Are Jiwaji University’s Distance Education Programmes Good?



21 March, 2024

Are Jiwaji University’s Distance Education Programmes Good?

Gwalior, also known as the city of temples, is located in Madhya Pradesh and is famous for its palaces and religious sites. Now heading towards becoming the epicentre for the learning destination with the fusion of historical and cultural heritage.

Gwalior has a glorious educational past, way before the independence of our nation, dating back to its oldest universities in the late 1950s.

As the nation evolves, Gwalior and its educational infrastructure and universities like Vikram University, Madhav Institute of Technology and Science, and Jiwaji University are some of the key players contributing to the education development of the city.

In this blog, we will explore Jiwaji University distance education, including its courses, fees, quality of education, and more.

Jiwaji University’s Distance Education

Established in 1964, Jiwaji University’s first foundation stone was laid by none other than our former president, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, an Indian politician and philosopher who served as the second president of India from 1962 to 1967.

Since its existence, Jiwaji University has been committed to providing quality education and empowering youth through its regular and distance courses.

Jiwaji University’s School of Distance Education is now emerging as a go-to place for students and working professionals who cannot attend physical classes or any other traditional mode of education. The university uses its world-class infrastructure and quality resources to empower students with its need-based courses.

What Are Its Accreditations and Approvals?

Jiwaji University’s School of Distance Education holds various accreditations and approvals from various esteemed bodies in our nation. One of the notable recognitions is from the University Grants Commission (UGC) and Distance Education Bureau (DEB). This is not just recognition; it’s proof of quality education. The University has also received an A++ grade from NAAC. Jiwaji University has been ranked 86 – 90 as per the QS ranking, 114 as per the UNI ranking, 85 as per SIR ranking, and 77 as per the Education World Ranking.

Courses offered and duration to complete them

Jiwaji University’s School of Distance Education offers a plethora of undergraduate, postgraduate, and many postgraduate diploma courses.

The undergraduate programme has a range of courses, like BA programmes in history, political science, sociology, economics, Hindi, English, and Sanskrit, as well as and B.Sc. in various specialisations.

Furthermore, the University offers various postgraduate programmes in MA and MBA and also provides postgraduate diploma courses.

Let’s look at all the courses available.

UG Courses:

Sl# Course Duration Fee
1 B.A. (any three subjects out of History, Political Science., Sociology, Economics, English, Hindi, Sanskrit) 3 INR 3000
2 B.Com. 3 INR 3000
3 B.Sc.(PCM) 3 INR 3500
4 B.Sc.(ZBC) 3 INR 3500
5 B.Sc.(Computer Sc., P, M) 3 INR 3500
6 B. Llb. & Information Sci. 1 INR 10000
7 B.J.M.C. 1 INR 10000

PG Courses:

Sl# Course Duration Fee
1 M.A.(Economics) 2 INR 4500
2 M.A.(History) 2 INR 4500
3 M.A.(Sociology) 2 INR 4500
4 M.A.(English) 2 INR 4500
5 M.A.(Hindi) 2 INR 4500
6 M.A.(Sanskrit) 2 INR 4500
7 M.A.(Political Science) 2 INR 4500
8 M.A. (Public Administration) 2 INR 4500
9 M.A. (Drawing & Painting) 2 INR 10000
10 M.A. Social Work 2 INR 10000
11 Master of Library Science & Information Science 1 INR 10000
12 M.J.M.C. 1 INR 10000
13 MBA 2 INR 15000

PG Diploma:

Sl# Course Duration Fee
1 P.G. Diploma in Yoga Education 1 INR 5000
2 P.G. Diploma in Human Resources Development 1 INR 5000
3 P.G. Diploma in Computer Applications 1 INR 5000

Are Jiwaji University’s School of Distance Education Courses Affordable?

Absolutely. Jiwaji University’s School of Distance Education courses are highly affordable, making them accessible to a wider range of students. The University makes sure that all its courses are under budget for the students who want to pursue their dream undergraduate and postgraduate programmes without burning holes in their pockets. The minimum fee for their courses is just INR 3,000, which is for B.A. and B.Com. and goes to a maximum of barely INR 15,000, which is for an MBA.

Expert Faculty at Jiwaji University’s School of Distance Education

Jiwaji University’s School of Distance Education has some highly skilled faculty from all over India. These are not just faculty members; they are subject matter experts from their field, trained at some of the recognised universities in India.

The faculty here makes sure that each of their students gets equipped with the skill sets required in the industry. They prepare the best-in-class study material, and conduct personal contact programmes for students opting for distance education. Their active participation, academic excellence, and professionalism drive growth for their students.

Student Support Facilities at Jiwaji University’s School of Distance Education

Jiwaji University knows about the challenges faced by students while selecting distance education programs. To resolve these issues and ensure smooth onboarding for the students, the University has dedicated support.

  • Enquiry No.: +91 751 2442712
  • Degree Section: +91 751 2442757
  • Fax No.: +91 751 2341768

Quality of Study Material

Printed self-learning materials are made available to students in distance education. The study materials are quite self-explanatory, self-motivating, self-evaluated, self-directed, and self-contained. A personal contact programme allows students to interact and learn from other students through sessions conducted by the faculty. The tutors also provide assignments on each course that students must submit and prepare for their exams.

The Jiwaji Advantage

  • Pocket Friendly:

    Farewell to the expensive distance education programmes. Jiwaji University’s School of Distance Education provides you with pocket-friendly undergrad and postgrad programs. Making sure you have a quality education without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • Flexibility:

    Got a day job? Don’t you have a fixed schedule? or wanted to learn at your own pace? Jiwaji University’s School of Distance Education offers flexible learning programs. With this flexibility, you can now learn from anywhere, anytime.

  • Career Advancement:

    Jiwaji University’s School of Distance Education programmes are designed by industry experts, making them demanded by employers all around the nation. Completing a degree from Jiwaji University can boost your employability to the next level.

  • A Wide Range of Courses:

    You get lots of undergrad and postgrad programmes to choose from. Ranging from a BSc in various specialisations to postgraduate degree in management. The university has something for everyone.


All in all, Jiwaji University’s distance education programmes are one of the most affordable options for someone who is looking for a trusted and recognised university. The University opens up new opportunities for its students with the help of its highly qualified faculty and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

If you are looking for a distance education programme, then Jiwaji University is your one-stop solution.


Q1. Is Jiwaji University Distance Education recognized by UGC and other accreditation bodies?

Yes, the University Grant Commission recognised Jiwaji University’s distance education programmes. It is also recognised by DEB for offering distance education courses. The University has received A++ grade by NAAC.

Q2. How are study materials provided to students?

All the study materials, assignments, and practicals are provided through the University’s learning management system.

Q3. Are distance education degrees from Jiwaji University recognized for employment and further studies?

Yes. As it is recognised by the University Grant Commission, Jiwaji University’s School of Distance Education programmes are recognised for employment and further studies.

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