

Most business schools invite well-known experts based on the city and the availability of the professionals. When you select the right city with greater or industry-specific professionals, you will get a chance to hear their success stories, learn from them, and ask for suggestions on your career plans.

Meet, Greet & Succeed: Networking & Career Development

Finally, location plays a crucial role in networking and career development. Schools in major cities attract top companies and recruiters, providing you with exclusive access to industry events and job fairs. By choosing a business school in a strategic location, you increase your chances of meeting key players in your chosen industry. This can lead to internships, job offers, and long-term career relationships.

Quick Benefits of Selecting the Right Location

Benefit Description
Industry-Specific Opportunities Access to industry hubs relevant to your career.
Real-World Learning More internships and company visits.
Industry Connections Professors with real-world experience.
Networking Access to industry events and recruiters.
City Life Experience Exposure to a vibrant urban environment.
Alumni Network A broader network of graduates in the area.
Career Opportunities Proximity to potential employers and career fairs.
Cultural Exposure Opportunities to experience diverse cultures.

Quality of Life & Work-Life Balance

The location of your business school doesn’t just affect your career prospects—it also impacts your quality of life and work-life balance. Living in a city with a vibrant cultural scene, good public transportation, and recreational opportunities can make your MBA experience more enjoyable. Consider aspects like cost of living, housing, safety, and amenities when choosing your business school location. This can affect your mental well-being, social life, and ability to balance the demands of your MBA programme with personal interests and relationships.


When selecting an MBA programme, the location of the business school is a critical factor that can shape your educational experience and future career. By choosing a school in or near a major industry hub, you can benefit from industry-specific opportunities, real-world learning, valuable connections, and robust networking. Ultimately, the right location can set the stage for a successful and fulfilling career in business. Take your steps carefully and make sure to pick what suits your career, projects, budget, placement and skills.

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