Online MBA Learning Resources – Books, Blogs, Articles, Forums, Podcasts, and YouTube Channels



25 December, 2023

Online MBA Learning Resources – Books, Blogs, Articles, Forums, Podcasts, and YouTube Channels

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

So, you have embarked on the noble quest of an Online MBA – congratulations, brave adventurer! Now, let’s be honest, staring down that textbook mountain can feel like facing a fire-breathing dragon (minus the burnt toast smell, hopefully). But fear not, for this blog is your treasure map to a trove of online resources, ready to transform you into a business ninja (though throwing stars is probably frowned upon).

1. Blogs: Your Daily Dose of Online MBA Learning Business Buzz

Blogs are your informal fun readings to discover what is new, exciting and receive the latest updates.

To stay on top of the recent updates and guidance, here is the list of top blogs:

  • Harvard Business Review: Get front-row seats to the hottest business gossip (the intellectual kind, of course). Think water cooler chats, but with Nobel laureates.
  • Forbes: Unleash your inner entrepreneur with inspiring stories of success. Warning: side effects may include an uncontrollable urge to quit your day job and launch your venture.
  • The Financial Times: Stay on top of the global economic game like a chess grandmaster. Remember, even the sharpest business decisions need a solid understanding of the board.

Every day we pass through many possibilities to learn through our surroundings, books or social media. How we choose to engage and utilise the resources depends on us. We have a greater opportunity to learn by adopting the current internet resources. These top resources for Online MBA are for professionals who want to create an extraordinary future ahead.

Conquering an Online MBA feels like facing a fire-breathing textbook dragon – knowledge-guarded, challenges aplenty. But fear not, brave adventurer! Beyond the tomes lies a vast digital realm bursting with resources, ready to transform you into a business ninja (throwing stars optional).

2. Books: Here are the Best books in the Market to Ace Your Game in the Learning Journey of an MBA

Some of the best books recommended by our experts are listed below:

  • Crack the GMAT Premium Edition 2024” by Princeton Review: Master those entrance exams like a seasoned swordsman (without the pointy hat, thankfully).
  • The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries: Build your business empire, brick by agile brick. This book is your secret weapon for testing ideas before taking the financial plunge.
  • Thinking in Systems” by Donella Meadows: See the business world like an intricate web, where everything’s connected. Prepare to have your mind blown, Neo-style.

Top Books for Online MBA Mastery

Books Author Where to Find Them
Jugaad Innovation: Think Frugal, Be Flexible, Generate Breakthroughs Navi Radjou & Simone Ahuja Amazon, Flipkart
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma Robin Sharma Amazon, Flipkart
The Leader’s Guide to Online Education Rebecca Lovett Amazon, Google Books
Cracking the GMAT Premium Edition Princeton Review Amazon, Official GMAT website
Cracking the CAT by Arun Sharma Arun Sharma Amazon, Flipkart
Success Mantras of CAT Toppers Gautam Puri Amazon, Flipkart
IIM Interviews: From Campus to Corporate World Ravi Ahuja Amazon, Flipkart

3. Online Resources for MBA

Here is the list of Online Resources for Online MBA preparations, question papers, interviews and feedback:

Platform Description
Project Gutenberg Provide free eBooks in different formats
FreeTechBooks Free e-books and textbooks on various technical and business topics
Udemy Online courses with free and paid options
Coursera Online courses from top universities and companies
edX Online courses from top universities and institutions

4. YouTube Channel: Your Go-to for Digital Exploration of Online MBA

You are only one click away from exploring the quest for resources and experiences.

This is your Online MBA mapmaker, guide, and hype squad for this epic quest. Dive into the top YouTube channel, your bundle of tips, tricks, and expert interviews – polish your skills and slay those dragons with style. We have one of the top business experts sharing their experiences on our YouTube channel.

