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Welcome to our vibrant and dynamic company, where life is filled with energy, innovation, and a shared passion for excellence. At our company, we foster an environment that values collaboration, creativity, and growth, creating a truly remarkable experience for our employees.

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Life at our company is an exciting journey of personal and professional growth

At our company, we celebrate achievements and recognize the outstanding contributions of our employees. From performance-based rewards to employee appreciation programs, we ensure that hard work and dedication are duly acknowledged and rewarded.

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Corporate Social Responsibility


Learning Routes
#Feedtheneed Activity

We the Learning Routes family a week ago organised an activity with the help of our employee throughout our 6 branch location. We helped stray animals with some good food and med. So we thought to share those moments on our social media platform. Learning Routes thanks every member of our family who selflessly contributed their time for good cause.


Learning Routes
#BeatTheHeat Activity

Learning Routes #BeatTheHeat Activity was a thoughtful initiative aimed at offering cold beverages to people in and around the office premises as a social responsibility. With temperatures soaring during the summer months, this activity was a small way of providing relief to those who had to bear the heat while going about their daily routine.

By offering refreshing drinks, we aimed to spread positivity and care for those around us. 

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