Top 10 MBA Job Opportunities to Explore



10 April, 2023

Top 10 MBA Job Opportunities to Explore

An MBA or Master’s Degree in Business Administration is an advanced degree that enables students to take the skills learnt during their bachelor’s degrees to the next level. While some believe that this degree is solely for those who are already in business, it can also be pursued by individuals in various fields, such as finance, technology, and healthcare. 

Additionally, it is a valuable asset for those who wish to become entrepreneurs or work for themselves. The degree equips students with the expertise and understanding necessary to be leaders in their respective fields.

Top 10 Career Opportunities after MBA

The current job prospects for MBA graduates are quite positive, as they are receiving lucrative job offers with six-figure salaries. This is likely due to their highly relevant expertise in navigating complex business challenges in the face of uncertainty. 

Let’s take a look at the top 10 job positions you can land if you have an MBA degree.

1. Operations Analyst

The role of an Operations Analyst is to collaborate with various departments within a company to enhance its operations. They are responsible for tasks such as optimising fund and resource allocation, creating efficient production schedules, managing the supply chain effectively, and establishing effective pricing policies. Operations Analysts use sophisticated analytical methods, including statistical analysis, economic simulations, and predictive modelling, to increase a company’s profitability.

  • Average Salary: INR 5 LPA
  • Highest Salary: INR 8 LPA

2. Investment Banker

Investment Bankers are professionals who oversee financial processes related to investment ventures. Their responsibilities include: Facilitating the issuance of debt, The sale of equity in companies, Assisting clients with mergers and acquisitions, Offering advice on investment opportunities, including derivatives

  • Average Salary: INR 12 LPA
  • Highest Salary: INR 38 LPA

3. Business Consultant

Business Consultants, also known as Management Consultants or Management Analysts, offer professional advice and expertise to companies facing new challenges or seeking to implement new procedures. They focus on improving efficiency and profitability while anticipating long-term changes, such as shifts in customer demographics or new regulations. In addition, business consultants are responsible for enhancing employee productivity and providing specialised guidance to executives. Firms that offer this role often work with multiple clients on a project or contract basis. Most Consultants specialise in a specific industry, such as healthcare, retail sales, or transportation.

  • Average Salary: INR 12 LPA
  • Highest Salary: INR 24 LPA

4. Project Manager

A Project Manager is responsible for overseeing one or more company projects. For instance, in the construction industry, the Project Manager may oversee the construction of a residential complex or other structures. They are responsible for managing quality control, scheduling, and deadlines. In addition, they provide regular progress reports to stakeholders and ensure adequate supplies and materials are available.

  • Average Salary: INR 17 LPA
  • Highest Salary: INR 32 LPA

5. Finance Manager

A Financial Manager plays a crucial role in managing a company’s financial stability and profitability. They are responsible for defining financial goals and strategies for the organisation, advising top-level executives on ways to enhance profits, and generating regular reports to keep stakeholders updated about the company’s financial status.

  • Average Salary: INR 12 LPA
  • Highest Salary: INR 30 LPA

6. SAP Consultant

SAP Consultants play a crucial role in assisting organisations in identifying and implementing the most suitable software solutions for their requirements. They evaluate and streamline the computer systems and software of their clients or employers, ensuring they meet operational needs, and identify areas of enhancement to provide insights for system improvement.

  • Average Salary: INR 7 LPA
  • Highest Salary: INR 15 LPA

7. Business Intelligence Analyst

Business Intelligence Analysts gather data from a company and analyse it along with industry trends using specialised tools and software. Their goal is to determine how the company performs compared to its competitors. With this information, they provide executives with insights and recommendations on improving operations and increasing profits.

  • Average Salary: INR  7.63 LPA 
  • Highest Salary: INR 15.4 LPA

8. Product Manager

Product Managers play a vital role in coordinating finance, development, and marketing teams to design and launch new products. They manage the entire product lifecycle, from conception to release, ensuring that products are delivered on time and within budget. They also play a crucial role in developing effective marketing strategies and determining the product’s features to maximise its potential success in the market.

  • Average Salary: INR 13 LPA 
  • Highest Salary: INR 23 LPA

9. Chief Technology Officer

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is a high-ranking executive responsible for addressing a company’s technological needs and issues. Their primary responsibility is to make decisions regarding the use of technology in the workplace. In addition, they identify technologies that can improve the company’s operations, select new technologies for adoption, devise strategies for technology platforms, recruit staff to manage technical issues and create protocols for members of the company to adhere to.

  • Average Salary: INR 8 LPA 
  • Highest Salary: INR 25 LPA

10. Chief Financial Officer

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a top-level executive who oversees a company’s financial operations and long-term financial goals. They collaborate with other senior managers to secure funding from investors, conduct financial forecasting and benefits analysis, and ensure timely and accurate financial reporting. A majority of CFOs hold an MBA degree in finance or accounting.

  • Average Salary: INR 22 LPA 
  • Highest Salary: INR 41 LPA

Entry-Level MBA Jobs

If you have recently finished or are about to complete an MBA programme and lack experience in your desired field, taking on an entry-level job could be beneficial. It can provide a starting point from where you can progress to a more challenging and higher-paying position. Here are some entry-level positions you may want to consider:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Accounting Managers
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Business Operations Managers
  • Human Resources Assistants
  • Public Relations Specialists
  • Healthcare Managers
  • Database Analysts
  • Compliance Officers
  • Public Service Managers


An MBA degree is a widely recognised and prestigious qualification that offers the promise of lucrative job opportunities. However, not all management positions come with high salaries. Therefore, to increase your chances of securing your desired job, it is crucial to determine which MBA specialisation aligns with your career objectives. Once you identify your ideal specialisation, the process becomes more manageable.

Source of Salaries: AmbitionBox

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