Youtube Channel URL
Financially Simple Business Education Hub @FinanciallySimple
MBA Crystal Ball @MBACrystalBall
GMAT with Magoosh @MagooshGMAT
Career Launcher @Career_Launcher
Learning Routes Official @LearningRoutesOfficial

This is more than just a simple guide, these YouTube channels will provide you with a training ground, offering you expert analysis, motivational stories, and insider knowledge to guide you on your journey.

Join us in the virtual journey towards Online MBA Courses. Learn from the best business icons, and uncover the stories of MBA programmes. Discover the deepest secret of those fascinating Executive MBA courses.  These channels will even help you through specialised programs like EMBA, CAT, and Offline MBA. You can be prepared to make the best decisions for your future. Put on your virtual armour, and let’s go on this journey together—one incredible video at a time!

5. Podcast: Your Thriving Guild of Support

Remember, knowledge is power, but community is your shield. Join these thriving guilds of MBA adventurers on various podcasts, sharing discoveries, swapping resources, and cheering each other on. These podcasts will help you explore more towards some of the top secrets of the Online MBA paths.

So, raise your virtual sails, sharpen your intellect, and conquer this quest – your business ninja legend awaits!

Podcast Channels Talks About
HBR IdeaCast Tune in to interviews with business leaders and thought leaders on a variety of topics. (Perfect for your commute or that lunchtime procrastination session.)
Masters of Scale Learn from the founders of iconic companies about their journeys to success and the challenges they faced along the way. (Get inspired by their stories and maybe even pick up a few valuable tips for your venture.)
Planet Money Make economics fun and engaging with this award-winning podcast. (Because understanding the financial world doesn’t have to be dry and boring.)
MBA Admissions Insider Decode the application maze with expert guides and insider secrets, conquer those essays and interviews!
Online MBA Show Ignite your post-MBA journey with inspiring alumni stories and expert insights, discover future-proof careers and ignite your ambitions!

6. Articles: Read for the Wise

There are many articles on the internet and social media platforms. These articles provide some of the best advice for an Online MBA. Here is the list of top articles:

  • McKinsey Quarterly: Deep-dive into specific business sectors and challenges with in-depth articles and reports. (Think of it as your personal brain trust of experts, ready to answer any burning business question you have.)
  • MIT Sloan Management Review: Explore cutting-edge research and thought leadership in the world of business. (Prepare to have your assumptions challenged and your mind expanded.)
  • Stanford Social Innovation Review: Learn about how business can be a force for good in the world. (Because let’s face it, a successful business shouldn’t just make money, it should make a difference too.)

7. Forums: Quick View Through

Forums are available all around us. They are quick to read questions and answers or some of the interview quests. These forums will provide you with some life-changing advice. Here is the list of the top forums:

  • Wall Street Oasis: Connect with fellow MBA students and professionals for advice, networking, and a healthy dose of commiseration. (Remember, you are not alone in this journey! This forum is your virtual study group and support system.)
  • Quora: Tap into the collective wisdom of the internet by asking your burning business questions to a diverse community of experts. (Think of it as your personal Ask Jeeves…on steroids.)
  • LinkedIn Groups: Join industry-specific groups to connect with potential mentors, employers, and collaborators. (Network like a pro and build your professional connections before you even graduate.)

Let’s Recap

Here is a quick recap list for Books, Blogs, Articles, Forums, Podcasts and YouTube channels:

Resource Type Example Why it Rocks
Books Crack the GMAT Premium Edition 2024 Conquer those entrance exams like a pro.
Blogs Harvard Business Review Stay ahead of the curve with industry insights.
Articles McKinsey Quarterly Deep-dive into specific business challenges.
Forums Wall Street Oasis Connect with fellow students and professionals.
Podcasts Masters of Scale Learn from the best in the business.
YouTube Channels Crash Course Economics Make economics fun and engaging.


Starting an Online MBA is not the difficult part, finding the best Online MBA resources for learning could be. These resources will help you to make your personal MBA Map. While these resources will help you to stay in touch with the present world of business management, do not forget to make your routine. Use podcasts and professional blogs to support your growth. Don’t forget to celebrate your journey.

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