Blue Ticks for Sale: Announces META



24 February, 2023

Blue Ticks for Sale: Announces META

“Social Media is the ultimate equaliser. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.”

Amy Jo Martin

Imagine getting up in the morning and having a blue tick verification on your Instagram account. How does it feel to have “celebrity” vibes?

Isn’t it amazing?

Of course, it is. But now you can come out of the imaginary world as your visions have turned into reality. That’s right! Now you can get a blue tick on Facebook and Instagram by paying a small amount of money and enjoy the perks of increased security & a wider reach. 

What is Blue Tick on Facebook

The blue tick on Facebook is a verification badge that is displayed on the profiles and pages of celebrities, brands, organizations, politicians, sports players, and influencers. It indicates that your Facebook account has been verified as authentic by Facebook. This badge lets users know that the account is verified and is not an impersonation. The blue tick can also minimise the risk where certain impersonators or fake accounts can defame them in one way or the other

Following Twitter’s Legacy

A few months ago, Elon Musk’s Twitter introduced a Blue Tick Verification Programme where any user can demand verification assuming that their account is legal, notable, and active.

The price charged by Twitter for the subscription service is $8 per month.

The various benefits offered by the Twitter Blue Tick Verification Programme can be discussed as follows:

  1. Ability to undo the tweets
  2. A customizable navigation bar
  3. Different variety of home screen symbols and icons
  4. Promotion free articles
  5. Prioritised client support system
  6. Priority in replies, mentions, and searches to battle spam and scam 
  7. Users get the ability to post long audio and videos
  8. Half as many ads for the Twitter Blue subscribers
  9. Paywall bypass for publishers who are able to work with Twitter
  10. A secondary tag under the name of influential personalities such as politicians

According to Elon Musk, this could be one ideal way to ditch the spam bot issue which is one of the major problems at Twitter. He further added that it will also create an income stream to remunerate the content creators. 

Less than 0.2% of Twitter users or approximately 2,90,000 people are allegedly paying for the subscription services, which offer verification as well as other advantages to its users at a minimal cost of $8 per month.

Meta Joining Twitter’s Bandwagon

On 19th February, a tweet by Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that paid verification services will be made available to people that will include certain other benefits, thus, increasing excitement among the users to try the same.

“Good morning and new product announcement: this week we’re starting to roll out Meta Verified — a subscription service that lets you verify your account with a government ID, get a blue badge, get extra impersonation protection against accounts claiming to be you, and get direct access to customer support,” said the Facebook CEO’s tweet. 


As per the news, Meta will introduce- Meta Verified; its very own subscription model that will help users to get verified on Instagram and Facebook with increased privacy and security. That means that you will receive a coveted blue tick on your profile which has become a status symbol these days.

However, the users are required to provide a government-issued ID Card in order to get verification for their Facebook and Instagram handles.

The salient features of the new programme that will be introduced by Meta include:

  • It provides a verified badge for the social media accounts of the users including Facebook and Instagram.
  • It guarantees extra protection and insurance from impersonating accounts that might target the creators with leading audiences.
  • It grants better customer service.
  • It provides increased visibility and wider reach for the accounts of its users.

Apart from this, there are certain other exclusive features which include stickers on Facebook Stories and Reels. Basically, it helps you to present your account in a different and unique way. 

However, Meta will not restrict promotions with its Meta-Verified subscription services, that is, there will be no reductions in the promotional ads even if you subscribe to the Blue Tick Verification programme. 

Subscription Fee

Meta has decided to roll out its new features for testing in Australia and New Zealand, and it will be expanding its services to more countries very soon. 

The subscription costs will be:

  1. $11.99 (INR 992)/ month on the web
  2. $14.99 (INR 1240)/ month on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android

Here, Meta claims that it will guarantee relevant subscriptions for a large user base of social media sites including content creators, business organisations, and other communities. 

Meta has an enormous user base compared to Twitter. Facebook alone has a client base of around 2.96 billion monthly users while Instagram has allegedly hit a user base of 2 billion monthly users. 

What is More in Store for Meta Verified Programme Subscribers?

The Meta-Verified feature will be more visible in case of users with a smaller audience. They will notice a considerable impact on their reach as they have a small follower base. 

Apart from this, all the Meta Verified subscribers and their content must be made keeping into consideration the Terms of Use and Community Guidelines extended by Meta. Meta also stated that after being verified under this programme, you cannot change your username, profile name, date of birth, or profile picture without going through the Meta Verified subscription process all over again. However, the Meta Verified programme is still not eligible for Businesses as per the statement released by Meta. 


Facebook and Instagram are indeed the social media platforms that have decreased the distance between people and made the world a smaller place. The kind of exposure they provide is incredible and they have helped the creators to reach a large audience base, thus, providing them with a platform to showcase their talents and abilities. 

The Meta Blue Tick verification feature will help the influencers and creators to maintain credibility and reputation in their community. Hence, it will provide a complete shield for the upcoming creator base so that they retain their brand image and their hard work is not at stake.

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