Online BA Course Fees Of The Top UGC Recognised Colleges



28 May, 2024

Online BA Course Fees Of The Top UGC Recognised Colleges

Do you want to pursue an online Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree but are intimidated by the uncertain BA course fees? Making wise decisions regarding your education requires you to have a thorough understanding of the expenses related to taking an online BA degree. You want to learn more about online BA courses and if you have completed your 10+2 from a recognised board or its equivalent, why wait?  Start the online BA journey today! We’ll cover all you need to know about online BA course fees in this extensive blog, including an overview of online BA courses, and fee structures of top colleges.

About Online BA Course

BA stands for Bachelor of Arts. It combines English, Sociology, and Political Science to enable you to become an expert in several fields and disciplines, preparing you for success in today’s fast-paced world. You will gain in-depth knowledge and skills by exploring various subjects such as English literature, Political Science, and Sociology. Examine employment opportunities that fit your interests and academic specialisations. As you study at your own speed and take online proctored examinations from the convenience of your home, you’ll become prepared for further career opportunities.

List of Top 9 Colleges: Online BA Course Fees

The fee structures of various courses depend on the college. Different colleges have different fee structures. So if you are planning to enrol in an online BA course then check out the list of online BA course fees offered by the top 10 UGC-recognised colleges/universities in India.

S.No College/Universities Fee Structure
1 Online Manipal INR 12,500 per semester
INR 75,000 (Course fee)
EMI starting INR 2,083/month*
2 LPU Online INR 20,000
Programme Fee: INR 18,000
Exam. Fee: INR 2,000 (per semester)
Total Fee: INR1,20,000 (all semesters)
3 Amity University Online INR 16,000 (INR15,000 for Sem 6)
INR 95,000 (Full Fee)
4 Mangalayatan University Course fees INR 4,000/- Per Semester
5 Aligarh Muslim University INR  25,500 (Total Fee)
6 Guru Nanak Dev University INR 50,200
7 Chandigarh University INR 94,500 (After Early Bird Discount)
8 Manav Rachna Centre For Distance & Online Education INR 17,000 per semester
INR 30,000 per year
INr 85,500 lump sum
9 Uttaranchal University INR 54,000 (Yearly Fee)

Understanding Online BA Course Fees

Before looking into the specifics of online BA course fees, you must comprehend the factors that affect cost:

  • Reputation of the Institution: A significant factor in deciding tuition costs is the reputation and status of the organisation providing the online Bachelor’s degree. Due to their strong brand and dedication to high-quality education, prestigious universities frequently have higher tuition fees.

  • Programme Duration: Another important consideration when figuring out total expenses is the length of the BA programme. While executive or intensive programmes may have higher fees but can be finished in a short span of time, longer programmes usually have higher costs.

  • Curriculum and Resources: Fees can be influenced by the broadness of the curriculum and the accessibility of resources like multimedia materials, online libraries, and teacher support. Programmes that provide a lot of academic materials and support may be more expensive.

  • Technology and Infrastructure: Online BA programmes need a strong technological infrastructure to provide smooth learning experiences. Schools invest in online support services, virtual classrooms, and learning management systems, all of which could raise the programme’s overall cost.

  • Accreditation and Recognition: This is one of the significant factors you should monitor before enrolling in a college. Higher fees are frequently charged for accredited programmes that adhere to the high requirements established by accrediting agencies. Accreditation, conversely, guarantees that companies and other educational establishments respect your degree and have value in the job market. Therefore, you should choose a college with UGC recognition and NAAC accreditation.

Online BA: Job Roles & Salary Packages

If the idea of paying for online BA courses at the aforementioned universities scares you, wait and consider the job prospects and pay that come with earning an online BA. Colleges offer both on-campus and off-campus employment to BA graduates. Thus, after earning your degree, there are competitive job roles and salaries offered. Check out the table below.

Job Role Job Description
Content Writer Responsible for crafting engaging and informative written content for various platforms, including websites, blogs, social media, and marketing materials.
Social Media Manager Developing and implementing social media strategies to increase brand awareness, engagement, and traffic across various social media platforms.
Marketing Coordinator Assisting in the development and execution of marketing campaigns, and conducting market research.
Public Relations Specialist Managing communication between an organisation and its stakeholders, including the media, investors, customers, and the public, to maintain a positive brand image.
Human Resources Assistant Providing administrative support to the HR department, and assisting with recruitment, onboarding, and employee relations.
Sales Representative Identifying and prospecting new customers, presenting products or services to potential clients.
Research Analyst Conducting research, collecting and analysing data, and generating insights to support decision-making.
Event Coordinator Planning and organising events, including conferences, seminars, and corporate functions, coordinating logistics, managing budgets, and ensuring events run smoothly.


Job Role Salaries
Content Writer 4 – 9 LPA
Social Media Manager 6 – 11 LPA
Marketing Coordinator 3 – 7 LPA
Public Relations Specialist 5 – 9 LPA
Human Resources Assistant 7 – 12 PA
Sales Representative 5 – 7 LPA
Research Analyst 6 – 10 LPA
Event Coordinator 8 – 13 LPA

Signing Off

It may be difficult to understand online BA course expenses, but with the correct knowledge and budgetary preparation, you can achieve your academic objectives and manage finances. Through understanding the elements that impact costs, investigating financial assistance alternatives, and implementing efficient spending plans, you can make knowledgeable choices regarding your learning and start a rewarding path to obtaining your online Bachelor of Arts degree. Thus, start your journey towards the future today and use online learning to open up countless opportunities.


Q1. Can I get a BA degree online?

Yes, you can surely get an online BA degree. Various colleges such as Amity, and online Manipal offer online BA degree courses.

Q2. What is the fee for a BA online course?

The online BA course fees are anywhere around INR 10,000 to 1 lakh for Indian students.

Q3. Can I take the BA exam online?

Yes, many colleges offer exams in online mode at your convenience. Therefore it is easier to write exams in online mode.

Q4. Which BA course is best?

Some of the best BA courses that you can opt for are Economics, Ecology, Psychology, Politics, and Geography.

Q5. How long is BA after the 12th?

After passing 12th, BA is usually 3 years in duration. However, there are integrated courses available in many universities.

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