Chandigarh University Online MBA 2024: Fees, Eligibility, Placement, and Beyond!



29 May, 2024

Chandigarh University Online MBA 2024: Fees, Eligibility, Placement, and Beyond!

Welcome to Chandigarh University Online, where you would find top faculty and multiple specialisation options. Chandigarh Online provides an online MBA programme for graduate students or working professionals looking forward to making the best out of their careers. Changiragh University online MBA is crafted for students looking to enhance their practical skills in business, management and projects. If you’re looking for a change in your job role, or career or get a higher salary. This is your ultimate guide for Chandigarh University Online MBA.

About Chandigarh University Online

Chandigarh University Online offers a globally recognised Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme. The CU Online MBA course is carefully designed to meet your needs to enhance your practical skills and develop your professional skills ahead. The Chandigarh University Online MBA is a prestigious programme, known for its comprehensive curriculum and practical approach. Accredited with an A+ grade by the NAAC, this highlights the programme’s excellence and alignment with international standards.

Key Features of Chandigarh Online MBA

  • Globally Recognised Programme: The online MBA from Chandigarh University is recognised worldwide, ensuring that your degree holds value both in India and abroad.

  • NAAC A+ Accredited: Chandigarh University is accredited with an A+ grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), highlighting its commitment to academic excellence.

  • Flexible Learning: Designed to suit the needs of working professionals and fresh graduates, the online MBA offers flexibility, allowing you to study at your own pace and balance other commitments.

  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum: The programme includes a robust curriculum with case studies and projects that provide hands-on experience and prepare you for real-world managerial scenarios.

  • Expert Faculty: Learn from experienced academicians and industry experts who bring practical insights and knowledge to the virtual classroom.

  • Affordable with EMI Options: The course is cost-effective, with easy EMI options available, making it accessible to a wider range of students.

  • Career Support: Benefit from built-in internship and job opportunities, with access to a job portal featuring over 300 hiring partners.

  • Specialisations Available: Choose from a variety of specialisations such as HRM, Marketing, Finance, Business Analytics, and more, to tailor your MBA to your career goals.

  • Harvard Certified Modules: The programme includes modules certified by Harvard, providing you with cutting-edge course material and an edge in the job market.

  • On-Demand Examinations: Exams can be taken on demand, offering further flexibility to fit your schedule.

Rankings & Accreditations

CU online mba accreditations

Duration of CU Online MBA

The total duration of a Chandigarh University Online MBA is 2 years. You would be required to cover 4 semesters in total.

In short:

  • 2 years

  • 4 Semester

Specialisations to Choose for Online MBA

The Chandigarh University Online MBA has over 16 specialisations. You can select based on your career aspiration, job role and skills.

HRM Marketing
IB (International Business) Entrepreneurship
Finance Business Analytics
IT (Information Technology) Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Retail Management Operations Management
Banking & Insurance Hospital Management
Events Management Travel & Tourism Management
Airlines & Airport Management Digital Marketing

Eligibility Criteria

For the Chandigarh Online MBA programme you would need a:

  • bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognised university (mandatory).

  • recognised professional programme such as CA or ICWA, if you are a graduate (a bonus point).

Chandigarh Online MBA Fee Structure

Chandigarh University Online MBA offers diverse fee options to suit your needs:

Full Course Fee:

  • Total: INR 2,00,000 After Early Bird Discount of 25% INR 1,50,000

Payment Options:

  • Annual Payment: INR 75,000 with a 25% Early Bird Discount

  • Semester Payment: INR 37,500 with a 25% Early Bird Discount

Additionally, you can opt for 24 Months of EMI:

  • Monthly Payment: INR 8,333

  • Interest: Interest-free

This flexibility ensures that you can manage your payments effectively while pursuing your MBA.

Course Curriculum

Take a look at Chandigarh University’s online MBA semester-wise subjects:

Semester 1 Semester 2
Business, Society and Law Human Resource Management
Financial Reporting and Analysis Supply Chain & Logistics Management
Management Practices and Organizational Behavior Consumer Psychology
Decision Science Business Research Methods
Managerial Economics Financial Management
Marketing Management Productions & Operations Management
Communication Skills Professional Communication Skills


Semester 3 Semester 4
Strategy, Business and Globalisation Project Management
Data Analysis for Business Decisions Values and Ethics
Management Lessons from Ancient India Academic Research Writing/ Industry Immersion/ International Project/ Social Outreach Initiatives/ Case Writing / Rural Immersion
Elective as per Specialisation (x4) Elective as per Specialisation (x2)

Academic Services

Chandigarh University Online places a strong emphasis on Academic Services, ensuring that you receive comprehensive support and resources to excel in your studies. These services are designed to foster a conducive learning environment and promote academic success. Here’s an overview of the Academic Services provided:

  1. Personalised Academic Guidance: You would benefit from personalised academic advising, where dedicated advisors assist them in selecting appropriate courses, creating study plans, and navigating academic requirements.

  2. Tutoring and Mentoring: The university offers tutoring and mentoring services to help you clarify concepts, reinforce learning, and address academic challenges. Experienced tutors provide one-on-one support, tailored to individual learning needs.

