Is Punjabi University Patiala a Wise Choice for Pursuing Distance Education?



07 March, 2024

Is Punjabi University Patiala a Wise Choice for Pursuing Distance Education?

Punjab has always been a leader in education, with a long history of academic achievement that dates back to thousands of years. The state has produced numerous generations of academicians, poets, and thinkers through its distinguished educational institutions.

Punjab has always been committed to education, from the gurukuls of the past to the universities of today, changing with the times to fulfil the demands of a changing society.

Punjab’s constant dedication to education is evident in Punjabi University’s Centre for Distance and Online Education (CDOE), established in 1968. The University was launched to advance the Punjabi Language, culture, and legacy. Since then, it has raised its scope to include a variety of academic fields, meeting the needs of students from all over the nation.

Know about Punjabi University for Distance Education

Punjabi University has continuously led the way in offering excellent education in a varied array of subjects. Its distance learning programmes strive to meet the needs of learners who want flexibility in their education without sacrificing academic standards.

It stands out as the second institute in the country to adopt a non-formal mode of education and the first to introduce regional language as a medium of imparting education and conducting examinations.

The University’s CDOE provides a broad range of Undergraduate, Postgraduate, diploma, and certificate courses in numerous subject areas through its distance learning platforms.

What are its Accreditations and Approvals?

Punjabi University’s distance learning programmes are recognised and approved by regulatory bodies such as NCTE, AICTE, UGC-DEB, BCI and NAAC Grade ‘A+’.

These recognitions are proof of the authenticity and quality of the education and courses provided by them.

What are the Courses they Offer?

Bachelor Courses:

Programmes Duration
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) 3 Years
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) 3 Years
Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) 3 Years
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 3 Years
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) 2 Years
Bachelor of Library and Information Science (B.Lib.) 1 Year

Master’s Courses:

Programmes Duration
M.A. Punjabi 2 years
M.A. English 2 years
M.A. Hindi 2 years
M.A. History 2 years
M.A. Economics 2 years
M.A. Political Science 2 years
M.A. Religious Studies 2 years
M.A. Sikh Studies 2 years
M.A. Public Administration 2 years
M.A. Education 2 years
M.A. Journalism and Mass Communication 2 years
Master of Commerce (M.Com.) 2 years
M.Sc. Information Technology 2 years
M.Sc. Information Technology (Lateral Entry) 1 year
Master of Library and Information Science 1 year
Master of Business Administration 2 years

Diploma Courses:

Programmes Duration
Diploma in Library Science 1 Year
Diploma in Divinity 1 Year

Advance Diploma:

Programmes Duration
Advanced Graduate Diploma in Counselling For Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment 1 Year
Advanced Graduate Diploma in Criminology & Police Administration 1 Year
Advanced Graduate Diploma in HIV/AIDS Counselling 1 Year
Advanced Graduate Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication 1 Year
Advanced Graduate Diploma in Conflict Resolution
Advanced Graduate Diploma in Accounting and Taxation 1 Year

Certificate Courses:

Programmes Duration
Certificate in Questioned Documents and Fingerprint Analysis 6 Months
Certificate in Computer Applications

Other Courses:

Programmes Duration
Gyani 1 Year
Punjabi Gyan 6 Months
Punjabi Praveshika​ 1 Year

How Affordable are the courses?

The courses available at CDOE are pretty affordable. You can refer to the table below for the fee structure of some of the courses:

Subjects Total fees for students registered with Punjabi University, Patiala Total Fees for Other Students
MA English INR 19,615/- INR 23,710/-
MA Education INR 51,135/- INR 55,230/-
MA JMC INR 23,035/- INR 27,130/-
BA INR 26,595/- INR 33,105/-
B.Com INR 27,295/- INR 34,905/-
B.Lib. INR 13,635/- INR 15,315/-
MBA INR 27,360/- INR 28,060/-
Certificate course in Questioned Document & Fingerprint Analysis INR 9,895/- INR 11,575/-

Further, you can check here: Fee Structure

Is the Faculty Well Experienced?

Punjabi University takes pride in the experience and knowledge of its faculty – highly skilled professors with advanced degrees and a wealth of teaching and research expertise in their respective fields.

Faculty members’ depth of expertise and practical knowledge help enhance the education quality and learning of the students.

About the LMS at Punjabi University DDE

The University provides a robust Learning Management System to facilitate seamless interaction between students and faculty members. Their LMS are listed below:

  • The self-learning column on their website has Self-Learning Material with course materials and notes.
  • They also have a dedicated channel for Youtube Live Video lectures for one-on-one interaction and education.
  • They provide assignments for the practice from time – to – time through a user-friendly website.

They provide access to the National Digital Library of India (NDL), where all the e-learning resources are available for learning and understanding.

Student Support Facilities

Concerning the hurdles that students face, Punjabi University’s online education provides them with extensive support services. The University makes sure to resolve any query or difficulty faced by students on priority.

Email ID for Student Grievances: [email protected]

Why Choose Punjabi University?

  • Personal Contact Programmes (PCPs) are conducted regularly to give students a comprehensive education in the classroom, discussion opportunities, and individual mentoring.
  • Students can use textbooks and other reading materials from a fully stocked departmental library.
  • Students can access video lessons other than the content taught in class.
  • Regularly, Students receive carefully prepared courses written by prominent professors study materials.


In conclusion, Punjabi University’s Centre for Distance and Online Education provides a wide range of courses approved by prestigious organisations. A robust learning management system with abundant student support resources ensures sterling education for students.


Q1. Is CDOE PU Patiala recognised by UGC & DEC?

Yes, CDOE PU is recognised by UGC.

Q2. Are there any scholarship opportunities available for students?

Students who want to apply for the scholarship can apply through Further, you can check the required document list on

Q3. Can I apply for multiple programmes at the same time?

Yes, you can apply for multiple programs, but it should be one major programme and one minor programme.

Q4. When do admissions start for the CDOE Punjabi University, Patiala?

Admissions for the CDOE Punjabi University start in January/ February.

Q5. When and how are examinations conducted for Distance learners?

Examinations are conducted at the branch. You can check the dates here: Date Sheet

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