Andhra University Distance Education Programmes: 2024



24 June, 2024

Andhra University Distance Education Programmes: 2024

Education is a basic necessity. Still, only a few have the gift of time, money and resources to pursue their desired education. There are working parents who are tied up by their responsibilities or graduates who lack funds, unable to continue with their academics. With the objective of breaking all these barriers in education, distance and online education was introduced. This mode of education not only gives you flexibility and accessibility but, is affordable and at par with the regular courses. In the past decade, the popularity and acceptance of distance education have risen to a greater level. As a result, several colleges/universities are offering distance programmes.

Andhra University distance education is among the oldest and most prestigious distance and online education centres in southern India. By enhancing the education standards and extending its reach to remote areas, Andhra University has climbed the quality charts of distance education. A renowned name in the distance education domain, Andhra University is a good option for all interested candidates. Through this blog, let’s dive into the details of the university and see if it aligns with your needs.

A Glimpse of Andhra University’s Distance Education

Andhra University is one of the oldest universities standing tall on the soil of Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. The University was established in 1926 as a multi-disciplinary institute to help the cause of the national education mission. Currently, the University has a total of 58 departments offering quality higher education across various domains. Its 98 years of journey of achieving excellence in higher education is evident in its awards and recognitions.

The University soon realised the need for remote learning opportunities to make education accessible to everyone. In 1972, the Centre for Distance & Online Education (CDOE) started its operations to extend the reach of higher education in divergent geographical areas. The syllabus and curriculum of the distance and online programmes follow the same guidelines as regular courses. You will get a complete package of self-learning study material, face-to-face interactive sessions, and audio and video packages. Moreover, in a remarkable breakthrough, the University has launched a community radio station, Gyan Vani for remote learners.

Why Choose Andhra University’s Distance & Online Education?

The curriculum of Distance Education at Andhra University is the same as the regular programme and the degree awarded is also the same as that of the regular one. The learning package that the University sends to the learners comprises audio-video packages and self-learning material. The distance learning package also includes face-to-face interaction with faculty. A community radio station called Gyan Vani is also located at the Distance Education centre which helps the learners besides other sections.

The online learning at Andhra University provides personalised student support, cutting edge technology, professional development and some specially curated work-integrated programmes that also provide learners with the opportunity of apprenticeships along with the courses.

Courses Offered by Andhra University’s Distance Education

The Centre for Distance and Online Education at Andhra University offers UG, PG, and diploma-level programmes in online and distance modes. Here is an elaborated course list with the fee structure:

UG Programmes: 

Course Name  Fee Structure (Tuition fee)
B.A. (History, Economics, Politics)  INR 9,600 (full course) 
B.A. (History Public Administration, Politics) INR 9,600 (full course) 
B.A. (History, Politics, Special English)  INR 9,600 (full course) 
B.A. (History, Politics, Special Telugu)  INR 9,600 (full course) 
B.A. (History, Politics, Sociology)  INR 9,600 (full course) 
B.A. (Public Administration, Politics, Sociology)  INR 9,600 (full course) 
B.Com  INR 11,400 o (full course)
B.Sc. (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry)  INR 19,200 (full course)
B.Sc. (Mathematics, Physics, Computers) INR 19,200 (full course)
B.Sc. (Mathematics, Statistics, Computers)  INR 19,200 (full course)
B.Sc. (Chemistry, Botany, Zoology)  INR 19,200 (full course)

PG Programmes:

Course Name  Fee Structure (Tuition fee)
M.A. English  INR 10,400 (full course) 
M.A. Hindi  INR 10,400 (full course) 
M.A. Telugu  INR 10,400 (full course) 
M.A. History  INR 10,400 (full course) 
M.A. Political Science  INR 10,400 (full course) 
M.A. Economics  INR 10,400 (full course) 
M.A. Sociology  INR 10,400 (full course) 
M.A. Philosophy  INR 10,400 (full course) 
M.A. Public Administration  INR 10,400 (full course) 
M.A. / M.Sc. Mathematics  INR 10,400 (full course) 
M.Com  INR 10,400 (full course) 
M.Sc. Psychology  INR 34,000 (full course) 
M.Sc Botany  INR 34,000 (full course) 
M.Sc Zoology  INR 34,000 (full course) 
M.Sc Organic Chemistry  INR 34,000 (full course) 
M.Sc Physics  INR 34,000 (full course) 
Master of Business Administration  INR 23,000 (HRM, Finance, Marketing)