  3. Interactive Learning Platforms: State-of-the-art online learning platforms facilitate interactive and engaging learning experiences. These platforms feature multimedia resources, discussion forums, and collaborative tools to enhance your participation and understanding.

  4. Access to Learning Resources: You would have access to a wealth of learning resources, including e-books, journals, articles, and multimedia materials, through the university’s digital library. These resources support independent study, research projects, and academic exploration.

  5. Academic Workshops and Seminars: Regular workshops, seminars, and webinars are organised to supplement classroom learning and provide insights into emerging trends and developments in various fields. These events foster intellectual curiosity and promote interdisciplinary learning.

  6. Research Support: The university offers research support services to assist you in conducting research projects, accessing academic databases, and developing research skills. Faculty members provide guidance and mentorship to you undertaking research endeavours.

  7. Academic Integrity: Chandigarh University Online upholds the highest standards of academic integrity and provides resources and training to you to ensure ethical conduct in academic work. This includes guidance on proper citation practices and avoiding plagiarism.

  8. Feedback and Evaluation: Continuous feedback mechanisms are in place to monitor your progress and provide constructive feedback for improvement. Regular assessments and evaluations help you track your academic performance and identify areas for growth.

  9. Career Counselling: The university offers career counselling services to help you explore career pathways, develop employability skills, and make informed decisions about your academic and professional pursuits. Career advisors provide guidance on internship opportunities, job placements, and career development strategies.

  10. 24/7 Support: Chandigarh University Online provides round-the-clock support to you, ensuring prompt assistance and resolution of academic queries or concerns. This comprehensive support system ensures that you feel empowered and supported throughout your academic journey.

Chandigarh Online MBA Placement Opportunities

Chandigarh Online provides placement opportunities for all. Here are 5 ways in how Chandigarh University Online provides placement opportunities:

1. Expansive Industry Partnerships

  • Chandigarh Online collaborates with 210 multinational corporations across diverse sectors, including:

Banking Healthcare
Business Analytics IT
E-Commerce Retail
FMCG Tourism & Hospitality
  • Noteworthy recruiters include:
Amazon ICICI Bank
Bank of America KPMG
Deloitte Reliance Industries
Flipkart VIVO

2. Global Reach

  • The programme attracts attention on a global scale, with companies like Amazon offering enticing packages, such as the Rs. 28 LPA offer in Berlin.

  • Access to international opportunities broadens horizons and enriches career prospects for MBA graduates.

3. Competitive Salary Packages

  • Chandigarh Online sets new benchmarks in salary packages, with both average and median figures witnessing a significant surge.

  • The commitment to excellence translates into rewarding compensation for graduates, ensuring financial stability and growth.

4. Tailored Specialisations

  • You would get a diverse range of specialisations, including

Business Analytics HR, Marketing
Banking & Finance and more, cater to industry demands
  • Each specialisation is crafted to meet industry requirements, empowering you to carve your niche in your chosen field.

5. Vibrant Recruitment Drives

  • The recruitment drives hosted by Chandigarh Online are vibrant hubs of opportunity, attracting top-tier companies offering competitive packages.

  • Over 30 companies extend offers above Rs. 5 LPA, affirming the programme’s dedication to fostering talent and facilitating career growth.

6. Student-Centric Approach

  • At Chandigarh Online, you remain at the forefront of efforts.

  • Placement initiatives are meticulously curated to provide a nurturing environment for learning and development, ensuring your success.

Student Support Services

Chandigarh University Online is committed to ensuring that you have access to the resources and support you need to succeed. The university offers a comprehensive range of student support services designed to enhance the learning experience and provide assistance whenever required.

cu online mba syudent support services

What Makes CU Online Different?

Chandigarh University Online or CU Online MBA is unique in itself. It speaks volumes through its student’s support, placement and more. Here is what makes Chandigarh University Online MBA different:

Validity of Degree

The Chandigarh University Online MBA is a valid degree as it is recognised by UGC, known as the University Grant Commission and it is also NAAC graded as A+. The NIRF ranking of Chandigarh University Online is 38th ranking. This indicates that the university is well-recognised and holds a good rank in providing one of the top services.

Career Opportunities

After completing the Chandigarh University Online MBA, you would be able to work in various industries and achieve your dream job roles. This programme opens up a multitude of career options, enabling graduates to pursue positions such as human resources manager, business manager, project manager, marketing manager, and more. With the skills and knowledge gained from this MBA, the career opportunities would be vast and diverse.

Job Roles

With a Chandigarh University Online MBA, you would find numerous career opportunities across different sectors. With over 16 specialisations offered by Chandigarh University Online MBA, you can select the career path that aligns best with your interests and goals. Whether you are aiming to become a business manager, finance manager, project manager, marketing manager, or human resources specialist, the MBA programme provides comprehensive training to ensure your success. This versatile degree opens doors to roles in finance, marketing, operations, entrepreneurship, and more.

Average Salary with Top Recruiters

After completing an online MBA from Chandigarh University Online MBA you would be recruited through some of the top recruiters/companies. Especially for Chandigarh University online MBA, you would get over 300+ hiring partners.

