Educate Girls Organisation: A Developmental Imperative for Future



16 December, 2023

Educate Girls Organisation: A Developmental Imperative for Future

The education and empowerment of women throughout the world cannot fail to result in a more caring, tolerant, just and peaceful life for all.” -Aung San Suu Kyi

The newly independent India knew that to move onto a path of progress and development, they needed to mobilise education into each nook and corner of the country so that every child is educated and a force in the making. Different policies were implemented to increase the literacy ratio and to improve the enrollment of children in schools. Gradually, the literacy ratio improved and educational institutions became a place for reformation. However, access to education in remote and underdeveloped areas is still a challenge.

Educate Girls is one such organisation that works to provide primary children with access to education. They work to spread the roots of the organisation to underprivileged areas and children so that they can have equal opportunities for education. It works on the comprehensive model of reforming government schools by using the modus operandi of community ownership.

About Educate Girls Organisation

Educate Girls is a non-profit organisation, established in the year 2007. It works closely with the government, community, and ‘Team Balika’, a village-based volunteer team with the aim of mobilising education for girls in India’s rural and backward areas.

The Educate Girls organisation realises the power and the need to educate the girls of India, and so with their efforts, they make sure that every girl in the remotest corner of our country is enrolled in a school and has access to education. By reforming government schools and by taking community ownership, Educate Girls has been able to:

  • Increase children’s enrollment in schools
  • Higher attendance
  • Higher retention in schools
  • Better learning outcomes

Vision and Mission of Educate Girls Organisation

  • Vision: Educate Girls organisation wishes to achieve social, economic and behavioural transformation for every girl so that every child in India has equal opportunity and access to quality education.
  • Mission: Using the existing government and community resources, the Educate Girls organisation makes sure that all girls are enrolled in a school, have access to a good education and are learning well.
Name of Organisation Educate Girls
Actively Functioning in India
Type Non-Profit Organisation, Community Based
Established in year 2007
Areas of Work Primary Education for Children

How ‘Educate Girls’ Came into Existence?

Functioning on the goal to improve the quality of education and access to it for over 15 million children cumulatively by 2025, the Educate Girls organisation functions under the leadership of Safeena Husain.

Mrs. Safeena Husain is the founder and the board member of the Girls Education organisation, who initiated the world’s first development impact bond (DIB) in education. A London School of Economics graduate, she has worked extensively in Africa, Asia and South America with urban and rural backward communities.

Education of girls was an agenda closest to her heart and, therefore, she founded the organisation to bridge the gender gap in education in India. For her efforts, she has been awarded with exemplary awards, mobilising more girls into schools and towards a better future.

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Why is Educate Girls Organisation such a Valuable Educational Asset for India?

Right to Education Act, 2009 passed by the Parliament of India made education compulsory for children between the age of 16 to 14 years under Article 21A of Indian Constitution. With this, the Indian education system empowered more children to have access to education and a better future.

However, comparatively, there were still remote and underdeveloped areas where children were being enrolled less in schools and the Educate Girls organisation focuses on tackling this issue.

Presently, the organisation successfully operates in over 24,000+ villages in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. The organisation leverages the existing investments of the government in schools and engages with different teams of the community volunteers to help spread to children in all areas.

How does the Organisation Function?

Educate Girls organisation works on the same vision as the ‘Right to Education Act’ and works on the line of improving access to primary education, with special focus on young girls.

The organisation identifies, enrols and retains out-of- school girls and pushes them towards a better life by giving them access to education and skills for development. With this, they help to improve the foundational skills of children in literacy and numeracy. The organisation has successfully delivered measurable results and has transformed the future of many children who otherwise may have been devoid of education and better opportunities in life.

Why Partner with Educate Girls?

The answer is simple; if you wish to make a multi-fold impact, there is no reason why you should not partner with the Educate Girls organisation. Here are some reasons why your partnership with this organisation can only help society build a better future for children.

  • 14% reduction in child marriage
  • 1.4 million girls enrolled in schools
  • 1.95 million students with improved learning outcome
  • 18.6 million children supported
  • Impact in 24k+ villages
  • Reduced class and income inequalities
  • More global economic growth
  • More educated society

If you make a donation to Educate Girls, you are providing a chance to the girls from remote villages to get enrolled in school and have access to education.

Thinking of Making a Donation? Here’s How You Can!

You can either make online payments or donate to Educate Girls via a cheque and mail it to them at their official address: Educate Girls, C103/C104, 1st Floor, Remi Bizcourt, Shah Industrial Estate, Off Veera Desai Road, Andheri West Mumbai 400053, Maharashtra.

The best part is all your donations to Educate Girls are tax-exempt and one can also make a donation if you are a foreign citizen.

One Time Payment

  • INR 1100: Will support enrollment of 1 girl
  • INR 2200: Will support enrollment of 2 girls
  • INR 5500: Will support enrollment of 5 girls

*You can even donate to the organisation more or less depending on your choice and support a girl’s education.

Monthly Payment

  • INR 600: Will support enrollment of 10 girls
  • INR 1200: Will support enrollment of 20 girls
  • INR 3000: Will support enrollment of 50 girls

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