Why is IMT the Right Choice for Pursuing PGDM?



10 July, 2024

Why is IMT the Right Choice for Pursuing PGDM?

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. – Benjamin Franklin

Institute of Management Technology (IMT Ghaziabad) is one of India’s top-ranked MBA colleges for aspirants. IMT presently has 4 campuses – IMT Ghaziabad, IMT Hyderabad, IMT Nagpur and IMT Dubai. Full-time PGDM and Executive MBA are the flagship programmes of IMT that have raised the bar in business management programmes.

The institute offers world-class infrastructure, an industry-focused curriculum, highly experienced faculty, a vast alumni base, and top recruiters worldwide. Moreover, IMT stands as a pillar of academic excellence in the competitive market. Thus, it is no wonder that PGDM programmes at IMT are the best for propelling an individual’s career and meeting their career goals.

However, if you are still unsure about pursuing a PGDM programme at IMT, let me list all the reasons for choosing this amazing institution.

What is PGDM?

PGDM stands for the Postgraduate Diploma in Management. It is a 2-year business management programme that caters to industry requirements and prepares aspirants to become industry-ready business professionals.

It is a diploma, not a degree, because only the Universities Grants Commission (UGC) can award degrees, but private universities recognised by only AICTE or standalone ones can offer diplomas instead of degrees.

What is Best About PGDM at IMT?

At IMT, the 2-year full-time AICTE-approved and AACSB-accredited residential programme in business management is a rewarding learning experience that prepares budding managers for the long-term career journey. Let’s understand how.

1. Students pursuing PGDM are exposed to trending courses such as Design Thinking and Innovation, simulation-based courses, negotiation skills, etc.

2. The students are offered specialisation courses before their summer internship to make the best out of their internship and gain practical knowledge.

3. The major specialisations in PGDM at IMT include

  • Marketing Management

  • Finance Management

  • Operations Management

  • Human Resource Management

There are also minor specialisations to choose from

  • Business Analytics

  • Information Technology Management

  • Strategy Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Economic Environment and Policy

4. In the 2nd year, the students are introduced to contemporary elective subjects delivered by in-house faculty and industry professionals.

5. The PGDM courses are delivered by faculty with a blend of industry experience and academic knowledge.

6. Frequent leadership talks by industry leaders and academic persons expose real-world business challenges.

7. Specific professional development courses, summer internships and LIVE projects are blended into the curriculum.

8. Candidates can hone their skills with hands-on workshops and simulation-based courses.

IMT Rankings and Accreditations 

IMT is among the premium B-schools in India accredited and ranked by renowned national and international organisations. It holds accreditation from notable and prestigious organisations namely:

Accreditation  Full Form
AACSB International The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
SAQS Accreditation South Asian Quality Assurance System
AIU Accreditation Association of Indian Universities
NBA Accreditation National Board of Accreditation

Moreover, IMT also ranks in the top B-school surveys conducted by leading print and online publications namely:

B-School Ranking For 2023-2024 
B School Survey Ranking
Financial Times Master in Management 2023 Rankings – Ranked 92 in the world
Times of India Times of India B School ranking 2024 – 5th in the overall ranking
Business Today Business Today B School ranking 2023 – Ranked 13th overall and 5th among the private universities.

Is PGDM Equivalent to an MBA?

Well, very much so. In fact, we can say that, just like an MBA degree, a PGDM programme adds value to your portfolio and is at par with an MBA degree in industry placements and global exposure.

Similarities Between a PGDM and an MBA 

Let’s understand the similarities between a PGDM and an MBA:

  • Both PGDM and MBA degrees offer similar core subjects, such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations management, etc.

  • Both PGDM and an MBA degree offer a wide range of specialisations, allowing aspirants to choose the subjects of their interests.

  • Graduates from both programmes get similar exposure to career prospects and are at par with job roles and responsibilities in management, consulting, finance, etc.

  • Both programmes aim to prepare students for managerial, leadership, and analytical skills.

  • Both programmes are respected and recognised in the industry.

Differences Between a PGDM and an MBA

The differences between a PGDM and an MBA are as follows:

  • One key difference between a PGDM and an MBA lies in the accreditation. An MBA is a degree programme recognised by the University Grants Commission (UGC) in India, while a PGDM offers a diploma and is generally recognised by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

  • MBA may have a rigid curriculum due to university regulations, whereas the pedagogy of the PGDM programme is more flexible and industry-focused. In the case of PGDM, institutes can update their courses more frequently to match the latest industry trends.

  • Both programmes usually last over two years. However, institutes may offer one-year PGDM programmes in some cases.

  • The focus of an MBA slightly differs from that of a PGDM. The MBA programme is more theory-based and focuses on developing a broad understanding of business management principles.

However, a PGDM programme follows a more practical, targeted, and industry-oriented approach focusing on developing specific skills per industry needs.

Other PGDM Programmes Offered by IMT

Besides full-time PGDM programmes, IMT offers other PGDM programmes tailored to meet different industry needs and impart an all-rounded learning experience. These programmes aim to increase global exposure and prepare individuals for industry-specific leadership roles.

1. Post Graduate Diploma in Management Dual Country Programme (PGDM DCP):

The PGDM DCP programme offered by IMT is a multi-country programme. As the name suggests, it is a 2-year PGDM programme in which the candidate spends a year each in 2 countries for their studies, say India and UAE.

Unlike the conventional MBA programme, this programme aims to infuse international elements into the curriculum to give students better global exposure and a broader understanding of business studies. With PGDM DCP, students gain cross-cultural experience and insights by studying at the IMT Campuses in Ghaziabad and Dubai.


2. PGDM Banking and Financial Services (BFS) Program: 

The PGDM Banking and Financial Services (BFS) is an AIU-accredited programme designed to fulfil the skillset needs within the BFS domain. AIU equivalence translates to the PGDM being equivalent to an MBA program; thus, the PGDM BFS could benefit candidates who want to be groomed as future BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) leaders.

In the last year, the BFS cohort at IMTG achieved the highest average placement statistics among all programmes offered, making it one of the in-demand programmes at IMT.


3. Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management Accelerated Programme (PGDM EXP)

This is an 18-month full-time AICTE-approved and AACSB-accredited residential programme for experienced professionals. It is open to business executives without prior exposure to formal management education.

It is a fast-track programme offering various specialisation options for aspirants: Marketing, Operations, Finance, Strategy, HRM, and IT and analytics.

With intensive workshops, consulting cases, and leadership talks by industry experts, the PGDM ExP offers a transformative career journey for students to become business-ready.

Final Thoughts 

With more than 40 years of academic excellence, IMT has consistently strengthened students in leadership roles and built meaningful relationships with domestic and global corporations. The placement team of IMT Ghaziabad set a record of 100% placement for the PGDM 2021-2023 batch in just 15 days with 150+ recruiters’ participation.

IMT is a top-ranked, globally recognised B-school that offers world-class faculty, tailored industry-focused curricula, vast networking opportunities, and a highly facilitated learning infrastructure. The above points show IMT’s commitment to students’ success and industry relevance.

If you are also looking for a PGDM programme that blends robust academics and placement opportunities, IMT can be the perfect choice for your career journey. Join the legacy of excellence with IMT and thrive as a global leader.

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