9 Mind-Blowing Facts about  Global MBA Degree

Origin of Global MBA

Did you know that the first Global MBA program was established in 1943 at Harvard University? It paved the way for this global phenomenon we know today.

Global Networking

Global MBA gives the opportunity to build a vast network of professionals from around the world. These connections open doors to global career opportunities.

Intercultural Experiences

Global MBA programs offer unique opportunities for cultural immersion through international internships

Dual Degrees

Some Global MBA programs allow students to pursue dual degrees, combining their business studies with other disciplines like law, engineering, or public policy.

High Return on Investment

Research shows that Global MBA graduates experience a substantial increase in their earning potential.

Entrepreneurial Edge

Global MBA programs foster an entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging students to think innovatively and pursue their startup ventures.

Global Consulting Projects

Students frequently participate in real-world consulting projects with multinational companies, allowing them to gain practical knowledge and apply business concepts

Access to Thought Leaders

Global MBA programs often attract renowned industry experts, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders as guest speakers, and students get to learn from the best in their fields

Alumni Networks

Global MBA programs have robust alumni networks that extend worldwide. These networks offer lifelong connections, mentorship opportunities, and access to job openings across the globe.