Here is a closer look at the top recruiters and the salary packages offered by them:

Employer Average Base Salary per month (INR) 
Google ₹46T – ₹54T
American Express ₹91T – ₹1L
Shell ₹69T – ₹81T
Wipro ₹28T – ₹33T
Cinépolis ₹37T – ₹43T
Yumist ₹24T – ₹28T
Google ₹81T – ₹3L
Fresher ₹29T – ₹87T
Tata Consultancy Services ₹17T – ₹20T
MBA IT ₹18T – ₹21T
Infosys ₹4L – ₹4L
First Student ₹5L – ₹15L
Orient Craft ₹11L – ₹13L
Rite Aid ₹18T – ₹22T
Okaya ₹47 – ₹54 (hourly)
Outlook ₹6T – ₹8T
Shivam Infotech ₹46T – ₹54T
The Coca-Cola Company ₹8T – ₹1L
Tata Consultancy Services ₹4L – ₹4L

Here are some of the top recruiters that have placed Chandigarh University Online MBA graduates:

Admission Process

To enroll in the Chandigarh University Online MBA, you can apply easily through the official website. You’ll need to visit the official platform and complete the online application. There, you would be required to select your preferred MBA programme specialisation, make the payment, and submit essential documents. The updates on your enrollment status would be provided by the university. You would need to ensure that you have scanned copies of your ID proof, 10+2 results, and bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. Joining the Chandigarh University Online MBA opens doors to a brighter future including higher salaries, better job roles and the best companies around the globe.

Step-by-Step Admission Process

Here we have broken down the process of admission into 9 easy step-by-step processes for admission at Chandigarh University Online MBA:

  1. Access Admissions Portal: Go to the admission portal, and head to the admissions section designed for you.

  2. Choose Your Path: Explore the various CU online 16 MBA specialisations available, and pick what suits you, and your career goals the best.

  3. Complete Your Details: Fill in your information and provide details of your academic background.

  4. Make Your Payment: To secure your place in the programme you would be required to pay the tuition fees.

  5. Submit Essential Documents: Upload scanned copies of your necessary documents, including ID proof, and academic transcripts.

  6. Wait for Confirmation: You would receive confirmation of your enrolment status via email or SMS.

  7. Stay Updated: Keep an eye on your inbox for any updates about your application status.

  8. Finalise Your Enrollment: Once confirmed, complete any remaining formalities to finalise your enrolment.

  9. Begin Your Journey: With everything sorted, you’re all set to start your exciting journey towards earning your online MBA qualification from Chandigarh University Online.

List of Documents

Here is the list of documents you would need to apply for an admission process, make sure you keep a scanned copy of each of these documents:

  • ID proof (e.g., Aadhar Card, Passport, Driving License)

  • 10+2 results (or equivalent)

  • Bachelor’s degree certificate from an accredited university

  • Signature (scanned or digitally)

  • Any other relevant certificates or documents as specified by the University

Mode of Delivery

The Chandigarh University Online MBA programme adopts various innovative methods to keep you in touch with the latest job market, to maintain relevancy, Chandigarh University Online provides multiple options to learn from.  From delivering courses, guaranteeing a stimulating to dynamic learning journey for you.

Here’s an overview of the programme’s delivery:

  • Advanced Online Platform: Core programme delivery via an innovative online platform.

  • Live and Recorded Lectures: Blend of live and recorded video lectures.

  • Interactive Sessions: Engaging simulations and case analyses.

  • Learning Management System (LMS): Seamless access to course materials and assignments.

  • Professional Enhancement: Interactive sessions led by industry experts.

Logging Out

The Chandiragh University Online MBA is the most innovative, creative, and multi-media-based learning platform you would ever find. With over 300+ hiring partners the CU online reflects their dedication towards providing you the top trending skill from the job market. With multiple options, and discounts on fee payment you would be able to work, and study with ease of location, fees and learning at your pace. There is a world inside Chandigarh University online which is waiting for the right students like you who are looking to upgrade their job roles, and careers and enhance their skills. The salary packages for CU online MBA speak volumes about how the recruiters look at the programmes from a minimum average salary of 3LPA to 28 LPA, you can get it all. All you need to do is to start your journey today! Click on the right buttons and you would be ahead of your career towards the stair of success or an even better job role with a higher salary! What are you waiting for? Grab your seat!


Q1. Does Chandigarh University offer online MBA?

Yes, Chandigarh University offers an online MBA which is recognised by UGC and it has been accredited by NAAC as “A+”

Q2.Is distance MBA worth from Chandigarh University?

Yes, a distance MBA is worth it from Chandiragh University as it would allow you to study and work at the same time.

Q3. What is the placement for distance MBA in Chandigarh University?

Chandigarh University has over 300+ hiring partners with one of the top recruiters around the globe. The university also provides online workshops and placement guidance.

Q4. Is Chandigarh University online degree valid?

Yes, the Chandigarh University online degree is valid, recognised by UGC, ranked 38th by NIRf and accredited “A+” by NAAC. Which makes the online degree valid.

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