Are U.P. Rajarshi Tandon Open University’s Courses Worth Doing?



13 March, 2024

Are U.P. Rajarshi Tandon Open University’s Courses Worth Doing?

“Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful.” ― Roy T. Bennett

Welcome to Uttar Pradesh, where education, culture, and history all come along to form an extensive array of experiences. UP has witnessed the rise and fall of various kingdoms, from the Mughal Empire to the Gupta Dynasty. This state has an abundance of architectural masterpieces including the famous Taj Mahal to other beautiful forts in Lucknow.

Uttar Pradesh is not just about its past. Education here plays an important role in forming the identity of this state. UP has a long tradition of serving as a centre for research and learning at many renowned universities like Banaras Hindu University and Aligarh Muslim University.

Just like the above two top-class universities, there is also a renowned university i.e. U.P. Rajarshi Tandon Open University.

In this blog, we will explore U.P. Rajarshi Tandon Open University including its courses, placements, Learning management system, etc.

Want to Know About UP Rajarshi Tandon Open University?

Established in 1999, and was named after Rajarshi Purushottam Das Tandon, an esteemed social reformer and freedom fighter. This esteemed University is committed to providing students in Uttar Pradesh and from all over the country, with flexible and easily accessible higher education options.

UPRTOU offers a range of Undergraduate, Diploma, and Certificate programmes in several subjects that include arts, business, science, education, and management.

The main Objectives of this college:

  • To make distance education easily accessible to every section of the society.
  • he disadvantaged section who could not continue their study due to other work commitments, family responsibilities, financial crises, or geographical barriers can now fulfill their dream of studying with UPRTOU.
  • Constantly impart knowledge via training and upgrading their skills, innovation, research, discovery, etc.

What Are Its Accreditations and Approvals?

Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University received recognition and accreditation from many renowned bodies. These regulatory bodies include:

  • NAAC (Grade B+)

These recognitions are proof that the degrees offered by them are valuable of high quality.

Listing Down the Courses and Their Fees

Undergraduate Courses:

Subjects Fees Duration (years)
B. A. Hindi ₹4,500 p.a. 3
B. A. Sanskrit ₹4,500 p.a. 3
B. A. English ₹4,500 p.a. 3
B. A. Urdu ₹4,500 p.a. 3
B. A. Economics ₹4,500 p.a. 3
B. A. Philosophy ₹4,500 p.a. 3
B. A. Education (UGED) ₹4,500 p.a. 6
Bachelor of Library & Information Science ₹9,500 p.a. 3
B.Sc. ₹8,000 p.a. 3
B. Sc. Human Nutrition ₹8,200 p.a. 3
BCA ₹13,000 p.a. 3
Bachelor of Commerce 3
Bachelor of Business Administration 3
B.Ed ₹18,500 p.a. 2
B.Ed (SE) ₹20,000 p.a. 2.5
Bachelor in Fashion Designing ₹4,500 p.a. 3
Bachelor in Textile Designing ₹4,500 p.a. 3

Post-Graduate Courses:

Subjects Fees Duration (years)
M.A. Hindi ₹8,500 p.a 2
M.A. Sanskrit ₹8,500 p.a 2
M.A. English ₹8,500 p.a 2
M.A. Urdu ₹8,500 p.a 2
M.A. Economics ₹8,500 p.a 2
M.A. Philosophy ₹8,500 p.a 2
M.A. Journalism & Mass Communication ₹8,500 p.a 2
M.A. Education (MAED) ₹8,500 p.a 2
M.Sc. Library & Information Sciences ₹15,000 p.a 2
M.Sc. (Biochemistry) ₹8,200 p.a. 2
M.Sc. (Computer Science) ₹12,200 p.a. 2
M.Sc. (Statistics) ₹8,200 p.a. 2
MCA ₹17,000 p.a. 2
M.A. (Statistics) ₹7,200 p.a. 2
Masters of Business Administration ₹18,000 p.a. 2
Master of Commerce ₹8,000 p.a. 2

PhD Courses:

Subjects Duration (years)
Hindi 3
Sanskrit 3
Journalism & Mass Communication 3
Medieval and Modern History 3
Political Science 3
Geography 3
Ancient History 3
Computer Sciences & Statistics 3
Education 3
Food Nutrition & Dietetics 3

Diploma & PG Diploma:

