Amity University Online BCA Programme Details: All you need to know about the course 



25 April, 2024

Amity University Online BCA Programme Details: All you need to know about the course 

There’s a web developer who’s been working in the IT sector for the last two years. He is outstanding in his work and has excellent potential. But, he is a second-year college student pursuing his undergraduate studies. Hard to believe, right? Well, gone are the days when technical skills could only be gained in physical classes. Go beyond the YouTube tutorials you are thinking about. With advanced technology and the need of the hour, online education has gone to the next level. You can pursue a well-accredited online BCA programme from a reputed university anywhere in the world.

Joining the bandwagon is Amity University, a leading pioneer in the Indian education sector. Amity’s online BCA Degree is an advanced programme designed for all computer enthusiasts, preparing them for real-world challenges. In this blog, we have compiled all the facilities and distinctive features of online BCA at Amity University, which will guide your research.

All About Amity University

Established in 1986, Amity University is in more than 11 countries. Over the years, the University has been dedicated to providing world-class education in India. The University further expanded its scope with Amity Online, which offers UGC-recognised online degrees. It was the first University in India to gain UGC approval for online degrees in 2009. Its technologically advanced learning management system, AMIGO, provides complete student assistance.

Since its inception, Amity has been accredited by various statutory bodies like EOCCS, WASC, WES and others. This reflects the quality standards of Amity’s courses and highlights its credibility in the marketplace. The University allows the option to pursue add-on courses and life skill courses to benefit from online learning. Moreover, Amity regularly organises webinars with industry experts and Amity ThinkTank. Therefore, academics, placements, networking, and all aspects of learning are covered at Amity University.

The Knitty-Gritty of Amity’s Online BCA

The online BCA at Amity Online is a three-year UGC-recognised programme covering the basics and advanced computer applications. The curriculum involves working on real-world projects, one-on-one sessions with industry experts and full placement support. The specialisations offered in this programme are in collaboration with TCS Ion and HCL Tech to provide better industry exposure. The learning involves 550+ hours of video lectures by top faculty and the availability of professional add-on courses.

The coursework begins with foundational courses and gradually covers niche topics and practical concepts. The learning material is not limited to live lectures, you get the choice of audiobooks, e-books, videos, printed books, and campus library resources.

Specialisations & Eligibility

  • Data Analytics

  • Cloud and Security

  • Data Engineering

  • Software Engineering

Eligibility  Duration  Fee Structure (Total Fee)
An applicant should have a 10th and 12th-class certificate 3 years
INR 1,45,000
INR 2,25,000 – with specialisation

Skills Acquired in Online BCA at Amity Online

  • Strong understanding of data analytics tool

  • Programming languages

  • Computer programming

  • Problem-solving ability

  • Software testing skills

  • Communication skills

  • Networking skills

  • Presentation skills

Benefits of Online BCA at Amity Online

  • Personalised career guidance from industry mentors

  • Virtual placement drives for remote learners

  • Master class to help build resume, prepare for interview and sit in job placements

  • Hands-on projects for experiential learning

  • Online learning resources and complete academic support

  • Chance to meet your peers and faculty at the on-campus meet

  • Nationally and internationally recognised online BCA degree

  • Study in an NAAC A+ accredited university

  • AICTE-recognised course

Syllabus of Online BCA at Amity Online

The curriculum of online BCA may change slightly every academic year as per the University guidelines and industry standards. Generally, it includes the following structure:

Semester 1 – Computer and Information Technology
– Basic Mathematics I
– Programming in C
– Business Communication
– Human Computer Interaction
Semester 2 – Data Structure Using C
– Operational System Concepts
– Individual Excellence and Social Dynamic
– Environmental Studies
– Software Engineering and Modeling
Semester 3 – Computational Statistics
– Introduction to Data Base Management Systems
– Green Computing
– Network Basics
– Object Oriented Programming Using Java
Semester 4  – Unix Operating System and Shell Programming
– Python ProgrammingData Analytics:
– Data Mining & Warehouse
– Usability Design for Software Application
– Data Analysis Using ExcelCloud and Security:
– Practical Approach to Data Mining and Analytics
– Applied Cloud Computing
– Information Security – Practitioner’s Perspective

Data Engineering:
– Fundamentals of Data and Data Management
– Data Engineering Fundamentals
– Understanding of Big Data and Its Application

Semester 5 – Professional Ethics
– Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
– Fundamentals of E-commerceData Analytics:
– Data Modelling & Visualisation
– Data Analytics & ReportingCloud and Security:
– Practical Approach to Cyber Security
– Cloud Development

Data Engineering:
– Understanding Statistical Concepts for Data Transformation
– Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualisation using Python

Semester 6 General:
– Big Data Analytics
– Deep Learning
– Computer VisionData Analytics:
– Major Project
– Big Data on Cloud
– Intelligent Game Design
– Design ThinkingCloud and Security:
– Major Project
– Advanced Cyber Security
– Cloud Architecture
– Cryptography

Data Engineering:
– Major Project
– PySpark Data Analytics and Visualisation
– Introduction to Cloud (AWS)
– Cloud Data Engineer

Career Prospects After Online BCA

Depending upon the specialisation you choose, your skillset, and your interest, a myriad of career opportunities become available to you. We have compiled some of the popularly chosen pathways after online BCA:

Job Roles  Average Salary 
Software Developer INR 8.4 LPA
Data Scientist INR 14.4 LPA
Technical Analyst INR 10.8 LPA
E-commerce Executive INR 2.8 LPA
Cyber Security Expert INR 5.1 LPA
Blockchain Developer INR 9.4 LPA
System Analyst INR 10.2 LPA
Cloud Engineer INR 7.2 LPA
Software Engineer INR 8.5 LPA

Source: Ambition Box

Summing Up

Amity University is among the top universities in India which offer technology-enabled learning. From excellent student support services and financial assistance to placement and all the academic services, Amity Online is a complete package. There is no gap between Amity’s online BCA programme and its offline version. So, if you were unable to pursue your education because of other commitments, Amity’s online BCA is a good choice, However, before making any decision make sure to thoroughly review all the parameters.

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