Thriving Career Opportunities After Project Management Degree



29 January, 2024

Thriving Career Opportunities After Project Management Degree

“Being a Project Manager is like being an artist, you have the different coloured process streams combining into a work of art.” – Greg Cimmarrusti

Finding your dream job is not like Columbus searching for a new world – it is more like Lewis and Clark trekking across a continent. You have to be prepared for unexpected detours, hidden wonders, and maybe even a few grizzly bears.

But just as Lewis and Clark’s journey did not end at the Pacific Ocean, neither does yours with the completion of a Project Management degree. The skills you have learned during the challenges faced during the Project Management course may lead to many exciting career opportunities. This will offer you a rewarding path for your professional growth.

According to the latest report from PMI, there is a big need for 2.3 million people every year until 2030 to fill jobs in the Project Management industry. Companies want to stay in the competition. They are looking for people who are good at solving problems and building relationships. This shows the potential of career growth in Project Management.

A Beginner’s Guide: What is Project Management?

“Organising chaos to achieve awesome things”

Project Management is like being a chef in a high-pressure kitchen. You have a delicious dish in mind (the project goal), a bunch of ingredients (tasks and resources), and a hungry crowd waiting (stakeholders). Your job is to organise the chaos, keep everything on a simmer, and deliver a scrumptious outcome within time and budget.

In simpler terms, It is all about planning, organising, and leading a team to achieve a specific goal. A Project Manager guides a team to complete a task on time and within budget

How to Pursue Project Management

To pursue a career in Project Management, you can consider enrolling in specialisations courses such as the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification, MBA in Project Management, Google Project Management, Project Management Basics by PMI and Google Agile Project Management. These programmes will offer you comprehensive training in project planning, execution and evaluation.  These skills are valuable for diverse industries. Additionally, you also can check out the online courses and workshops that focus on project management methodologies. Practical experience gained through internship opportunities will enhance your hands-on proficiency and prepare you for the dynamic demands of project management roles.

Essential Skills for Project Management Jobs!

Skills Details
Leadership You will be guiding and motivating a team, making decisions, and providing direction to ensure project success.
Communication You should have good communication skills like effectively conveying information, actively listening, and maintaining clear & open lines of communication with team members, stakeholders, and other project participants.
Time Management You should know how to efficiently plan and prioritise tasks to meet deadlines. You will have to ensure that the project stays on schedule and manage time & resources effectively.
Organisation You will be structuring and arranging tasks & resources. You will also keep track of project components to ensure a smooth workflow.
Problem-Solving You will be identifying and resolving issues. You should be aware on how to find solutions to challenges that may arise during the project lifecycle.
Team Collaboration You will be working harmoniously with team members with cooperation and encouraging a collaborative environment to achieve common goals.
Decision Making You should be able to make sound and timely decisions. You should know considering relevant factors and evaluating the potential impact of choices on the project.
Planning and Strategy You will be developing comprehensive plans and setting goals. You will be creating strategies to achieve project objectives.
Budgeting You should know how to manage project finances, create and oversee budgets. You will ensure that resources are allocated efficiently to meet project goals and stay within financial constraints.

Scope of Career in Project Management?

The global demand for project management skills is creating a notable gap in qualified professionals. As already mentioned, as per PMI reports, There is a good career scope in Project Management Oriented Employment (PMOE). The global economy aims for 25 million new project professionals by 2030, necessitating an annual influx of 2.3 million individuals into PMOE.

This means that the employment prospects are not limited to Project Managers but are extended to different job roles. It shows how jobs in Project Management are becoming important for shaping our professional world.

Career Paths and Job Titles in Project Management

If you have all the right skills, adequate knowledge and a passion for managing projects, then you are in for a lucrative career opportunity. Let us quickly explore some of the top job roles that you can take up after your MBA in Project Management.

Climb the Project Management Ladder

1. Senior Project Manager

As a Senior Project Manager, you will lead a team of seasoned professionals to finish tasks efficiently and on time. You will have to plan, organise, and lead the team towards success. You will be responsible for keeping the project on track and within budget. It is very much like serving as the captain of a team and making important decisions along the way.

