BJMC Course Explained: Full Form, Details, Fee, Scope, More



15 June, 2024

BJMC Course Explained: Full Form, Details, Fee, Scope, More

Full form of BJMC:

The full form of BJMC is Bachelor in Journalism and Media Communication. It’s a three-year course and focuses on  mass media communication, media journalism, TV, print media etc. 


In a world where countries are divided by boundaries, cultures, ethnicities, languages, and opinions, there is one platform that connects it all! A platform that goes far beyond its reach, to explore the untapped. It is a platform that engages with people across all walks of life and differ in opinions they hold. Globally, what connects these factors is the world of journalism. A profession that recognises no limits to explore. The profession comes with a fair share of challenges that pose a threat to those who work in this field. Journalism is a production that takes many forms. It distributes reports on the interaction of events, facts, ideas, and people. 

These events are conveyed in the form of news with a certain level of accuracy. Journalism is also understood as a practice of gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting news from all around the globe. We live in a democracy where opinions are respected irrespective of the differences that exist between them. Journalism exists as the fourth and independent pillar of democracy that should ideally remain unbiased of any external influences. Therefore, journalism forms a very integral part of society. 

Additionally, journalism also holds a very crucial responsibility. This involves bringing the public together and informing them about everything that concerns politics, culture, and much more. Journalism takes multiple forms such as newspapers, magazines, websites, television, and radio. This profession also covers subjects such as politics, sports, business entertainment, and much more. 

Mass Communication, on the other hand, is a process of imparting and exchanging information through the media that reaches out to the larger population. Media has spread across several platforms. Technology has made it possible for the news and other information to reach a large segment. Not only has it acted as a catalyst, but it has also made it more efficient for people to read and consume news and a wide variety of content. Over a period of time, social media has managed to navigate its way to us. It has helped us connect faster. The news has been made easier and more interesting that made it possible for even the youth to consume. 

There are several courses that educate and prepare you for journalism and mass communication. One such course is BJMC- Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication. This course is built with a curriculum that focuses on knowledge and skills such as collecting and delivering information. The course gives insights into skills related to software, communication, equipment, writing, and analytical ability in a span of typically three years. 

BJMC- Course Highlights

BJMC full form Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication 
Course type  Degree course
Course Level Bachelors
Course Mode Regular mode, Open / Distance Learning
Duration of the course  Three years 
Eligibility  Full Time: Graduation from a recognised university with 50% marks.
BJMC Entrance Exams UUEE, CUET, IPU, CET
Specialisations PR Theory
Radio Journalism 
Photo Journalism 
Colleges offering the degree Parul University 
IIMT Management Meerut 
Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar College, University of Delhi
Institute of Home Economics, University of Delhi
Indraprastha College for Women (IP College)
Maharaja Agrasen College, Delhi University
Bharati College, Delhi University
Aditi Mahavidyalaya, Delhi University
Aligarh Muslim University UP
Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi 
Average Salary INR 50,000 to INR 6,00,000 
Job Domains Graphic Designers
Marketing Manager
Feature Writer
Freelance Writer

BJMC Course Eligibility Criteria: An insight

Here is a list of eligibility criteria you may have to cross-check in order to be admitted to the Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication course. 

  • Educational Qualification: ForBJMC course as a graduation degree, a minimum of 10+2 pattern education must have been obtained with at least a 50% score. 

  • Subjects: Some programmes may require that the applicant has studied Journalism and Mass Communication-related subjects, however, you can study any other subjects like  Science, Commerce, or Arts, at the 10+2 level. 

Required Documents For BJMC Admission 2024

The list of documents may vary and depend on the specific college, however, here is a list of general documents required at the time of admission: 

  1. Passport Size Photograph

  2. Address Proof

  3. Graduation Certificate

  4. Income Certificate

  5. Transfer Certificate

  6. Graduation Mark sheet

Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication Admission Process: Details

Here is a step-by-step process for taking admission to the Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication course: 

  • Checking for eligibility: You need to ensure the eligibility criteria set by the university if you wish to be admitted. The basic requirement is graduating from a recognised university with at least  50% marks.

  • Applications: You are required to carefully fill out the application form for your course and attach the documents mentioned. This form is usually available on the college website. Keep an eye on the opening and closing dates of the form to submit on time. Sometimes, the college may extend the date of submission, hence, always keep track of the details. 

  • Entrance Exams: Colleges/ Universities require eligible students to appear for entrance exams for the programme. The examination has a set paper pattern by the college and is employed to test the students on various parameters. There are specific entrance exams such as UUEE, CUET, IPU, and CET.

  • Shortlisting: The students who have a desirable academic performance, and extracurricular activity profile and score well or above the cut-offs in their entrance exams are then shortlisted. They are called for the interview round where they are judged on the basis of their knowledge, communication, and verbal and non-verbal cues. 

  • Finalisation: The interview round may have a different format depending on the college, however, once you crack the interview, you are invited for further formalities. This includes documentation, paying the admission fees, and induction for learning about the programme, the college, and its curriculum.

