Women in Leadership: Falguni Nayar Leading The Way



28 May, 2024

Women in Leadership: Falguni Nayar Leading The Way

Women lead, and startups deliver twice as much revenue as men, says a report published by Mass Challenge and BCG. During this research, BCG and Mass Challenge studied our 350 startups and found out that if VCs could have invested equally in both women’s and men’s-founded startups, then they could have made an additional $85 million over the five years.

Shocking right?

No, Falguni Nayar is one of the living examples.

Falguni Nayar, founder of Nykaa, an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, an investment banker, and a leader, played all the roles, like she was the one in the spotlight, just like a movie actress.

Okay, wait.!!!

Here comes the most interesting part: her brand Nykaa itself is translated to leader, actress, or one in the spotlight. Let’s see how she is leading the way in women’s leadership.

In the Spotlight

In corporate leadership, Falguni Nayar is one of the classic examples of women breaking barriers. When most of us plan for retirement, Nayar does the opposite. At 50, as the MD of Kotak Mahindra Capital, Nayar took a leap of faith and started afresh instead of resting. She went on to build one of India’s largest beauty and fashion e-commerce platforms.

Nayar’s Story is more like a motivational movie, full of resilience and determination. After spending over two decades in investment banking, in 2012, she quit her high-paying job to pursue her entrepreneurial dream. Despite facing criticism and challenges, she remains stubborn, eventually taking Nykaa to new heights.

Mothers Legacy

American playwright and poet Ntozake Shange once said, “Women supporting women is the most powerful force for change in the world.”

As a leader and entrepreneur, Falguni also played her mother’s role very well. She shaped her daughter Adwaita Nayar to become a great leader and carry forward Nykaa’s legacy to the new highest. Falguni’s strong parenting shows the power of an independent woman.

Joining Women Force

You probably heard this saying: Change happens first at home, and I think women’s empowerment is no exception. Falguni’s Nykaa is one of the best examples of the collaborative efforts of two women who want to change the leadership and entrepreneurial landscape.

Started with a 190-square-foot industrial workspace, Falguni’s decades of industry experience and Adwaita’s fresh approach made it one of the biggest makeup and lifestyle brands.

Signing off

At last, the path that Falguni Nayar took from banking to entrepreneurship shows the transformative phenomenon that women can bring into the leadership sphere. The legendary accomplishments of this woman will always be a reminder to the female leaders of the future: follow your dreams, work hard, and never give up! As we applaud such women as Falguni Nayar who are paving the way, it is essential to stand for the equality of sexes and to support the next generation of girls to soar to the stars.


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