Can Arts Student Do MBA? Top 7 MBA Programs for You



22 September, 2022

Can Arts Student Do MBA? Top 7 MBA Programs for You

Studies have shown that in the year 2020, the enrollment in MBA courses of Arts Students increased to 5% as compared to 2% and 3% in the years 2018 and 2019 respectively. It is important to note here that other streams have seen a decline in MBA enrollment. An MBA degree adds perspective to real-time problems and also involves effective solution methodologies. Moreover, it bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and job opportunities because it creates the perfect blend of conceptual and applied education.

How is MBA Beneficial to Arts Students?

Parul Gupta, one of the students of batch 2020-22 said “…The likely way forward is one of adaptation and transition towards new norms of social interaction, which for businesses would mean understanding the changing needs of consumers and innovating accordingly. That is where the expertise of contemporary management professionals would be a necessity.

An MBA course helps students create a balance between their previous studies and channalise it into projects that need effective management or even take up entrepreneurial roles. Students from Psychology, Economics, Political Science and any other field can use their specialised knowledge and amalgamate it with the skills they acquire during MBA studies to understand the evolving needs of consumers and to adapt to new technologies or policies.

Top 10 MBA Programs for Arts Students

G Sabarinathan, a professor at IIM Bangalore has testified that Arts Students make better leaders because they are far-sighted and have the ability to imagine and even build a bigger picture. He also talks about the USA and says that they have a belief that arts students hold leadership positions more effectively. The students’ varied origins enable them to share their information & experiences and execute them in a manner that helps improve their general cognitive and intellectual capacity.

Following are the Specialisations Most Opted by Arts Students:

1.Banking and Financial Management

Banking and Financial Management degree holders are always in demand as these two domains along with Operations form the backbone of any organisation. Therefore, it is always a good idea to pursue these subjects. Especially for those students who have studied economics and maths at the graduation level.  As they already have the foundational knowledge, an MBA degree can help them execute it. Financial knowledge keeps a company’s position healthy and that’s when an MBA degree in this domain will be extremely beneficial.

2.Marketing Management

Globalisation has paved the path for digital marketing. A student who is acquainted with communication and interpersonal skills can create a great career in digital marketing. Since this field is flourishing to a great extent, job opportunities have also increased exponentially. Somebody who can keep up with the changing digital advancements possesses analytical abilities and has the skills of people management has a good chance of succeeding in this field. Students who have graduated in Mass Communication can opt for Marketing Management.

3.Human Resource Management

Human Resource Managers create an effective and seamless experience at the workplace. Decision-making, negotiations, understanding human behaviour, ethics and communication are some of the skills that an HR Manager requires. Students who have studied psychology, mass communication and administration can go for Human Resource Management. The responsibility to understand the psychology of the employees and communicate an organisation’s messages effectively lies on HR. Thus, these subjects can help them create a cohesive atmosphere in the organisation.

4.Operations Management

Operations Management along with Finance forms the backbone of an organisation. It is also one of the most in-demand specialisations that deals with the administrative side of an organisation. Students who have studied administration subjects like Public Administration and Political Science can enter this field without a second thought. Such students can effectively hone their skills and take up leadership roles by combining both.

Business Management

A Business Management specialisation comprises of all the other MBA domains such as marketing, human resources, operations and others. This specialisation focuses on the all rounder growth of the students and thus any art student can pursue it irrespective of what they have studied in graduation. A student who has strong decision-making skills, analytical skills, communication skills, etc. can opt for this field. It also gives the flexibility to enter into any other field.

6.Retail Management

MBA Retail Management deals with the behind-the-scenes of any product-based business. It focuses on merchandising, marketing, customer service, product knowledge and much more. Thus, a student who has studied economics and communication can be a right fit for this domain. This multifaceted specialisation makes use of the variations in educational backgrounds to improve learning and execution, thus, giving creative liberty to the students.

7.International Trade

MBA International Trade is among the most versatile specialisations. Communication, negotiations and networking is among the skills that a student requires if he plans to opt for this specialisation. With the advent of globalisation, International Trade has seen a drastic shift in terms of job opportunities. A student who has studied mass communication can excel in this specialisation since it is like an extended study of effective communion and network building.

These are some of the specialisations which an arts student can excel in along with: –

  1. MBA in Hospitality Management
  2. MBA in e-Business
  3. MBA in Entrepreneurship, and the list goes on

Challenges and Opportunities Faced by Arts Students While Choosing Their MBA Specialisation

Challenges  Opportunities 
Entrance Exam might be difficult due to maths subjects Have an edge in English and Communication
Arts Students find subjects like Scientific  Management and Financial Management to be especially challenging Arts Students add Diversity
Rigorous Study Schedule Collaboration and Teamwork mastered by Arts Students help in management


MBA is an inclusive course and universities in India such as IIMs and other top Business Schools look for diversity in enrollments.Various factors where the need of an organisation and arts subjects align are: interdisciplinary approach, ideation and critical thinking, community building and much more. Thus arts students are a perfect fit for MBA degrees.

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