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Examinations June 2021

To successfully complete your program, it is important to know and understand the examination process well and fulfill its requirements. Here you will get all examinations related information for Post Graduate, Diploma, Professional and Certificate programs.


Q.1) What are the maximum marks for TEE (PGDM/Diploma/Certificate)?
ANS : 70 marks

Q.2) What is the duration of the exam?
ANS : 2.5 hours

Q.3) What is the pattern of  TEE (PGDM/Diploma)
ANS : The pattern of the question paper is composite, with 50 marks out of the 70 for Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and the remaining 20 Marks for Two Descriptive questions of 10 Marks each.

Q.4) How many questions are asked in MCQ? (PGDM/Diploma)
ANS : 34 Questions - 0.5 mark each question
25 Questions -  1 marks each question
04 Questions - 2 marks each question

Q.5) Is this an Open book Exam?
ANS : This is not an open book exam, the proctor will be monitoring your exam in real time

Q.6) Where will I get the exam link?
ANS : The exam link will be available to the students on their student portal under Dashboard or on their registered email 2-3 hours prior to the exam.

Q.7) When can I access the exam link?
ANS : The exam link will be available only at the time exam is booked for.

Q.8) Can I take a break in between the exam?
ANS : Students are not allowed to take breaks in between or use the restroom during the exam.

Q.9) Can i use any other system for the exam?
ANS : Students must ensure that they use the same system that was used for the System compatibility Check and Demo test to appear for the Final exam

Q.10) What happens if i lose my internet connection during the exam?
ANS : For any reason if Internet connectivity is lost during exams, DO NOT close the browser, the exam will resume from where you stopped. System will allow you to reconnect, if still unable to connect then contact Mettl Tech Team (+91-8047190917)

Q.11) Can I browse or switch to any other window during the exam?
ANS : Students should not browse/ switch to any other window or application during the exam

Q.12) How do I maintain the sanctity of the online exam?
ANS : To maintain the sanctity of the examination, please ensure that you are the only person in the room during the exam and there is no disturbance. At any point of time during the exam, you can be asked by the proctor through chat, to rotate your Laptop/Webcam to show your surroundings

Q.13) Can  I use a calculator during the exam?
ANS : You can only use the calculator that is available on the exam screen

Q.14) Can I come to centre for the exam?
ANS : The exams are online and not centre based Considering the current scenario of COVID otherwise exams are Computer based at Centre

Q.15) What happens if I miss my exam?
ANS : Immediately inform to the student coordinator and drop an email to ngasce@nmims.edu

Q.16) What happens to exam duration when Mettl team is troubleshooting issues?
ANS : For any troubleshooting, exam is paused and student is given the time allocated for the exam post fixing the issue

Q.17) I started the exam but got disconnected mid-way on account of Internet issues?
ANS : If you get disconnected at the time of exam, system logs will be checked, post authorization you will be  able to resume your exam from the same point where it got disconnected but only when there is time left in the exam and disconnection duration is not more than 20 minutes. If the duration of disconnection is more than 20 minutes, such situations will be managed real-time on the day of exam. In any situation do not close the browser. If still unable to connect then contact Mettl Tech Team (+91-8047190917)

Q.18) Couldn't join the exam as there was power outage/internet outage at my place
ANS : Above scenarios will be checked and solution provided on case to case basis, details to be emailed to ngasce@nmims.edu immediately

Q.19) What to do if I am unable to type the descriptive answers?
ANS : Chat with the proctor who will help you with troubleshooting steps

Q.20) Can I use headphone/Bluetooth during the exam?
ANS : Students are not allowed to use the earphones or bluetooth during the exam

Q.21) I am not living  in India, can I give the TEE exam?
ANS : Yes, students who are residing outside India can only take the TEE exam if they are scheduled online. They must ensure they have a working laptop/desktop with a working internet connection

Q.22) What happens if I accidentally submit my exam without completing it?
ANS : Exam once submitted cannot be resumed, students are advised to be cautious while selecting the options on the screen. Do not press F5 else exam will automatically get submitted.