Average Salary of a Senior Project Manager: INR 23.8 LPA

2. Project Management Director

A Project Management Director has to oversee and coordinate multiple projects. If you are aspiring to take on this role, you will have to ensure that you possess good planning and organisation skills as you will have to deliver results and ensure success. You will be involved in making key decisions, allocating resources and focusing on the overall strategy.

Average Salary of a Project Manager Director: INR 43 LPA

3. Head of Project Management Office (PMO)

You will be the main organiser of all projects. You will be leading the PMO team. You will be ensuring projects that align with the organisation’s goals. It is a leadership position where you will take care of the entire project management function.

Average Salary for the Head of Project Management Office: INR 33.2 LPA

Leverage Your Skills in Other Areas

4. Program Manager

This leadership position focuses on aligning individual projects for overall success. As a Program Manager, your role will involve taking care of multiple projects to reach a shared goal. You will be making strategic decisions and ensuring the success of the entire program.

Average Salary of a Program Manager: 22.5 LPA

5. Product Manager

Think of a Product Manager as the architect of a product, who has to look after the entire life cycle of the product. As a Product Manager, you will have to collaborate with various teams and prioritise features. You will be making strategic decisions to make sure that the product meets customer needs.

Average Salary of a Product Manager: INR 20.9 LPA

6. Business Analyst

As a Business Analyst, your role will involve working with key stakeholders and gathering data. You will be responsible for creating reports to help organisations make informed decisions and meet business goals.

Average Salary of a Business Analyst: INR 9.5 LPA

Become a Specialist

7. Agile Project Manager

As an Agile Project Manager, you will be managing projects and collaboration. This role requires you to have a flexible and dynamic approach to project management, aiming for adaptability and keeping customers satisfied.

Average Salary of an Agile Project Manager: 22.5 LPA

8. Risk Management Specialist

As a Risk Management Specialist, you will be taking care of projects by identifying potential risks. You will be developing strategies to deal with them while also ensuring that the projects stay on track.

Average salary of a Risk Management Specialist: INR 8.7 LPA

9. Change Management Consultant

As a Change Management Consultant, you will be helping businesses to undergo change in a smooth and hassle-free manner. You will be responsible for making plans to reduce disruptions. In addition to this, you will also be responsible for supporting employees during the process.

Average salary of Change Management Consultant: INR 17.4 LPA

Branch Out into New Fields

10. Project Manager in a New Industry

A Project Manager in a new industry is like an explorer, adjusting their skills to unfamiliar terrainS. While venturing into a new industry, you may discover an interesting role. Your responsibility will be learning industry specifics and building relationships to make sure projects succeed.

Average Salary of a Project Manager Director: INR 43 LPA

11. Project Management Trainer or Consultant

As a Project Management Trainer, you will be responsible for training and mentoring various Project Management Teams. You will provide necessary guidance and training whenever needed. Your responsibilities will include teaching, advising, and working with teams to make their project management processes better.

Average Salary of a Project Management Trainer: INR 5.3 LPA

12. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs drive economic growth by introducing new products, services, or business models, contributing to the dynamism of the business landscape. As an Entrepreneur, your job is to identify new opportunities and take the risk to set up new ventures. You will be building and growing businesses from ground zero.

Average Earnings of an Entrepreneur: INR 9.9 LPA


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Average Salary after Project Management

Job Role Avg. Salary
Senior Project Manager INR 23.8 LPA
Project Management Director INR 43.0 LPA
Head of Project Management Office (PMO) INR 33.2 LPA
Program Manager INR 22.5 LPA
Product Manager INR 20.9 LPA
Business Analyst INR 9.5 LPA
Agile Project Manager INR 22.5 LPA
Risk Management Specialist INR 8.7 LPA
Change Management Consultant INR 17.4 LPA
Project Management Trainer or Consultant INR 5.3 LPA
Entrepreneur INR 9.9 LPA

Source- AmbitionBox


If you have dedication and a spirit of adventure then your career after Project Management can be exciting and fulfilling. So, step out of the finish line, chart your course, and embark on your professional odyssey.

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