Top BJMC Course Colleges: 2024

College Name  Recognition & Accreditation Course Fee 
(subject to change)
St. Xavier’s College  NAAC  INR 50,000 to INR 75,000 
Manipal Academy of Higher Education NIRF 6 INR 5,62,000
Jain University  NAAC A + INR 1,80.000
Amity University  NAAC A INR 2,00,000 to INR 3,00,000 
Christ University  Accredited by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE)

AICTE Approved 

INR 5,01,000
Kurukshetra University  NACC A++ INR 66,000
Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication  NAAC A++ INR 3,66,000 (1st year)
University of Delhi NAAC


INR 1,94,0000
Whistling Woods International  AICTE approved  INR 10,50,000

Top  Online BJMC Course Colleges: 2024

College Name  Recognition & Accreditation Course Fee
(subject to change)
LPU INR 80,000 (per semester)
Chandigarh University  NAAC A + INR 1,01,250
Amity University  NAAC A INR 1,70,000

BJMC Course: A List of Subjects

The Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication course is spread across three years or six semesters. Here is a list of the subjects you will be taught. The subjects may differ depending on the college/ university. 

Semester  Syllabus 
Semester 1  Communicative Hindi
Introduction to Communication and Media + Practical
Indian Social System
Introduction to Journalism
Semester 2 Application of Computer in Media
State Politics and Constitution
Writing for Media
Theory of Communication
Semester 3  Cyber Media
Folk Media
Media Laws and Ethics
Media Management
Semester 4  Design and Graphics
Development and Communication
National and International Affairs
Fundamentals of Economics and Indian Economy
Semester 5 Introduction to Public Relations
Introduction to Advertising
Tribal Communication
Communication Research
Internship Report
Semester 6 Tribal Study
Value Education
Television Journalism
Radio Journalism
Study Tour

Talking Numbers: The BJMC course graduates’ Jobs & Salaries?

The pay scale of the respective job profile may differ depending on the educational qualifications combined with their experience. The information given is a general outlook of the salaries offered by companies for the mentioned job roles. 

Jobs  Pay Scale
Journalist  ₹31,417 per month
Photojournalist  ₹36,500 per month 
Scriptwriter  ₹42,503 per month 
Social Media Manager  ₹29,717 per month
Digital Marketing Specialist  ₹25,833 per month 
Brand Manager  ₹15,00,000 per year 
Content writer or creator  ₹25,333 per month 
Lecturer or professor  ₹25,458 per month
Market Research Analyst  ₹5,65,000 per year
Screenwriter  ₹42,503 per month 
Event Planner ₹24,750 per month
Public relations officer  ₹27,083 per month

Final decision making: Key Take Aways

Pursuing a Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) offers diverse career opportunities in journalism, digital media, public relations, advertising, broadcasting, and more, making it an attractive choice for those interested in the dynamic and creative media field. This degree enhances vital skills in communication, writing, critical thinking, and media production while providing practical experience through internships and hands-on projects. 

If you wish to enter the field of journalism and mass communication, you must explore the diverse avenues it has to offer. It comes with its fair share of challenges as some of these professions might not promise fair and fast growth. Additionally, the career of a journalist is quite demanding and emotionally draining. 

The growing media industry presents ample job opportunities and potential for career growth. BJMC programmes emphasize ethical reporting and social responsibility, ensuring graduates are prepared for the professional world. With a focus on technological proficiency and continuous learning, BJMC graduates are well-equipped to adapt to new trends and tools. The degree’s versatility allows for career flexibility and offers valuable networking opportunities with industry professionals.

FAQs: Answers to the frequently asked questions

Q.1 Is BJMC a good career option?

A.1 Yes, pursuing a Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) can be a great career choice due to its wide range of opportunities in journalism, digital media, public relations, advertising, and broadcasting. The expanding media industry provides numerous job prospects, and the programme hones essential skills in communication, writing, and media production. BJMC offers practical experience, networking opportunities, and a focus on ethics and social responsibility. It presents a creative and dynamic work environment, flexibility, and continuous learning, making it a versatile and fulfilling career path.

Q.2 What jobs I can do after BJMC?

A.2 Some of the career options available after completing a BJMC course include journalism, content writing, public relations, media planning, copywriting, radio jockey, video production, social media management, news anchoring, and event management.

Q.3 Which college has the best placement for BJMC?

A.3 There isn’t a single best field for journalism, as it depends on your interests and strengths. However, fields like investigative journalism, data journalism, and multimedia journalism are highly sought after due to their impact and relevance in today’s media landscape.

Q.4 What are the subjects you need to study as a part of the BJMC course?

A.4 These are the following subjects:

  • Reporting and Editing

  • Media Laws and Ethics

  • Advertising Principles and Practices

  • Public Relations Principles and Practices

  • Communication Theories

Q.5 What is the difference between journalism and BJMC?

A.5 If you go on to pursue B.A in journalism, it wil provide you with a narrow scope. Journalism and Mass Communication are a part of the BJMC Course. Henceforth, these two subjects are covered in more depth.

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