Q.23) How do I know that my exam has been submitted successfully?
ANS : The responses are saved on real time basis. Students can call the Mettl help line number or drop an email to ngasce@nmims.edu for a confirmation on exam submission

Q.24) Can I reschedule my exam dates?
ANS : Re scheduling the exam is subject to case to case, students are advised to immediately inform your academic coordinator and drop an email to ngasce@nmims.edu


Q.1) What are the maximum marks for assignments?
ANS : Assignments are for 30 Marks Maximum.

Q.2) How many questions are there in the assignment?
ANS : There are total 3 questions in any assignments, 2 questions of 10 marks each and 1 question divided in two parts of 5 marks each.

Q.3) How much word limit do I need to keep in assignments?
ANS : For a 10 mark answer students are advised to write 800-1000 words
For a 5 mark answer students are advised to write 450-500 words.

Q.4) What happens if I have used my first 2 attempts?
ANS : Student can submit the assignment again but INR 500 per subject per submission will be applicable

Q.5) Is it mandatory to upload the assignment in PDF format only?
ANS : Yes, the assignment has to be submitted in PDF format only.

Q.6) Can I upload a handwritten/scanned assignment?
ANS : No, you have to type the answer in MS Word and convert the final file into PDF before uploading

Q.7) I have accidentally uploaded the wrong assignment, can I change it?
ANS : Yes, students can upload the correct assignment again but that would be considered as the second attempt

Q.8) Can I take reference from NMIMS Book?
ANS : Yes, students are free to refer any source to attempt their assignment but are not allowed to copy the matter as it is from reference. Assignments that are copied will be marked 0

Q.9) When is student given a 0 in the assignments?
ANS : In case you have copied any content from book, google or any external source will be marked 0. Also in case 2 students are presenting identical answers then assignments for both the students will be marked 0.

Q.10) How many attempts will I get to submit the assignments?
ANS : Students will get a total of 3 attempts to submit the assignments in every cycle, only first 2 attempts are free and any later attempts will be chargeable at INR 500 per attempt per submission.

Q.11) How do I know that my assignment is uploaded successfully?
ANS : After every assignment submission an auto-generated email is sent from the system to the students registered email id. Student must keep the copy of the same for records.

Q.12) Where do I need to submit the assignments?
ANS : Students need to submit Internal Assignments through the website- Student Portal>Exam>Assignment. (No assignment sent in hardcopy or via email will be accepted).

Q.13) What should I do if I failed to upload the assignment before the deadline?
ANS : Student should report this immediately to their academic coordinator and report this to ngasce@nmims.edu


Fee Structure for MBA(Distance) – Prime

 Option 1: Full fee payment (One Time Payment) 

Particulars  Amount
Admission Processing Fee  INR 1,200/- 
Full Fee Payment  INR 1,20,000/- 


Option 2: Annual payment 

Particulars  Amount
Admission Processing Fee  INR 1,200/- 
No of Instalment 
Program fee per year  INR 65,500 /- 


Option 3: Semester-wise fee payment 

Particulars Amount
Admission Processing Fee  INR 1,200/- 
No. of Semesters 
Program fee per semester  INR 35,000/- 

Note- For Pro# additional 1,200/subject for the live interactive session will be charged. If opting for all subjects, it is 6,000/- per semester


SPECIALIZATION CHANGE – Specialization for MBA-Distance is required to be selected at the time of admission. The candidate has the choice to change the specialization before the commencement of Semester 3 with additional charges of 2000/-

DEFENSE DISCOUNT – Defense discount is 20% on the Semester wise fees. To avail of the defence discount, proper documents of defence are required to be submitted along with the related documents.

EXAM FEES – This fee is required to be paid at the time of booking of exams. 600/- per subject per attempt.

ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION – 2 attempts are given by the university for uploading of assignments, post that additional charges are applicable.

NOTE: If a student has made Semester Wise payment and if he/she wishes to convert the same into Annual or One Time, he/she can make payment till 10th September without late fees.