India’s Top 10 Most Searched Personalities



20 June, 2024

India’s Top 10 Most Searched Personalities

From trending wedding videos to the latest music and sports, we have compiled the most searched list for you right here. Social media has given us the superpower to be curious and get to know everything about everyone around us. From an island to catching an aeroplane, we constantly surf the internet. In India, something is happening all the time, and we need to keep up with it!

It is time to unwind the 10 top personalities in India making hot headlines daily. Here is your quick look at India’s most searched personalities of 2023:

1. Kiara Advani: The Bollywood Diva

Photo: HELLO! India Magazine

From making headlines on her magnificent wedding to being one of the enchanting presences of Bollywood, Kiara Advani has topped the chart in the most searched personalities.

The actress’s sensational performance in ‘Kabir Sign’ to her recent best ‘Satyaprem Ki Katha’.Kiara Advani is now the heart of many because of her million-dollar smile and her work in the B-Town.As more and more people searched for every detail of Kiara Advani’s wedding, she didn’t just remain an actress. She became a cultural icon, representing the dreams of a whole generation who are fascinated by Bollywood’s magical charm.

2. Shubman Gill: The Rising Talent of India Cricket Field

Photo: HELLO! India Magzine

He’s an Indian sports star, who is all set to play his hand in the world of Indian cricket. Shubham Gill is famous for his tricks on the field and his cuteness off the field. Known for his heart-throbbing looks and personality, Shubham is one of the most searched personalities in India. With his recent stellar performance in the U-19 World Cup, Gill’s journey has been a top of the field. His recent rumours about his dating life are also one of the other reasons why he is in the limelight. The man has got humour, talent and a charming personality. He is the new success symbol of the youth.

3. Rachin Ravindra: The New Star of New Zealand

Photo: Times of India

Rachin Ravindra is the new young talent of India. Rachin Ravindra is currently making headlines for his talent, and he is one of the top-searched personalities in India because of his talent. He is an Indian-origin man who is representing New Zealand. His journey is a lifetime show in itself. For Rachin Ravindra, cricket became not just a sport but a means of bridging cultures and forging new paths. As a young cricketer, he has come a long way and there’s still a long way to go. We are all here for it.

Photo: Hindustan Times

The man who did it through the streets of Uttar Pradesh to the top chart of cricket players. Mohammed Shami is India’s bowling star.  In cricket, Mohammed Shami is known as India’s Sultan of Swing. He is famous for his skill in seam and swing bowling. With every game, he breaks records and wins the hearts of his Indian cricket fans. As people search for him on Google, Shami becomes more than just a cricketer—he becomes a source of hope and inspiration for young athletes all over India. The man who has the determination and talent of a lifetime.

5. Elvish Yadav: The YouTube Sensation

Photo: India TV News

Elvish Yadav, the new sensation of social media and reality shows. Elvish is known for his win in Bigg Boss OTT 2. Elvish has made many headlines through his vlogs, humour and wittiness. He is known for his short videos and everyday vlogs on his daily life. He has made headlines by winning Bigg Boss and creating new ways to be popular. From a small city in Uttar Pradesh to a big reality show, the man has done it all. He is one of the most searched personalities in India because of his viral video and recent controversies. Yadav became a symbol of the digital revolution sweeping nationwide, inspiring a new generation of content creators and influencers.

6. Sidharth Malhotra: Bollywood’s Maverick and Leading Actor

Photo: GQ India

In the glitzy world of Bollywood, Sidharth Malhotra emerged as a maverick whose charisma and charm captivated audiences both on and off the screen. From his grand wedding with Kiara Advani to his entrepreneurial ventures, Malhotra’s journey to stardom mirrored the dreams and aspirations of millions of aspiring actors. With each role he portrayed and each venture he embarked upon, Malhotra’s name resonated across Google searches, solidifying his status as a leading figure in the world of Indian cinema.

7. Glenn Maxwell: Cricket’s Showman

Photo: Wallpapers. com

In cricket, Glenn Maxwell is famous for being an entertaining player – from his famous moves to his talent on the field. He’s known for his daring shots and exciting performances that light up stadiums all over the world. People love watching him play because he brings a lot of energy and excitement to the game. His style is unique, and he’s always doing something unexpected, which makes him stand out from other players. That’s why he’s one of the most searched cricketers on Google—he’s not just a player, he’s a source of fun and excitement for cricket fans everywhere!

8. David Beckham: Football Icon

Photo: SheKnows

David Beckham is known and loved all around the world. He’s not just a football player—he’s a legend! With his famous number 7 jersey and amazing free-kick skills, Beckham stole the hearts of football fans everywhere. People admire him for his excellence and style on the field. Whenever someone mentions Beckham’s name, you can bet that Google searches shoot up! That’s because Beckham isn’t just a sports star—he’s a global sensation, loved by millions for his talent and charm. He is not just talented, he’s funny, charming and admiring.

9. Suryakumar Yadav: Cricket’s Stylish Virtuoso

Photo: HELLO! Magazine

Suryakumar Yadav is like a magician on the cricket field! His elegant strokes and strong presence mesmerise everyone who watches him play. As the vice-captain of the Indian National Cricket Team in T20I and a star in limited-overs cricket, Yadav represents the new generation of cricket talent. He’s not just about skill—he brings flair and finesse to the game too! Every time he plays a great inning or takes on a leadership role, everyone wants to know more about him. That’s why his name keeps popping up in Google searches—he’s a big player in Indian cricket!

10. Travis Head: Australian Cricket Star and World Cup Hero

In the crucible of cricketing battles, Travis Head emerged as a hero whose exploits on the field captured the imagination of fans worldwide. With a century in the final match of the 2023 Cricket World Cup, Head etched his name into the annals of sporting history, leading Australia to a triumphant victory and securing his status as a cricketing icon. As Google searches soared with each mention of his name, Head became a symbol of determination and excellence, inspiring a new generation of cricketers to dream big and reach for the stars.


Google has given us all the gossip about everything around us, from B town to sports and reality TV. We have all surfed the internet for many reasons, and one of the biggest reasons is curiosity. The most searched personalities in India are known for their talent and charming and funny personalities. From Kiara Advani to Travis Head, Google has shown us everything worldwide. Something is always going on around us, and we deserve to know it all. So, don’t stop the search and get that rumour out of the group to the internet. These personalities are famous around the globe. We have covered it all.

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