10 Best E-Learning Tools MBA Students Can Use To Elevate Their Learning Experience



18 April, 2024

10 Best E-Learning Tools MBA Students Can Use To Elevate Their Learning Experience

MBA is one of the most valuable courses. Institutions charge a huge amount of money to the students, but have all the problems been solved after all this?

Maybe not, because MBA students face many other problems, including limited access to information due to traditional courses and lectures, insufficient learning, and time management problems because, sadly, classroom discussions have a fixed time.

Not only this, but limited networking and difficulty in skills development make the students unable to think outside the box.

However, the solution to these challenges is within reach. E-learning can be your steadfast companion, helping you overcome these hurdles. We’ve curated a collection of innovative tools and extensions, some of which are so revolutionary that they’ve become the go-to resources for every MBA student.

What is an E-Learning Tool?

E-learning or electronic learning is a digital tool that virtually delivers the learning solution through documents, videos, and other forms. It is designed to provide students with valuable insights without attending traditional classes. Some of the potential key features of the e-learning tools are:

  • Content Creation: It allows the instructor to create learning content in the form of videos, text, and graphics to provide value to the students. For example, Learning Routes provides some of the top educational content to its students.

  • Learning Management: The duty of e-learning tools is not only limited to providing content; many Learning Management System platforms also measure students’ progress and performance.

  • Engagement and Interaction: The core value of e-learning is to provide the best education to students in an interactive way. To this end, e-learning provides features like discussions, virtual classrooms, and gamified features.

Right from the COVID-19 period, we have encountered several e-learning tools, including platforms like Google Meets and Zoom for virtual classrooms or conferencing and Edx or Coursera for learning new skills.

How E-Learning Tools are Beneficial for MBA Students?

“Time never stops for anyone. It is slipping out of your hands every moment. Every moment is precious So make sure you use it wisely.” – Srinivart

MBA students often face this issue where time is running out, and they have to complete their assignments or projects and have some personal commitment. However, e-learning gives the students an edge in different aspects.

  • Increase Learning Flexibility:

    It doesn’t matter if you’re on vacation or a holiday. With a smartphone with a decent internet connection, you can learn things remotely at your own pace.

  • Learning Efficiency:

    MBA students have to go through several case studies and business principles, but e-learning can help them remember and understand things interactively.

  • Reduced Costs:

    You spend a considerable amount to pursue an MBA, but here, you don’t have to spend a significant amount. Additionally, you’ll get many free resources from the platforms.

Best E-Learning Tools for MBA Students

Here are some wholesome tools that will help you be ahead of others and provide insight to achieve your targeted goals.

1. Pictory AI-powered video creation
2. Qstream Microlearning and Knowledge Retention
3. SanaLabs AI-assisted Learning Experience
4. Articulate Storyline 360 User-friendly Course Creation
5. Trainual Streamlined Onboarding and Training Materials
6. EdApp Gamified Microlearning
7. Thinkific Easy Course Creation and Marketing
8. Skillshare Expert-Led Learning on Specific Topics
9. Teachable AI-powered Curriculum Building
10. Google Calendar Best Tool for Meetings, and Remainders

1. Pictory

MBA Students often need help with traditional text-based learning and engagement. Traditional text-based learning is a good way, but only sometimes. That’s where Pictory comes into the picture.

Pitcory uses AI to help students break complex topics into small video formats. It transforms video lectures or even Zoom meeting discussions into engaging video formats.

It’s an excellent tool for improving your creativity, but it uses a freemium model, where you must purchase a subscription for more advanced features.

2. Qstream Microlearning App

The institutions have multiple types of students; some praise learning through engaging video lectures, and some are gaming enthusiasts.

The Qstream Microlearning App is built for gaming enthusiasts who love to play games. Unlike other games, it allows you to understand complex topics in bite-sized modules with an engaging gamification element.

The Qstream Microlearning app aims to provide microlearning and knowledge retention in a fun way.

3. SanaLabs AI

Do you want to purchase multiple varieties of courses to learn? The problem is that every student has their own learning pace, and sometimes, traditional courses fail to provide valuable insights into your individual needs.

The SanaLabs AI caters to the needs of individuals and provides them with a personalised learning experience by understanding the pace and needs of the student with the help of AI.

It’s a wholesome tool if you find it difficult to learn from the courses or want a personalised experience. It comes with a freemium model, where you have to purchase a subscription to unlock the advanced features.

4. Articulate Storyline 360

MBA is a valuable course in itself, but have you ever felt the need to share this valuable insight with others through the course or compelling presentation?

Articulate Storyline 360 is an AI-powered tool similar to PowerPoint that allows students to create interactive e-learning content. It includes gamification, quizzes, and other multimedia features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Here, you have to explore some of the complex features to unlock the advanced features, and you also have to pay fees to unlock them.

5. Trainual

MBA students must be involved in numerous development and training roles for further development.

Trainual gives you an edge in your development journey by creating the onboarding materials and managing the training manuals and handbooks. The team management tools and pre-built templates make it even easier for the students to do this.

They offer a platform that helps to manage every aspect of employee onboarding and training materials.

6. EdApp

Do you remember your late-night struggles to stay motivated while pursuing the longer duration of study sessions by professors and big-sized learning modules? MBA Students often face this problem, but the solution is EdApp.

The primary focus of EdApp is to make learning more accessible by providing microlearning with a mixture of gamification elements to make it more interactive. It provides elements like points, badges, and leadership to get a proper gaming vibe but with a learning environment.

They also believe in the freemium model, where you get some free features but have to purchase a subscription for the remaining ones.

7. Thinkific 

Are you the type of student who craves paying college fees and other expenses? Well, Thinkific is a great choice for fulfilling your wants. MBA students have vast knowledge in their heads. Thinkific provides a medium where you can help the other aspirants learn by giving the course, and you’ll get paid for it.

You’ll get everything in the Thinkific to create, host, and sell your precious online course in a user-friendly environment, and the pre-build high-quality template will become your companion on this tool.

It allows students to monetize their knowledge but requires high-quality content and effective marketing.

8. Skillshare

MBAs combine theory and real-life learning, but some universities limit themselves to only theories and ignore real-life learning. In this journey of real-life learning, Skillshare becomes your companion and provides a vast library of courses practitioners offer. Here, you can complement the theoretical MBA knowledge with real-life applications.

It helps you connect with the industry’s leading experts for an in-depth learning experience on the specific topics of the business.

Skillshare requires a subscription plan to access the platform and valuable insights from professionals.

9. Teachable

It’s another tool that helps you create a well-structured online course, even if you don’t have experience in curriculum design. Teachable is another AI-powered tool that generates a logical flow of information during course creation.

Teachable facilitates AI and provides various features, including multimedia and some marketing tools, to organise and structure the course content.

A subscription fee is required to unlock the advanced features and functions inside the platform.

10. Google Calendar

Don’t prepare the barrier in your head after hearing the word ‘calendar’ because it is beyond the ordinary calendar tool. It’s a great tool for those juggling tight deadlines and numerous commitments in their program.

The Google Calendar facilitates a user-friendly environment for time management and task organisation for your workload and extracurricular activities.


These are some of the best e-learning tools that can contribute to your learning journey. Listed above are some of the best e-learning tools MBA students can use during their course for effective learning. With these tools, you can overcome issues like accessibility of information, time management, monotony and so on.

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