Is a Part-Time MBA Right for You? A Comprehensive Guide



01 March, 2024

Is a Part-Time MBA Right for You? A Comprehensive Guide

“Extraordinary things are always hiding in places people never think to look.” – Jodi Picoult

Are you thinking about enrolling in a full-time MBA (Master of Business Administration) programme, but you are concerned about making the commitment? If so, opting for a part-time MBA could be the best course of action for you.

MBA programmes that are offered part-time provide you flexibility, allowing you to manage your studies alongside other obligations such as work.

However, it is crucial to determine whether a part-time MBA fits with your objectives, way of life, and professional aspirations before making a choice. We will go over the important things to think about in this article to help you decide if it’s the best option for you.

Let’s dive straight into it!

The Scoop on Part-Time MBA: What’s the Deal?

Imagine yourself in this situation: you are drowning in PowerPoint presentations, knee-deep in spreadsheets, and craving for a corner office with a view. Let me introduce you to the main character of our story: the part-time MBA, who will save you from the dullness of corporate life and launch you into the exciting realm of business mastery.

You must be wondering, what exactly a part-time MBA is. It is like a crash course in business expertise without a full-time commitment, my dear reader. You can continue doing your day job alongside taking classes to become a master of money management.

It is a programme designed for people already working in an organisation but not in leadership positions. The classes are typically offered in the evenings, weekends, or online, allowing students to balance their work and education. A part-time MBA is comparatively less competitive than a full-time MBA. It often takes longer than usual.

Why Go Part-Time?

After addressing the myths about part-time MBA programmes, let’s talk about why you should think about living between the worlds of work and higher education. To begin with, you can obtain the much-desired MBA without risking your valuable income.

How about mastering multitasking? Even better, you may customise your courses to meet your schedule with a part-time MBA, so you can continue pursuing your academic goals without postponing your job.

There are some highlights we would like you to know:

  • Career Advancement: It will help you get leadership roles, higher salaries, and new career opportunities.
  • Flexible Schedule: Classes will happen at your convenience, be it evening, weekend, or after work.
  • No Relocation: You can stay at your own place with your family without any disruption to your day-to-day life.
  • Networking Opportunities: Engage with peers, alumni, and faculty to expand your network.

Assessing Your Commitments

It’s important to look into your present job commitments closely before jumping into the part-time MBA programme. Can you manage the mental pressure of an intense job combined with the challenging material of an MBA?

Are you willing to give up the occasional Netflix binge, caffeine-fueled late-night study sessions? If you gave a nervous laugh in response to the question with a big “Yes”, then congrats! You might be prepared to go on this crazy academic journey.

Let’s see what all things you must take into consideration while making the choice!

Curriculum Quirks

You have decided to pursue a part-time MBA, so now you need to figure out the programme’s complicated structure and content. Which is more convenient for you: taking classes in person or learning online? Are you more of- a night owl or a weekend warrior?

Choose wisely!

Part-time MBA offers various specialisations. We have made a list for you.

Financial Management Marketing Management
HR Management Operations Management
Digital Marketing Data Science
IT Management Project Management
Fin-Tech Management International Business

Note: The specialisations offered vary from college to college.

Money Talks!

Getting an MBA part-time is similar to taking a thrilling journey packed with monetary insanity. Do the maths! Balance the expenses and prospective career benefits, and don’t forget to account for the occasional caffeine-fueled study session at your neighbourhood coffee shop. Your future self will appreciate your financial foresight or perhaps curse you.

The Long Term Impact

Keep one eye on the future and the other on your professional compass as you set out on your part-time MBA journey. Will this academic adventure push you to the pinnacle of your profession or abandon you to a life of monotony in a cubicle?

It will be revealed in due course, my dear reader, but one thing is certain- it will be an incredible ride!

Top 10 Part-Time MBA Colleges in India

College/ University Total Fee
NMIMS INR 3,00,000
SPJIMR INR 9,50,000
Pondicherry University INR 2,40,000
SIBM Pune INR 6,93,000
ISB INR 31,51,000
Great Lakes Institute of Management INR 9,85,300
IIFT Kolkata INR 8,75,000

IIMs Offering Part-Time MBA

College & Course Name Fee (Full Programme)
IIM Bangalore – (Post Graduate Programme in Enterprise Management) INR 20,11,000/-
IIM Shillong – (Post Graduate Program for Working Executives) INR 12,00,000/-
IIM Bodhgaya – (Executive Program in Data Science for Business) INR 14,50,000/-
IIM Lucknow – (PGPWE) INR 11,00,000/-
IIM Kozhikode – (Executive PGP in Management for Working Professionals) INR 14,00,000/-
IIM Indore – (Post Graduate Programme in Management for Working Executives (PGPMX) in Mumbai) INR 17,60,000/-
IIM Tiruchirappalli – (PGPBM) INR 11,80,000/-


Ultimately, the call is yours. We have listed various things in this blog to make things easy for you. Take the reference and choose for your future accordingly keeping in mind your long-term goals, preferences, and job roles.

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