BEMS Course Explained: Full Form, Scope, Fee, Salaries, More



17 June, 2024

BEMS Course Explained: Full Form, Scope, Fee, Salaries, More

BEMS stands for Bachelor of Electropathy (or Electro-homoeopathy) Medicine and Surgery. So, as the name suggests, it is about understanding and using electropathy medicine, which is a new medical system. This field offers an alternative to conventional medicine by fusing aspects of both electromagnetic therapy and medicine. 

Let’s say you have a strong interest in natural healing techniques and holistic health. You’ve always been captivated by the ability of plants and natural cures to bring harmony and wellness back. In addition to providing you with the information and abilities needed to become an electropathy practitioner, the BEMS course provides doors to a variety of career options in healthcare administration, research, and education. The BEMS programme might be the ideal choice for you if you’re searching for a way to combine your love of natural medicine with a professional degree. Read further about BEMS’s full form in medical, mission, objective, course curriculum and career opportunities.

What Is BEMS?

The BEMS curriculum will give you the information and abilities needed to use electropathy techniques to diagnose and treat a variety of medical diseases. Electropathy or Electro-homoeopathy is a new medical system that involves stimulation of the body’s inherent healing processes with electrical currents and frequencies. In addition to studying electropathy, you can also study traditional medicine, which will allow you to combine these two practices in the future.

What Is the Full Form of BEMS?

As already stated above, the full form of BEMS is Bachelor of Electropathy Medicine and Surgery. A wide variety of topics are covered in the BEMS curriculum, such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, and speciality courses on electropathy. If you enrol in BEMS then you will study a variety of electropathy methods, including electro-acupuncture, bio-electromagnetic therapy, and electro-homoeopathy. You can get in-depth knowledge and can also obtain real-world experience by participating in clinical rotations and internships.

What Is The Objective Of BEMS

Once you complete the BEMS curriculum you will get a thorough understanding of electro homoeopathy, diagnosis, treatment modalities, and medical ethics. You will learn to identify and manage a range of ailments with natural, non-invasive methods. You can also acquire the competencies required to succeed in a career in electropathy medicine through a curriculum that integrates foundational medical sciences with topics unique to electropathy and practical clinical training.

What Is The Vision Of BEMS

An in-depth comprehension of BEMS’s curriculum is essential for you to consider a career in electropathy medicine. It offers an understanding of the topics addressed, the useful skills acquired, and the knowledge acquired during the programme. If you pursue graduation in BEMS then you are well-prepared to start a satisfying career in the sector because you will acquire a strong foundation and have specialised in electropathy medicine.

Why Choose BEMS?

The decision to pursue a Bachelor of Electropathy Medicine and Surgery (BEMS) is about adopting a natural healing-focused health and wellness attitude, not merely about getting a degree. You are a desirable candidate for BEMS if you are enthusiastic about alternative medicine because of its extensive curriculum and variety of job options.

The Growing Importance Of Electropathy

The holistic approach and efficacy of electropathy in treating chronic diseases without the adverse effects commonly associated with conventional therapy are gaining recognition. Earning a BEMS degree entitles you to join the innovative movement that seeks to incorporate complementary medicine into traditional healthcare practices.

What Are The Eligibility & Duration For BEMS?

The duration of the BEMS programme is 4 to 5 years (depending on the institute). You need to qualify 10+2 with science streams including physics, chemistry and biology subjects.

Here Are The List Of Institutes Offering BEMS & The Fee

If you are interested in pursuing a BEMS course. Then you can check out the institute name and their course fees.

Institute Name Course Fees
Central Council For Research & Development of Electro Homotheraphy , Delhi INR 65,000/- (Total Fees)
National Paramedical & Vocational Education Council (New Delhi) INR 1,07,050 (Total Fees)
Vivekanand Medical Institute of Electropathy Hospital & Research Center, New Delhi
Public Health Education Council INR 40,000
National Institute of Medical Science (New-Delhi/Kolkata/Ranchi) INR 40,000
Shonika Rising Medical & Health Institute INR 32,000 (per year)

Here Is BEMS Course Structure

The course structure depends on the college. The subjects and syllabus might differ. However, the year-wise subject lists are given below for reference.

Year 1 Year 2
Anatomy Health & Hygiene
Physiology Medical Jurisprudence
Pharmacy Obstetrics & Gynecology
Pathology ENT


Year 3 Year 4
Electro Homeopathy Philosophy Ophthalmology
Practice of Medicine Surgery
Toxicology Diagnosis & Treatment
Materia Medica Preventive & Social Medicine

What Are The Career Opportunities After BEMS Degree?

Numerous employment options in alternative medicine are available to those with a BEMS degree. Here are a few possible openings:

  • Practitioner of Electropathy: As a certified practitioner of electropathy, you can open your own clinic or work with already-existing alternative medicine facilities to offer electropathic treatment.

  • Investigation & Progression: Contribute to the field by researching to create fresh solutions and enhance those that already exist. The development of electropathy as a scientific field depends on this function.

  • Education & Study: If you have a strong interest in teaching, you may become a professor or lecturer at an academic institution and instruct the upcoming generation of electropathy practitioners.

  • Administration of Healthcare: Oversee alternative medicine-focused clinics, hospitals, or wellness facilities to make sure they run efficiently and offer high-quality care to patients.


In summary, BEMS offers a unique and rewarding path in the healthcare sector. Whether you aspire to practise, teach, or engage in research, a BEMS degree equips you with the knowledge and skills to make a meaningful impact. Embrace the journey into the world of electropathy and contribute to a holistic approach to health and healing.


Q1. What is the work of BEMS?

A BEMS practitioner uses electropathy to diagnose and treat patients with plant-based natural therapies. To advance health and well-being, they concentrate on restoring the body’s bio-energy balance.

Q2. What is the scope after BEMS?

After your BEMS degree, you can pursue careers in electropathy, research and development, academia, management of alternative medicine-focused healthcare facilities, and teaching.

Q3. What is the course of BEMS?

The BEMS course covers basic science foundational studies, pharmacology and Materia Medica core subjects in electropathy, practical clinical training, and complementing public health and nutrition courses.

Q4. Can a BAMS doctor practice allopathy?

No, a doctor trained in BEMS is not permitted to practise allopathy. They are qualified to practise electropathy, a unique form of complementary and alternative medicine.

Q5. Is BEMS equal to the doctor?

In the field of electropathy, BEMS graduates are called doctors, but their credentials and permissions to practice differ from those of allopathic doctors (MDs). They are not authorised to perform traditional allopathic medicine and instead focus on alternative medicine.

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