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Natural Resources Management

Revolutionising Natural Resources Management


IIT Guwahati and NPTEL

About the Course

The comprehensive course from IIT Guwahati about Natural Resources Management that lasts for around 3 months equips the learners with the skills to revolutionize agriculture by providing students with a broader perspective on sustainable management of the earth's depleting natural resources both national and international.

1.What You Will Learn?
2.Who Should Go For It?
3.Points to Note

The course provides a comprehensive curriculum to dive into various aspects of natural resource management facilitated in agriculture. Here's a glimpse of the key topics covered:

Introduction to Natural Resource Bases
Resource Management Paradigms
Approaches in Resource Management
Biodiversity and conservation of natural resources
Technologies for NRM
Community Based Natural Resources Management
Environmental Management Systems
Modeling tools and ICT for NRM

It is intended for those having a background in particular fields to make sure they can understand the ideas well, and undergraduate students who want to comprehend and use their knowledge of :

Natural resource management
Sustainable development
Building sustainable business
Ecological footprint
The course is free of charge, making it a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable knowledge in food process control without any financial commitment.
Provides high-quality video lectures to enhance the learning experience of natural resource management thoroughly.
Under graduate and post graduate students, professional practitioners in the discipline of Agriculture or related fields interested in acquiring knowledge of natural resource management and sustainable development can opt for this course .
Depending on his/her final score, a student will receive four categories of certificates: Silver, Gold, Elite, or Completed.


Field of Study:Natural Resources Management
Type:This is an elective and free course.
Duration:The course lasts for 12 weeks
Mode of Learning:Online
Average Salary Offered:The average salary offered in this field ranges from ₹ 1.5 LPA to ₹ 13 LPA depending upon your skills, experience, and level of knowledge.
Employment Roles:
  • Natural resource manager
  • Forest product utility officer
  • Biomedicine developmental officer
  • Irrigation counsellor