Is Tamil Nadu Open University Right for You? Make the Right Choice



19 February, 2024

Is Tamil Nadu Open University Right for You? Make the Right Choice

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”  – Anthony Robbins

Within the core of Tamil Nadu’s history of culture and Hinduism is a deep respect for education. Tamil Nadu has always been a learning centre, giving birth to accomplished academics, poets, and philosophers. Its legacy is still prominent in how education is offered. In 2011, the state’s literacy rate was higher than the national average at 80.09%. According to Trade Association Assocham, Tamil Nadu holds the highest Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) in elementary and upper primary education across India, with roughly 100% of students enrolled.

Want to know about Tamil Nadu Open University?

Established in 2002, by the Government of Tamil Nadu to expand access to education everywhere, Tamil Nadu Open University is a leading institute in distance education and the first university in the state to introduce a credit-based learning system.

With over 234 academic programmes, TNOU fulfils the requirements of more than a million students at different educational levels, from a postgraduate degree to Certifications. Reflecting the mission of equal opportunity for distance learning students, TNOU continues to inspire students and transform lives with dedicated staff members and a concentration on quality and accessibility.

Let’s study about the university in detail for better understanding.

What are Its Accreditations and Approvals?

Honourable bodies like the Distance Education Bureau (DEB), University Grants Commission (UGC), and NAAC (Grade ‘A+’)  have recognised Tamil Nadu Open University. Due to these accreditations, TNOU’s degrees and diplomas have been proven to be credible in academic and professional domains, Its degrees are accepted all across the country.

What are the Courses They Offer?

TNOU delivers a broad spectrum of courses across multiple fields. The college addresses the needs of a variety of students with programs ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate programmes.

Post-Graduate Programmes:

Programs Fee (Per Year)
M.B.A. INR 13,300/-
M.A. History INR 5,100/-
M.A. Sociology INR 5,100/-
M.A. Political Science INR 5,100/-
M.A. Tamil INR 5,450/-
M.A. English INR 4,300/-
Master of Social Work INR 7,300/-
M.A. Criminology & Criminal Justice Administration INR 5,800/-
M.Com. INR 5,800/-
M.Sc. Psychology INR 7,800/-
M.Sc. Mathematics INR 6,300/-
M.Sc. Counselling & Psychotherapy INR 12,500/-
M.Sc. Geography INR 10,500/-
M.Sc. Physics INR 10,500/-
M.Sc. Botany INR 10,500/-
M.Sc. Zoology INR 10,500/-

Under Graduate Programmes:

Programmes Fee (Per Year)
B.B.A INR 5,500/-
B.A. Tamil INR 3,675/-
B.A. Sociology INR 4,300/-
B.A. History INR 4,300/-
B.A. Economics INR 4,300/-
B.A. Political Science INR 4,300/-
B.A. English INR 4,300/-
Bachelor of Social Work
B.C.A. INR 10,300/-
B.Sc. Mathematics INR 6,800/-
B.Com. INR 4,300/-
B.Ed. Special Education
B.Sc. Physics
B.Sc. Chemistry
B.Sc. Botany
B.Sc. Zoology

Other than the above-mentioned courses, the university also offers many diploma, certificates, vocational and short-term programmes. The detailed list of programmes can be accessed on the university website along with their fee structure.

What is the Learning Management System of TNOU?

Even though TNOU offers distance learning, it leaves no stone unturned to give its students outstanding student academic support. They provide resources on their mobile app and student portal along with print study materials, and guidance from experienced faculty members. There is a dedicated Learners’ Corner on their website wherein students can get all the study resources, previous year question papers, important updates, etc.

What are the Available Course Material & Learning Resources?

A unique aspect of TNOU is its dedication in providing top-notch study materials created by their respective subject experts, to help students study at their own pace with easy understanding. The material is made according to industry standards through thorough revisions and changes. The study material include:

  • Academic Counselling Classes
  • Assignments
  • Projects
  • Self Learning Material

What are the Student Support Services Offered by the University?

TNOU has made a “Student Support Services Division” for the seamless learning of students without any technical difficulties or geographical constraints.

In addition to this, there is an extensive network of regional centres spread all across the country. There is also the provision of a Help Desk that acts as a single point of query for students.

Furthermore, the students can reach out to various programme coordinators to seek help. There are also dedicated WhatsApp and Telegram channels created by the university.

Placement Support Services

The University has a dedicated Student Placement Cell which helps them realise their career aspirations by helpings students identify their areas of interest and assisting them in equipping the right skills and knowledge to realise those ambitions. Every year, many top recruiters hire students from the University including:

  • ARS Steels and Alloys International Pvt Ltd
  • ICICI Bank
  • Radiant Medical Services Pvt Ltd
  • Blue Darts Express Ltd
  • Asgardia Foundation
  • Asgardia Corp
  • Tech Anugraha
  • Vizza Insurance Broking Service Pvt Ltd
  • NAC jewellary
  • Star Health Insurance
  • SBI Life insurance
  • TVS Trans India
  • India Home Health Care Pvt Ltd

Why Study at TNOU?

Some of the top reasons for pursuing education at TNOU include:

  • Academic Counselling Classes
  • Alumni cell
  • E-SLM
  • Help Desk
  • Library
  • Scholarship
  • Extensive Network of Study Centres
  • Placement Assistance
  • TNOU e-Bulletin
  • Telegram Channel
  • Whatsapp Group


In conclusion, TNOU is an innovator in distance learning, removing obstacles and making it readily accessible for everyone to pursue the dream of higher studies. As it keeps growing and evolving to the changing needs of society, TNOU is committed to its objective of providing high-quality education, i.e. both affordable and readily available.


Q1. When was TNOU established and who governs it?

It was established in 2002, and is governed by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Q2. Is Tamil Nadu Open University approved by UGC?

Yes, TNOU is UGC approved.

Q3. Is the Tamil Nadu Open University degree valid?

It is a UGC-DEB recognised university and hence, its degree is authentic and valid.

Q4. Which open University is best in Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu Open University,  is the only open university in Tamil Nadu.

Q5. Do companies accept open university degrees?

Yes, companies accept your open university degree just like the regular degrees if you have a good skill set.

Q6. What documents are required for applying to TNOU?

Documents required for the admission process are: Marksheets of 10th & 12th, Bank documents, relevant certificates, recent photographs, etc.

Q7. What are the most popular programs offered by TNOU?

TNOU offers a wide range of programmes, and all of the programs are UGC-DEB. For a detailed list, you can refer to the article.

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