Can Distance Education from Tezpur University Help You Move Up The Career Ladder?



08 April, 2024

Can Distance Education from Tezpur University Help You Move Up The Career Ladder?

“It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.”– Epictetus

Assam, located in the Northeastern part of India, is known for its greenery, cleanliness, and tea production. It is the second-largest state in Northern India.

Just like its area, the talk of its education and the talent of the people of Assam are also extensive. One of the best parts of Assam’s education system is that it is free

for students aged 6 to 14 years.

IIT Guwahati is one of those 23 institutes of India that are set up by the central government for its excellence in research and technology. Amongst these known institutes comes another big name in the field of education, i.e., Tezpur University’s Distance Education.

Let’s study it in detail including its approvals, recognitions, courses, fees, etc.

Don’t wait! Let’s dive straight into it.

Want To Know About Tezpur University For Distance Education?

Established in 1994, Tezpur University introduced the Centre for Distance and Online Education (CDOE) in 2011, intending to provide quality education and to ensure that it reaches every house.

Many students’ dreams of pursuing higher education are not fulfilled due to geographical barriers, financial constraints, and other commitments.

Their vision is to be a beacon for human resource development through distance education and open learning.

What Are Its Accreditations & Approvals?

Standing out as proof of the quality of education and the authenticity Tezpur University provides, it has been recognised and approved by many renowned governing bodies. They are listed below:

  1. NAAC Grade ‘A+’
  2. UGC-DEB
  3. NIRF Rank 69 (University Criteria)
  4. World University Ranking (1201-1500th)
  5. Asian University Ranking (351-400th)

Why Choose Tezpur University for Distance Education?

Self-Learning Materials (SLM):

  • On the website, they have a section for SLM where they have provided access to thousands of resources in the form of PDFs and videos in a zip file.
  • They have filtered it according to semester, courses, and subjects.


  • They also provide assistance with counselling for the students and doubt clearance for seamless and fruitful studies.
  • You can download the counselling schedule and get access to it.


  • All the programme fees are very pocket-friendly.
  • It also saves you money on commuting and accommodation.

Distance Courses They Offer and Their Fees

Centre for Distance and Online Education at Tezpur University offers Postgraduate courses and Diploma courses in several specialisations. The duration of an M.A. is 2 years and that of a Diploma is 1 year. We have compiled a list for your convenience, mentioning its fees and duration.

Postgraduate Courses:

Courses Duration Fees
M.A. in Journalism & Mass Communication 2 Years INR 16,950/-
M.A. English 2 Years INR 16,300/-
M.A. Sociology 2 Years INR 16,300/-

Diploma Courses:

Courses Duration Fees
Diploma in Child Rights & Governance 1 Year INR 11,800/-
Diploma in Human Resource Management 1 Year INR 10,450/-
Diploma in Environmental & Disaster Management 1 Year INR 11,800/-

Are The Fees Affordable?

Distance education at Tezpur University is of high quality and available at affordable fees. All the courses they offer are pocket-friendly and kept to suit your budget so they do not burn a hole in your pocket. You can easily opt for a good education that is economical, too. The courses offered range from INR 10,450 to 16,950/-.

Is The Faculty Well Experienced?

The faculty members at CDOE,  Tezpur University are well qualified in their respective fields, and they provide top-notch education that is not only from the books but also the values of real life, which will help students in every sphere of life. The faculty at CDOE, Tezpur University, consists of 12 members. They have guest faculty and full-time faculty who are experienced and well-versed in their fields. They help prepare self-learning materials for students and design assignments.

Considering how rapidly everything is growing and changing, in addition to theoretical knowledge, it is necessary to gain values and ethics, which are well delivered by the faculty members of TUDE.

What Is The Admission Process?

If you are looking forward to admission in Tezpur University, the following is the process of the same:

  1. The application process starts two times a year, in November and May.
  2. The mode of application is online.
  3. You then need to submit the relevant documents.
  4. After paying the fee online, you will get a receipt
  5. You can pay the fees in installments too.
  6. After a few days, you will get a confirmation mail regarding the admission.

Their Quality of Study Material

CDOE at Tezpur University strives to maintain high-end study material quality. They provide self-learning materials, assignments, and previous year’s question papers on the website so that learners can easily access them. The self-learning materials are provided semester-wise. You can access audio-video lectures of the M.A. English, M.A. Sociology, and M.A. Mass Communication programmes here.

They have a separate section for Learning Management Systems on their website. Let’s discuss them in detail:

  • National Digital Library of India:

    All the learning materials and educational resources from primary level to postgraduate levels are available in the form of books, audiobooks/lectures, video lectures, presentations/notes, question papers, etc.

  • Central Library:

    They have provided access to the central library, where you have to register to access study materials and learning resources.

  • e-PG Pathshala:

    An initiative by MHRD which offers 70 subjects in many disciplines including Social Science, Arts, Fine Arts, and Humanities.

  • Swayam:

    It is an education portal providing all sorts of learning materials and video lectures you can access from anywhere from class 9th till post-graduation.


In conclusion, if you are looking for an affordable college with quality education and a team of excellent faculty members, you can unquestioningly trust Tezpur University’s distance education. You get top-notch study materials and assignments meticulously designed by experienced faculty members, a well-structured Learning Management System and counselling from experienced professionals. And the best part? You can now manage your studies alongside your other commitments like family or social responsibilities.


Q1: Does Tezpur University provide distance education?

Yes, Tezpur University provides distance Education.

Q2: Is TUDE recognized by UGC and other accreditation bodies?

Yes, TUDE is recognised by many renowned bodies like UGC-DEB, NAAC, NIRF, etc.

Q3: What kind of academic support services are available for distance learners?

Distance learners are provided with high-quality self-learning materials that include semester-wise study materials and audio-video lectures, assignments, previous year’s question papers, counselling from experienced professionals, and a well-structured Learning Management System that you can access the National Digital Library, Central Library, and e-PG Pathshala.

Q4: Does Tezpur University provide any career counselling or placement assistance for TUDE graduates?

Yes, TUDE provides career counselling to the students associated with them. They just need to book their scheduled time slot.

Q5: What are the payment methods accepted for program fees?

You can pay the fees online with the help of net banking or UPI.

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