Critical Role of Communication in Advancing Your Career: 5 Compelling Reasons



20 April, 2024

Critical Role of Communication in Advancing Your Career: 5 Compelling Reasons

“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.” – Paul J. Meyer

What if I tell you? I have one proven way to a successful career. It’s a best-kept secret that only successful people around the world know.

Ok, it’s not a secret; we all know about it. In fact, time and again, from the very beginning, be it your high school teacher, your college professor, or your manager, the one tip that is common for successful careers has never changed.

Can you guess it? Yeahh. Communication.

But why do we all know about this but don’t work on it? It’s because we all know the wrong definition of communication. We take it for granted; we think having good proficiency in the language is what communication is.

But we are all wrong; even most of us are wrong, except for people who know exactly what communication is. In order to know the importance of good communication, first of all, we have to understand exactly what communication is.

Following are the 7 C’s of communication, which will help you clear up your concepts regarding communication.

The 7 Cs of Communication

  • Clear:

“I was telling, what communication is that is clear.” I hope you get the point. No, because the message was unclear. So, the most important point of good communication is to keep your message clear. Communicate on point and give enough context; it will help listeners better comprehend your message, ultimately avoiding the possibility of miscommunication.

It applies to both verbal and written communication.

Bonus Tip: Avoid using jargon and complex words.

  • Correct:

What if I told you there are nine wonders in the world and 17 colours in the rainbow? Most likely, you will not take me seriously. Similarly, always fact-check your information while communicating, as it can hamper your credibility.

  • Concise:

Less is more. Keep your message short and crisp; that’s all.

  • Complete:

Half-knowledge is dangerous. Always share complete information; it will help you deliver your message effectively, which is one of the important parts of good communication.

Incomplete information can lead to misunderstandings.

  • Concrete:

If you know you are providing correct and valuable information, keep it concrete. It will show your confidence, and ultimately, listeners are more likely to be interested in your message.

  • Courteous:

Politeness can even help you win a war; it’s just winning your listeners’ hearts. Respect your listeners and appreciate them; it will help you build a connection with them.

  • Coherence:

Don’t confuse your audience; keep your message clear, and it should make sense to the point that you are trying to prove. Every point should be connected. It’s a sign of good communication.

There you have it. 7C’s of Communication.

Now comes the most burning question: why is communication important? Why is good communication important for career growth?

5 Reasons Why Good Communication is Important for Career Growth

1. Building Relationships

I have one shocking fact: according to studies, 70% of jobs are not posted publicly, and 80% of jobs are filled through personal and professional connections. I guess that’s enough of a point to prove why good communication is so important.

In a professional setting, if you want to climb your career ladder, then you must have good relations. This relationship will help you switch jobs, and if you are an entrepreneur, it will help you boost your sales. However, building relationships requires strong communication skills.

2. Collaboration

You can’t work alone, and you can’t run a business alone. If you want to excel in your career and scale your business, you have to join hands with potential people who will help you grow.

Imagine you are working on a project, and then you have to collaborate with your teammates for the success of the project. Good communication will help you collaborate well with your team, and it will also open up new doors of opportunity in leadership roles.

3. Conflict Resolution

As discussed above, the success of any project requires collaboration, but it does not require that all the time your opinions are matched with those of your team. Sometimes, this difference of opinion may cause conflict.

Having a conflict is very healthy in the workplace; it shows collaboration and the contributions of the team, but it is healthy to some points. In order to navigate through this difference of opinion, you have to know how to resolve your conflicts. It all boils down to communication; the more effective and clear your communication is, the faster you can solve your conflicts.

4. Innovation

Good communication fosters an innovative environment. It opens up the team members, making them more comfortable sharing their ideas and solutions to the most difficult problems. That is why, most of the time, companies conduct brainstorming sessions to come up with innovative approaches.

5. Career Advancement

In promotion and increment seasons, most of the time, employees with good communication give more increments and are likely to be considered for leadership roles. Once you master the art of communication, you position yourself for managerial and leadership opportunities.


Being an introvert by birth, my mom always forces me to talk to people, meet relatives, and ask them how things are going.

Fast forward to 20 years; now I am not at home, living almost 1000 km away. Still, my mom reminds me to call my relatives, meet new people, and talk to them.


One day I asked, and she told me, “Beta, agar bolna seekh gaye toh, kahin bhi chale jao, raasta nahi bhoologe, aur kabhi bhookhe nahi sooge.”

She was absolutely right; once you know how to talk, you will never lose your way. Yes, it’s applicable for personal and professional growth as well.

Learn the Harvard Way

Ok, now you know why good communication is so important for career growth. but now comes the learning part. Who can learn communication?

So I have come across one article by Harvard where they have listed the top 8 ways to improve communication skills.

  • Be clear and concise.

  • Prepare ahead of time.

  • Be mindful of nonverbal communication.

  • Watch your tone.

  • Practise active listening.

  • Build your emotional intelligence.

  • Develop a workplace communication strategy.

  • Create a positive organisational culture.

I hope this helps. Go practice these methods. Success awaits.

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