INR 33,000 (Hospital Administration) 

M.H.R.M  INR 22,000 (full course)
Master of Computer Applications INR 30,000 (full course) 
Master of Journalism and Mass Communication (MJMC) INR 16,000 (full course) 

Other Diploma/Certificate Programmes: 

Course Name Fee Structure (Tuition Fee)
PG Diploma in Cooperation and Rural Studies  INR 13,000 (full course)
PG Diploma in Computer Programming and Applications  INR 20,800 (full course)
Diploma/Certificate Programme in Music INR 7,800 (full course)
PG Diplom in Management INR 26,000 (full course)
Diploma in Spoken Hindi and Translation INR 5,200 (6 months course)
Certificate Programmes INR 3,250 

Online Degree Programmes: 

Course Name  Fee Structure 
BA (History, Economics, Politics) INR 22,750
B. Com INR 22,750
M. Com INR 19,700
MA Political Science INR 19,700
MA Economics INR 19,700
MA English INR 19,700
MA Human Resource Management INR 28,100
MA Journalism & Mass Communication  INR 21,800
M.Sc. Psychology INR 40,700

Work Integrated Degree Programmes:

Course Name  Fee Structure 
B. Com. INR 31,750
BA (History, Economics, Politics)  INR 31,750
MA English  INR 25,750
MA Economics INR 25,700
MA Political Science INR 25,700
MA Human Resource Management INR 34,100
MA Mass Communication & Journalism INR 27,800
M.Com. INR 25,700
M.Sc. Psychology INR 46,800

Admission Process of Andhra University Distance Education

Before starting the application procedure, you must fulfill the eligibility criteria of your desired programme. Once you are done with this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Start filling out the online application form available on the official website of the University.

  2. Attach all the required documents like mark sheets, identity proof, etc. and cross-check the information filled in.

  3. Make the application fee payment to close the process.

  4. The University will then certify your documents and check your eligibility for that particular course.

  5. On confirmation from the University’s end, you have to pay the course fee to block your seat.

  6. Receive the study material and get access to all the university resources.

Andhra University Distance Education Study Centers

To provide consistent support to students, the University has set up various learner support centres/ study centres. However, the designated centres may change as per the discretion of the University. Here’s the current list:

  • Gov t. Degree College, NH 5 Road, Tekkali

  • Govt. Degree College, Narasannapeta, Srikakulam

  • Bhaskar Degree College, Parvathipuram

  • R.S.R.& K.R.R. College, Bobbili

  • Govt. Degree College, Saluru

  • Pragathi Degree College, Kothavalasa, Vizianagaram

  • Mrs. A.V.N. College, Visakhapatnam

  • Dr. V.S. Krishna Govt. Degree College, Visakhapatnam

  • B.V.K. College, Visakhapatnam

  • Visakha Govt. Womens College, Visakhapatnam

  • Govt. Degree College, Narsipatnam

  • A.M.A.L. College, Anakapalli

  • Y.N. College, Narsapur

  • A.C. College, Guntur

  • C.S.R. Sarma College, Ongole

  • D.N.R. College, Bhimavaram

  • Syed Appalaswamy Degree College, Vijayawada-

Summing Up

Andhra University distance education has a multi-disciplinary approach and offers cutting-edge distance/online degrees. Through updated self-learning study material, audio-visual lessons and interactive learning resources, your distance learning experience is made the best. If you are planning to pursue a distance education programme, choosing Andhra University is a good choice.


Q1. Are the degree programmes offered by the Andhra University in Distance mode valid?

The Centre for Distance & Online Education at Andhra University is approved by UGC-DEB, hence, all its degree programmes are valid.

Q2. What is the fee for distance education at Andhra University?

The fees for every course will be different. You can check the detailed fee structure of various distance education courses at Andhra University in the above sections of the blog.

Q3. Is it worth joining Andhra University?

If all the parameters of curriculum, fee structure, career assistance, degree validity and learning support offered by the university match your requirements, then it is worth joining Andhra University.

Q4. Is Andhra University a government or private University?

Andhra University is a government-run university located in Visakhapatnam.

Q5. What are the technical programmes offered by the Andhra University Distance Education?

Andhra Pradesh distance education offers a PG Diploma in Computer Programming and Applications and a Master of Computer Applications. Other than this, as per the UGC guidelines, no technical programmes are offered in distance mode.

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