Unlock Financial Freedom with Distance MBA Degree



20 January, 2023

Unlock Financial Freedom with Distance MBA Degree

Before stepping into the corporate world, it is imperative to define your career goals and have a clear picture in your mind about where you want to be headed. Wisely chosen goals and job profiles can help you attain financial freedom. You must figure out what are the things that you must do to make yourself suitable for the role that you wish to pursue. For instance, you may think that you require a professional degree such as MBA in order to give yourself and your career a margin over others. Corporate Management is not easy and if you wish to hold a good position such as an executive, team leader or if you wish to climb the ladder to become a manager, you need to upskill yourself with an MBA degree. And yes that really helps!

The Financial Perils of a Regular MBA

Pursuing an MBA degree through regular mode is easy as there are numerous universities in India and abroad that provide you MBA courses in a variety of fields. So, what stops students and professionals from going for an MBA? The answer is the huge investment that not many people can afford.

The average fees of most MBA programmes range between 5-30 Lakh Indian Rupees! 

So, is there an alternative? Can you pursue your dream degree without bearing a massive financial burden? Let’s Figure it Out! 

Enters Distance MBA

There are a lot of working professionals who get stuck in their jobs. Thus, their career growth begins to stagger. At that point, an effective way to revive their career is by adding an MBA degree to their resume. An MBA degree not only helps in gaining relevant knowledge but also provides the right exposure and hands-on experience in the industry. But all this comes at the cost of leaving your job and being financially dependent for at least two years. Do we really have to pay this price?

No, we do not have to because we have a distance MBA degree to go for. An MBA programme through distance and online modes is totally in vogue in current times and is especially beneficial for working professionals. 

Here, we have enlisted the multiple advantages that a distance MBA programme has:

  • The MBA education in distance mode is light on the pocket as its fees is approximately half or even less compared to the regular MBA degree.
  • You can expect to be readily promoted to top-level managerial positions immediately after the completion of your MBA programme.
  • A distance MBA degree helps you in building strong professional networks with alumni of your university who are already working in prestigious MNCs and eminent business corporations. Such networks aid in transforming your careers significantly and help you land a job of your choice.
  • An MBA is a wholesome degree that helps you to become more productive professionally as well as personally. As you learn the skills of time management, project planning and execution during the course, you tend to become more efficient and employable.
  • As there are varied specialisations offered in MBA, such as Banking & Finance, Data Analytics, Marketing, and Operations, you can surely build a strong and specialised knowledge base and get diverse job opportunities.
  • You can totally kickstart your own enterprise. A distance MBA degree undoubtedly equips you with a set of analytical and creative skills to do so successfully.  

Can Distance MBA be Considered a Good Investment Option?

After considering the above-mentioned factors, we can surely see that a distance MBA is a great alternative to a regular MBA degree as it is a cost-efficient, flexible and reliable mode of pursuing an MBA.

And that’s not all. There’s a bonus point. A distance MBA degree offers you the best return on investment (ROI). That’s right. Not only does it help you get a salary hike but it also helps you secure top executive and managerial positions immediately. The best part is that you will not even have to give up your job. You can easily study while you are working. 

Distance MBA & Placement Assistance 

Any university can honour you with an MBA degree. But, how many of them actually nurture you and offer you opportunities to grab the best career path? NMIMS-NGASCE is one of the premier universities that offers proficient placement assistance even in distance mode. The NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education is the distance learning branch of the institute and aims to provide students with the best distance learning experience.

The university has adopted an industry-oriented curriculum and focuses on the KSA (Knowledge-Skill-Attitude) framework that enriches students with the right knowledge and the required skill set. The course includes live and recorded lectures, e-learning modules, 24*7 student support, discussion forums and great placement assistance. Needless to say, NMIMS can be the best investment if you wish to pursue an MBA degree in distance learning mode. Do not think much. Enrol yourself now!


If you are a working professional looking for ways to take your career to the next level then an MBA degree is a must-have addition to your resume. It will not only give you an edge over others but will also prepare you for the challenges that await you in the future. However, pursuing your MBA is an expensive affair and putting your career on hold for two years is risky. This is where distance MBA steps in. It provides you with the flexibility to earn a degree while continuing to work full-time. It is the best investment that you can make for a bright future.

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