Top 5 Emerging Education Trends to Watch Out For in India, 2024



22 April, 2024

Top 5 Emerging Education Trends to Watch Out For in India, 2024

Ojaswi is in grade six and doesn’t like taking notes while in class. Although she starts by jotting down a few words in her notebook, it eventually turns into a doodle book. The little girl’s parents work in the hotel industry and have little idea what goes on in technology.

Ojaswi has somehow written her final examinations and is ardently waiting for her Uncle Samar to visit them. It has been years since he visited them from the USA. He works for a leading technology company in the States and is quite current with technology trends. He is keen to return to India for his family now and is up on his toes with how the education sector works in the country. Uncle Samar knows that technology in this era is the focal point of innovation in the education sector. Education is expected to witness some of the most important breakthroughs in the coming years. He is aware that technology will play a pivotal role in shaping education in the current year, that is, 2024.

So, the question is – Will Uncle Samar, with his deep understanding of technology and its potential in education, bear the guiding light for Ojaswi’s education for her upcoming sessions? Will Ojaswi still feel bored in her classroom and fetch less marks in her exams? Or will the year 2024 bring potential changes in education to impact the lives of many students like Ojaswi? The presence of Uncle Samar brings a ray of hope for a brighter future in education.

What is all about Emerging Education Trends?

2024 is all set to bring about groundbreaking educational developments, all powered by technological advancements. Learners’ requirements are evolving by the day, and so is technology. Students can perceive this new year with vigour and enthusiasm to learn in a technology-driven environment. There will be a rise in hybrid classrooms, which use technology to bridge the gap between student and teacher, and a rise of AI integration with education and a centric education system. 2024 is going to be the year of technological developments that will change the ecosystem of how we learn and teach.

Come, dive deep into the sea of emerging education trends and discover what’s in store for Ojaswi and several other students in India.

AI Emergence: The Future of Education

Technological breakthroughs like the emergence of generative AI are like mixed blessings. It’s becoming critical to ensure innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship are always of supreme importance. Educational institutions are now working on developing personalised learning experiences for students with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Great learning experiences will be tailored to match learner’s requirements and pace. Some instances of this are automated feedback systems, adaptive learning platforms and AI-powered tutors.

Gamified Learning: Unlocking Knowledge Through Play

Doesn’t that sound intriguing? Knowledge and play – hand in hand? I wish millennials like us had such groundbreaking opportunities too. But, better late than never. Gamification, as the name suggests, is the integration of game design elements with traditional education approaches. With the advent of gamified learning, teachers can now interact and integrate fun methodologies in teaching to make learning more engaging for students. Ed-tech businesses and startups provide educational institutions with such gamified learning experiences through AR, VR or smartphones.

Hands-free Learning: Explore the Benefits of Wearable Technology in Education

Wearable technologies like smartwatches and VR headsets have an imperative impact on students’ learning. Wearable technology helps students track their progress and get real-time personalised assistance. Learners can take voice notes, receive class notifications, listen to audio lectures, and so on. This additional convenience in the learning environment has proved to be a blessing for both teachers and parents.

The Power of Data: Transforming Education through Analytics

With the integration of technology in the education system, it has become gradually more important to manage all data related to students like their performance, number of assignments done, number of exams taken, chapters completed and so on. With such automation in the classroom, teachers can now deal more with providing better coaching to students and preparing better course modules. Integration of data analytics into education also helps monitor students’ academic progress.

Stress Management: Juggling Studies, Work, Life and Mental Health

In 2024, more educational institutions and schools will adopt practices to balance studies, work, mental health, and well-being. Schools have already started taking measures to provide students with resources that help them manage stress, learn social and emotional balance and practice mindfulness. Schools are paying extra attention to Social Emotional Learning (SEL), wherein students learn mindfulness techniques and refer to ebooks to manage their mental health better.

All Said and Done

So, when we’ve learned all the emerging education trends for 2024, we are sure Uncle Samar might suggest Ojaswi’s parents get her admitted to a different school that focuses on technology-led education, where education is more fun and engaging, where not just teachers, but students too, get the opportunity to immerse themselves in technology for better learning and where mental health is prioritised. Ojaswi and students like her will not have to take down boring notes because education will be an exhilarating experience with technology like AR, VR and smartwatches. These emerging education trends will certainly change the education landscape for a better future.

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