Is the ISB Hyderabad MBA Worth its Fee? A Financial Perspective



20 June, 2024

Is the ISB Hyderabad MBA Worth its Fee? A Financial Perspective

Ask yourself when thinking about getting an MBA, especially from a renowned school like the Indian School of Business (ISB) Hyderabad: Is it worth the money? As you know ISB MBA fees are on the higher side as compared with other colleges. This is a crucial choice that depends on both the possible financial returns and the up-front expenditures. This article will examine the financial implications of obtaining an MBA at ISB Hyderabad, assisting you in deciding if this is an investment that will support your long-term financial objectives and career goals. We’ll look into the data and information you need to make an educated decision about your future, from tuition costs and scholarships to pay increases and employment options.

About ISB Hyderabad

ISB Hyderabad was established in 2001. It has 2 campuses – one in Hyderabad and the other in Mohali. It offers postgraduate, advanced management and doctoral programmes. The institution, founded by two former Deloitte executives, provides American-style business education in India. In contrast to Indian B-schools that are associated with AICTE, ISB is a member of the esteemed AACSB and Wharton School, Charlton School of Business, and John Hopkins Carey Business School.

ISB is one of the few B-schools in India where admission is mostly determined by GMAT scores. For candidates who are not freshers and have three to five years of experience, it provides an excellent opportunity to pursue a PGP that meets the highest international requirements.

What Makes ISB Different From Other B Schools?

The programme structure is the primary distinction between ISB and other Indian B-schools. Because of its association with AACSB, ISB is exempted from bureaucratic intervention and guarantees that current business trends are covered in the course material. This is one of the reasons that, for ten consecutive years, ISB has been ranked by the Financial Times MBA rating in the top 10 to 25.

The Cost of an ISB Hyderabad MBA

ISB Hyderabad MBA fees and ISB Mohali MBA fees is INR 41,78,000/- (plus GST). Numerous financial assistance programmes and scholarships are available from ISB Hyderabad, which can greatly lessen the financial burdens. Should your application be solid, your work experience and academic record be relevant, and you can be eligible for scholarships that help with some of the fees.

Analysis Of Placement Trends

The variability in batch composition is the most notable aspect of ISB. While students at ISB come from varied backgrounds, engineers predominate at IIMs and Xavier’s group of colleges. The placement rates at ISB have continuously exceeded INR 25 Lakh over the past two years, despite the diversity. Numerous experts argue that ISB’s strong ties to the corporate world account for the impressive numbers.

The Financial Returns: Salary and Career Growth

The possible pay boost is among the strongest arguments for getting an MBA. Graduates from Hyderabad’s ISB report significant pay increases. Recent placement studies state that ISB MBA graduates typically make between INR 25 and 28 lakhs annually. This represents a significant rise over pre-MBA earnings, which were typically in the range of INR 8–12 lakhs.

  • Return on Investment (ROI)

Take into account the expense of the MBA as well as the rise in pay after earning to determine the ROI. The increase in yearly earnings is INR 18 lakhs, for example, if your pre-MBA salary was INR 10 lakhs and your post-MBA salary is INR 28 lakhs. This can yield additional earnings of INR 90 lakhs over five years, greatly surpassing the initial investment.

The Return On Investment component is one of the main arguments raised by ISB against a PGP. The benefits might not be as good as the high cost that ISB degrees require of students. Since ISB MBA fees is high, many applicants believe it would be more beneficial to study abroad with that money.

When it comes to other elite B-schools in India, the salaries provided during placements are competitive and at par. The average annual salary for ISB graduates is more than INR 25 LPA, which is comparable to that of IIMs.

Opportunities for Careers and Network in ISB Hyderabad

The MBA programme at ISB Hyderabad offers a variety of job options. Regardless of your career goals in consulting, finance, technology, or entrepreneurship, the curriculum gives you the appropriate tools. With their lucrative employment, companies such as McKinsey, BCG, Google, Amazon, and leading investment banks frequently hire graduates from ISB.

  • Strong Alumni Network

The extensive alumni network you’ll join is a perk that’s sometimes neglected. Alumni from ISB have global influence in a variety of areas. In addition to offering long-term career support beyond the immediate financial gains, this network can be extremely helpful for company endeavours, employment prospects, and mentoring.

