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Learning Routes staff member
Learning Routes staff member
Learning Routes staff member

“I am currently serving as Zonal Manager in Learning routes. Began my career as Business development in learning routes. Since then, Learning routes has acknowledged my work and dedication which has led me to this journey of 6 years here. This organization has given be an opportunity to grow, explore my potential and growth at the same time. The work culture here is more like family and each and every employee is valued for their work and contribution.

Rishabh Sharma ( Zonal Manager)
Learning Routes staff member

I’m so grateful to be a part of this organization. It means so much to have such a supporting group of people in my life. LR has helped me grow both as a professional and a person. I am glad to have been a part of this organization since inception. I have seen the ups and downs and we have emerged like the rising sun! It was important for me to explore my potential and be groomed during that phase, enabling me to be at my best at every point in time.

 Abhijeet Sinha ( Zonal Manager)
Learning Routes staff member

“For Learning Routes – I would just say it is one of the finest organization to start up your career with.Started my journey 5 years back as an Executive to currently working as a Zonal Manager, Would like to express my gratitude to be a part of this wonderful and Dynamic Organization.The best part is the culture and ambience of the company and environment is something what people create
Immense pleasure to be a part of this organisation.”

 Mohit Ohri ( Zonal Manager)
Learning Routes staff member

I am so grateful that Learning Routes is my first organization and I had a wonderful journey of 3 Years over here. Learning Routes provided the platform to grow, learn and explore our inner potential. The organisation encouraged and acknowledged my hard work and dedication but also provided growth as well which helped me to get stability in corporate

Tanya Sanan (Branch Manager)


Feeding and loving cute stray dogs

Learning Routes #feedtheneed activity | Corporate Social Responsibility

We the Learning Routes family a week ago organised an activity with the help of our employee throughout our 6 branch location. We helped stray animals with some good food and med. So we thought to share those moments on our social media platform. Learning Routes thanks every member of our family who selflessly contributed their time for good cause.

#BeatTheHeat | Corporate Social Responsibility

A small initiative towards community service from Team LR…. #LRcares

Learning Routes staff fun moments