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NMIMS Diploma Courses

NMIMS Diploma Courses for better career

Are you someone who has ever thought of doing a diploma course? Are you worried about which college would be great for you? Then you need to stop worrying, as NMIMS is the best place to pursue your diploma course.

NMIMS diploma courses will help you a lot in enhancing your career. You will have an edge over other students who are pursuing a diploma from elsewhere. Once you enroll for NMIMS diploma courses all your worries would have vanished.

Diploma Programs (1 Year, Eligibility HSC / Diploma)

Financial Management


  • With quantitative and conceptual inputs, the one-year program covers the functional areas of financial management.
    • From a managerial standpoint, the course emphasizes financial values, processes, and operations.
    • Understanding cost accounts, financial reports, and other related concepts.


  • To maintain a balance between risk and profitability, use analytical thinking, the coordination process, managerial decision making, the continuous process, and so on.
    • At the managerial level, you must demonstrate financial learning, planning, and management skills.
    • Manage your financial demands and business operations efficiently.

Marketing Management


  • The one-year Diploma in Marketing Management gives students a basic foundation of marketing principles and terminology.
    • Recognize the role and purpose of marketing in businesses.
    • Examine the elements that influence consumer, organizational, and sales management behavior.


  • Create an integrated and cost-effective marketing strategy.
    • Continually improve the marketing plan by effectively monitoring, measuring, and adapting it.

International Trade Management


  • Foreign policy, import and export management, worldwide communication, currency conversion and fluctuation, macroeconomic analysis, and other ideas are covered in this one-year study.
  • The procedural flow for international business operations is depicted.
  • Learn about international trade, cross-border business, and other concepts.


  • Globally, identify international megatrends, policies, and tactics.
    • Analyze and assess potential hazards to foreign policy, new global business, foreign exchange, and the political and legal environment.

Human Resource Management


  • The one-year curriculum helps students gain a deeper grasp of organizational strategy, one-on-one and group interactions, training, and development.
  • Examine remuneration, employee policy, organizational behavior, change management, and employment legislation on a national and international scale.
  • Learn how to deal with HR challenges by delving deeper into ideas like leadership, people management, and so on.


  • As a potential HR manager, you will gain a competitive advantage.
  • Apply the concepts to the HR domain effectively.

Supply Chain Management


  • The one-year curriculum teaches you to the core ideas of supply chain management and explains how they are applied in real-world scenarios.
  • Recognize the steps involved in efficiently managing logistics.


  • Demonstrate a fundamental understanding and management of supply chain operations.
    • Identify and resolve supply chain issues in your company.

Business Management


  • The one-year training discusses and shows business management concepts.
  • Learn about the importance of strategic and rational thinking in the corporate world.
  • It provides a broad overview of a business framework, as well as the functionality of numerous business models, to promote strategic thinking and develop organizational core capabilities.


  • Analyze corporate data, comprehend insights, and demonstrate diagnostic problem-solving skills to assist management in making decisions.
  • Create and implement strategies that effectively manage to change global competitive environments.

Banking and Finance Management


  • The two-semester program teaches you the fundamentals of financial corporations, banks, stock markets, and other financial institutions.
  • Learn about different financial institutions and their rules.
  • Financial analysis, cost accounting, management accounting, and general decision-making are among the abilities that will be developed.


  • Understand the operations and activities of banking and finance institutions on a day-to-day basis.
  • Understand the role of financial institutions in the financial markets.
  • Be knowledgeable with marketing concepts and actions linked to the unique needs of financial services.

Retail Management


  • The one-year curriculum introduces you to the numerous activities that occur in the retail industry.
  • A general review of several facets of retail management, such as merchandising and consumer behavior.


  • Develop the critical thinking abilities required in the retail industry.
  • Manage large-scale operations, big inventories, and many functional tasks effectively.
  • The ability to integrate marketing concepts, tactics, research, and retail distribution principles into a marketing plan for a new or existing product or service.

Operations Management


  • The one-year operations management curriculum is designed to help you gain essential skills in production, operations, and distribution management, resulting in improved job performance.
    • Warehouse Planning, Operations & Supply Chain Strategies, and New Product Development are examples of operations management ideas.
    • By distributing innovative techniques in the field of operations management, you’ll be able to strike a balance between operations and supply expertise and general business knowledge.


  • Make informed decisions to streamline operations.
    • Plan and control the transformation of resources as they travel through supply networks and operations with care.
    • Using basic quantitative analysis techniques, analyze and evaluate business processes.
    • Demonstrate how the process perspective can be applied at the organizational or business unit level.
    • Structure of the Program

Professional Diploma Programs (1 Year, Eligibility HSC / Diploma)

Digital Marketing


Participants in the program will be able to:

  • Understand how search engines function and how search engine algorithms work.
  • Learn about digital marketing and page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics. Get knowledge about using search engine marketing tools.
  • Gain hands-on experience in a simulated environment to become adept with the Google Ads platform.
  • Learn how to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Quora, blogs, and YouTube and also be able to create content,
  • Understand the structure of writing content. Using marketing technology solutions will be taught too.

Learning Outcomes

Students should be able to do the following after completing the course:

  • using on-page and off-page search engine optimization approaches to create an online presence that is optimized for search engines.
  • Best practices are used to generate attractive search ads, display ads, and shopping ads.
  • Using the abilities required to take Google Ads Certification tests
  • End-to-end evaluation, analysis, and optimization of social media ad campaigns.
  • Taking data-driven judgments
  • Using abilities to traverse analytics programs such as Google Analytics, SEMRush, and Facebook Analytics, among others.

Wealth Management


  • The one-year program offers a specialized curriculum based on industry knowledge and geared for the Asian market.
  • A thorough overview will be provided to aspiring wealth managers by experienced teachers who are a mix of academia and industry (IIM, IIT).
  • Blended Learning — Hands-on Exposure with Live Instruction Sessions teaches you how to put an innovative method into practice.
  • Through academic exposure, wealth management professionals will have a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of wealth management.


  • Develop professional skills to pursue a career in wealth management.
  • Obtain a better knowledge of clients’ financial goals and wealth planning.
  • The ability to create new financial products and to innovate the financial industry.
  • Create investing policy statements and manage portfolios with finesse.
  • Apply mathematical skills to create an effective design.

Many students are opting for diplomas.

These courses can change your life paths. They can give you a new direction in life. You will be able to prosper in life after completion of any of these diploma courses.

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