Subjects Fees Duration (years)
Diploma in Applied Statistics and Computer (DASC) ₹4,200 p.a. 1
Diploma in Applied Statistics and Computer (DASC) ₹4,200 p.a. 1
Diploma in Dairy Technology ₹12,200 p.a. 1
Diploma in Value Added Products from Fruits and Vegetables ₹12,200 p.a. 1
Diploma in Agriculture ₹10,200 p.a. 1
Diploma in Agri Business Management ₹5,200 p.a. 1
Diploma in Watershed Management ₹11,200 p.a. 1
Diploma in Web Technology ₹8,200 p.a. 1
Diploma in Urdu ₹4,200 p.a. 1
Diploma in Urdu Journalism & Mass Communication ₹4,200 p.a. 1
Diploma in Urdu News Reading & Anchoring ₹4,200 p.a 1
Diploma in Photography ₹4,700 p.a. 1
Diploma In Vedic Mathematics ₹5,700 p.a. 1
Diploma In Fashion Designing ₹5,700 p.a. 1
Diploma In Textile Designing ₹5,700 p.a. 1
PG Diploma in Translation ₹4,200 p.a. 1
Post Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing in Hindi ₹4,200 p.a. 1
Post Graduate Diploma in Functional Hindi ₹4,200 p.a. 1
PG Diploma in Electronic Media Management & Film Production ₹7,200 p.a. 1
PG Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication ₹6,200 p.a. 1
PG Diploma in Spiritual Tourism) ₹4,200 p.a. 1
PG Diploma in Biostatistics and Demography ₹8,200 p.a. 1
PG Diploma in Green Social Works ₹4,200 p.a. 1
PG Diploma in Museology ₹6,200 p.a. 1
PG Diploma in Remote Sensing ₹6,200 p.a. 1
PG Diploma in Agriculture Extension ₹8,200 p.a. 1
PGDVGCC ₹4,200 p.a. 1
PGDDE ₹7,200 p.a. 1
PG Diploma in Computer Application ₹15,200 p.a. 1
Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Development ₹18,000 p.a. 1
Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management 1
Post Graduate Diploma in International Business & E-Commerce 1
Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management 1
Post Graduate Diploma in Production Management 1
Post Graduate Diploma in Goods & Services Tax 1

Certificate and Awareness Courses:

Subjects Fees
Certificate Course in Computer Animation (CCCA) ₹5,700 p.a.
Certificate In Forensic Science ₹6,200 p.a.
Certificate in Applied Statistics and Computer (CASC) ₹2,200 p.a.
Certificate Course In Computer Animation ₹5,700 p.a.
Certificate Course in Web Designing and Development (CCWD) ₹5,700 p.a.
Certificate Programme in Laboratory Technique (CPLT) ₹5,700 p.a.
Certificate Course In Web Designing And Development ₹5,700 p.a.
Certificate Programme In Laboratory Technique ₹5,700 p.a.
Certificate in Vedic Mathematics (CVM) ₹5,700 p.a.
Two-year certificate course in Single Subject-Science (CCSS-Sc.) ₹4,200 p.a.
Certificate in Goods & Services Tax
Certificate In Rural Journalism And Mass Communication ₹2,200 p.a.
Certificate Course In Single Subject- Arts ₹4,000 p.a.
Certificate In Human Rights ₹2,200 p.a.
Certificate In Women Empowerment And Development ₹3,200 p.a.
Certificate In Criminology ₹2,200 p.a.
Certificate In Course In Single Subject (History, Sociology, Political Science, Geography And Public Administration) ₹4,000 p.a.
Awareness Programme on Share Market and Mutual Funds
Awareness Programme on Insurance and Banking Services

Is The Faculty Well Experienced?

The faculty members of UPRTOU are selected through a process in which they are assessed based on academic qualifications, teaching experience, and practical knowledge. The university makes sure that the faculty members are constantly learning and improvising according to their respective backgrounds and skills.

Overall, they are highly experienced in their respective fields and competent enough to provide quality education.

What is Their Learning Management System?

UPRTOU has an “e-Gyansangam” learning management system to facilitate distance learning. In this portal, students can access course audio/video lectures, and materials/ notes, turn in their assignments, and take part in socialising and conversations amongst the other students.

The University aims to provide its students with a captivating and flexible online learning environment to help them study from any corner of the country.

They have an “Open Access Digital Library” where students can access several learning resources like National Digital Library, World Digital Library, Universal Library, e-PG Pathshala, Shodhganga and a few more. The library services at UPRTOU provide access to reading rooms and references, e-library facility, online access to journals etc.

They also give access to “Sage Journals” where students get access to multiple disciplines like Health Sciences, Life & Biomedical Sciences, Material Sciences & Engineering, Social Sciences & Humanities, etc.

About the Student Support Services

Considering the difficulties and challenges that their distant learners face, UPRTOU offers various student support facilities throughout their courses. They have a dedicated panel for student’s grievances where students need to fill out the form and address their issues.


UP Rajarshi Tandon Open University comes out as the shining light for the students who cannot continue their higher studies due to many factors like finances, geographical constraints, etc. Through dedicated and seamless study opportunities, the University provides education to a large array of students from diverse backgrounds. The degrees provided affordable and easily accessible to learners, thus making them undoubtedly worthy for a valuable career prospect.


Q1. Is BEd from Rajarshi Tandon Open University valid?

Ans: Yes, the degrees of UPRTOU are UGC-approved. Hence, valid all over the country.

Q2. Is Rajarshi Tandon University UGC approved?

Ans: Yes, all of its courses are UGC-approved.

Q3. Is Rajarshi Tandon Open University a private or government university?

Ans: It is a Government university.

Q4. What is the BEd fee in Rajarshi Tandon Open University?

Ans: The fee of B.Ed is INR 18,500/- p.a.

Q5. Which distance education university is UGC-approved in UP?

Ans: There are quite a few UGC-approved distance education programs in UP. UP Rajarshi Tandon Open University and Swami Vivekanand Subharti University are some of such universities in the state.

Q6. How many courses are available in UPRTOU?

Ans: UPRTOU offers a wide range of courses but it is mainly placed under 9 main Disciplines.

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