Top Ten Interview Questions for MBA Job Interviews



13 July, 2021

Top Ten Interview Questions for MBA Job Interviews

Have you ever had to go through an MBA Job Interviews question asked by hr? If you haven’t already, I’m sure you will sooner or later. 

To assist you in your preparation, we’ve put together a blog that covers some of the most commonly asked HR interview questions and answers.

Learning Routes provides you expert advice and topper’s personal experience insights on top MBA personal interview questions for Jobs 2021, which will help you ace the interview phase.


The questions for an MBA job interview are divided into two segments, according to our experts. One deals with the candidate’s personal or personality attributes, while the other aids the interviewer/interviewers in determining the candidate’s managerial and interpersonal knowledge. 

Top MBA questions asked during the personal interview round:

Question 1. Could you please give a quick introduction to yourself? Tell us about yourself in a unique way.
Answer- The subject of how to introduce yourself is one of the most prevalent interview questions. This is an open-ended question. 

  • Only if candidates know how and in what tone to respond to the first question do they have a good chance of gaining the interviewer’s trust. 
  • The response should take no more than 2-3 minutes, but it should include all relevant information. 
  • Candidates must demonstrate that they are well-informed about themselves and can articulate that knowledge.

Question 2. Describe yourself in 03 words. 
Answer – Be succinct in your response and use any three adjectives that best describe you. 
Be self-assured enough to provide three captivating words about your personality that will wow the interviewer or the interviewing panel. 
Instead of being overly simplistic, candidates can use synonyms to discover fascinating words.

Question 3. What have you learned thus far from your failures? 
Answer – Recognize that it’s okay to make errors and learn from them. Do not be embarrassed to talk about your failure. 
Prepare to answer this question, as well as any others connected to failure, because such inquiries are used to assess candidates’ tolerance levels. 
When addressing or explaining your failure, don’t come out as broken or disappointed. 
Instead of focusing on what you’ve lost, try to concentrate on what you’ve gained.

Question 4. What are some of the flaws that you’re working on? 
Answer – Instead of diving right into your negative attributes, start with something nice. Demonstrate to the interviewer how you can channel negative energy. 
If you opt not to answer this question, it may indicate that you are too shy to address things freely. 
Concentrate more on how you’re conquering your negative traits, and how much extra effort you’re putting in to turn the bad into the good.

Questions 5. Do you have any objectives in mind? Goals over the next five years or ten years? 
Answer – In these types of questions, applicants can state their objectives in detail. Begin with a one-year goal and work your way up to five and ten-year plans. Don’t be hesitant to respond to these questions. People have objectives. Remember APJ Abdul Kalam’s words: “You must dream before the dream comes true.” 


Top MBA Personal Interview Questions for Managers: 

Question 6. – According to you, what is the one managerial trait that all managers must possess? 
Answer – Don’t jump to that one attribute right away. List the traits of a manager, such as leadership, communication, decision-making, reliability, and integrity, and then elaborate on the one managerial quality that you believe is the most important. While elaborating about management quality, try to use concise language. Answering this question gives you a chance to talk about something you’re more passionate about.

Question 7. Have you ever demonstrated that you are a good manager? 
Answer – Because you are applying for an MBA program, the panel may ask you about a time when you had to act as a manager or accept responsibility for something good during the personal interview stage. Make sure you have a good example to back up your answer.

Question 8. Please elaborate on your achievements. Is there a time when you stood out as a manager and took charge? 
Answer – It’s simple to come up with positive attributes or achievements. Some candidates, on the other hand, may find it difficult to put their feelings into words. Answer MBA job interview questions regarding your achievement, its impact on your life, your experience, what you gained from that accomplishment, and so on. Also, discuss the initiatives you took and the lessons you learned along the way.

Question 9. Do you believe you will be unable to work with certain types of people in the future? 
Answer – Maintain your composure and answer this question in a fair tone, no matter how desperate you are to answer or disclose the other side of the coin by diminishing any other person or personality. A candidate could wind up showing himself or herself in a negative light as a result of doing so.

Question 10. Elaborate decision-making.
Answer – Study managerial terms and their definitions, and try to make conclusions for the words ahead of time. This is only an example to demonstrate the importance of managerial words to the candidates. The subject could be anything. Make sure you understand the managerial terms and give a detailed response. You won’t get through the MBA personal interview stage with one-liners. 

Advanced Interview Techniques for MBA Personal Interviews 
If you are scheduled for a personal interview, basic etiquette such as formal attire, punctuality, and hygiene are required. Candidates can boost their chances of selection by following the guidelines below in addition to the standard etiquettes.

Tips for Personal Interview Round:

Be Well Prepared (aware of must-know questions) Listen Attentively and Respond
Be polite Maintain proper non-verbal communication
Body Language should be positive Drive Answers to Your Strengths
Go for Advanced SWOT Analysis Be Informative and Keep Answers Short Unless Required (in open-ended questions)
Be positive and Reflect the same Be Honest While Answering

Certainly, the above-mentioned questions cannot be guaranteed to be asked during the personal interview stage. Candidates, on the other hand, can take a concept and prepare themselves ahead of time. The MBA interview questions will be full of surprises, just like life. Just maintain your composure and self-assurance. Don’t be in a hurry to respond. To begin, comprehend the question and the response. 

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