Team Activity Session

Encouraging teamwork has become utterly crucial in today’s fast-paced work culture where everyone is competing against each other instead of working together towards a common goal. Considering the importance of team activity, we always try to establish and re-live the team’s shared memories. Yearly outing trips are planned for the entire LR team. Monthly fun activities are organized thrice a week like Ball activity, funky Fridays, and many more. Team activity also involves employee engagement/team building activities where our employees would suggest each other with respect to any of the concerns or they would share something with the entire team. Webinars are also conducted to engage employees with knowledge-based sessions

Brain Storming Session

We strongly believe that every session is a learning experience. And you never know when the next great idea will appear. Brainstorming sessions like sales-oriented knowledge, work-life balance, and how to manage and keep up with the sales targets, are conducted to discuss and leverage each other’s synergy to build good ideas around the problem statement to help our employees. Mind-oriented sessions and stress-relieving activities are also organized since we know that sales can sometimes be a stressful and exhaustive task.


We believe that there really isn’t a time to pause and have a celebration whether it’s a work anniversary, birthday, women’s day celebration, or festival celebration like Holi, Diwali, Christmas, and more.

The second major why we are celebrating festivals at the office is its informal environment. It is a perfect way to socialize in an office environment. Employees freely engage in informal games, are excited about the festivals and the importance of them, and find it almost therapeutic to take part in the cultural and tradition of them.