  • Improvement of Personal and Professional Growth and Skill

The goal of ISB Hyderabad’s MBA programme is to improve hard and soft skills. Along with gaining extensive knowledge in fields like strategy, marketing, and finance, you’ll also enhance your critical thinking, leadership, and communication abilities. These abilities can eventually result in increased earning potential and are essential for job progression.

  • Possibilities for Entrepreneurship

If you want to establish your own business, ISB provides strong startup help. The institution’s emphasis on entrepreneurship, together with its connections to venture capitalists and business professionals, can give you the start and support you need to establish and expand your enterprise.

  • Individual Satisfaction

Beyond ISB MBA fees, take into account the sense of confidence and personal fulfilment that result from earning an MBA from an esteemed university like ISB Hyderabad. The experience can change you, opening your eyes to new ideas and making friends for life.

  • Opportunity Cost

Think about the opportunity cost in addition to the cash investment. You could have been making money during the time you were enrolled in the programme. Nonetheless, the potential for financial gain and long-term career advantages sometimes exceed this temporary setback.

Critics of ISB Hyderabad Fees

  • Comparison with IIMs and International Programmes: ISB Hyderabad is frequently compared to IIMs and prestigious international MBA programmes such as Wharton and Harvard.

  • High MBA Fees: Similar to international programmes, fees exceed INR 33,00,000.

  • Salary Concerns: According to critics, earnings in the Indian labour market might not make the investment worthwhile.

  • Problems with Career Leaps: Some graduates cannot make enough progress in their careers to pay off their student loans.

  • Limited Career Shifts: After earning their MBA, graduates frequently return to their prior sectors in marginally better positions.

  • Growing Class Size: Compared to smaller IIM classes, ISB’s admissions have skyrocketed to almost 800 students, which may compromise quality and exclusivity.

Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

Investing in an MBA from ISB Hyderabad seems to be a wise financial decision. The substantial pay increase, variety of employment options, and strong alumni network all add up to a solid return on investment. Furthermore, the programme’s experiences with personal and professional development might pave the way for long-term success and fulfilment.

In the end, the choice should be in line with your personal ambitions, financial circumstances, and professional objectives. An MBA from ISB Hyderabad could be a life-changing and fulfilling move if you’re prepared to invest in yourself and are eager to advance in your career.

You can decide if the ISB Hyderabad MBA is the correct investment for you by carefully weighing the possible returns and financial implications.


Q1. Is ISB Hyderabad good for an MBA in finance?

Yes, ISB Hyderabad offers a great finance MBA programme. The programme is highly respected because of its excellent industry contacts, knowledgeable teachers, and challenging curriculum. If your goal is to progress in the finance industry, this programme is a wonderful fit because it will provide you with deep insights into corporate finance, investment banking, and financial management.

Q2. Is ISB a good investment?

Without a doubt, ISB is a wise investment for the future. The institution enjoys a solid international reputation, a stellar placement record, and a sizable alumni network that can lead to a variety of professional options. Your professional prospects and earning potential can be greatly improved by the knowledge and skills you acquire at ISB.

Q3. What is the salary after MBA in ISB Hyderabad?

You should anticipate receiving a sizable income from ISB Hyderabad upon completion of your MBA. Graduates typically obtain offers between INR 28 and 30 lakhs annually. This number, however, may differ depending on your previous experience, function, and industry.

Q4. What is the ROI of ISB?

ISB’s Return on Investment (ROI) is regarded as exceptionally high. You should see a speedy return on investment because of the typical compensation packages and the programme’s short one-year term. The ROI is further enhanced by the job advancement and opportunities that follow an MBA, making it an economically sensible choice.

Q5. Is ISB better than IIM?

Depending on several factors, including your interests, professional history, and career aspirations, ISB may be a better option than IIM. Professionals with a good deal of work experience can benefit from ISB’s challenging one-year MBA programme. On the other hand, for students seeking a more conventional MBA experience, IIMs usually offer two-year programmes. These esteemed establishments offer top-notch instruction and prospects.

Q6. What is the average CTC in ISB Hyderabad?

ISB Hyderabad graduates often have an average Cost to Company (CTC) of INR 28-30 lakhs annually. The enormous demand for ISB graduates across a range of businesses and occupations is reflected in this average package.

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