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Computational Chemistry

Learn to make the Most of Computational Chemistry


IIT Bombay and NPTEL

About the Course

The course Computational Chemistry deals with topics such as molecular modeling, quantum chemistry calculations, molecular dynamics simulations, and various computational techniques used in chemistry research. It often includes lectures, tutorials, and hands-on excercises to help participants understand and apply computational methods in their studies.

1.What You Will Learn?
2.Who Should Go For It?
3.Points to Note

The students will get introduced to different aspects of:

Computational Chemistry,
Fundamental computational techniques
Matrix methods
Quantum mechanical calculations for molecular structures

This course is specifically designed to enhance he core concepts of chemical chemistry in order to gain the knowledge of research and computational techniques. The following are the pre-requisites you should have to pursue this course:

Chemical thermodynamics
Chemical bonding
Statistical Mechanics
Quantum Chemistry
The course is available free of cost.
It is a 12-week certification course.
A continuous evaluation will be done based on which you will get your certificates.
There can be portals that may charge a minimal fee to earn the certificate but the learning costs no fee


Field of Study:Computational Chemistry
Type:Free Certificate Course
Duration:Around 12 weeks
Mode of Learning:Online
Average Salary Offered:The average salary offered in this field ranges from ₹16 to 21 Thousand depending upon your skills, experience, and level of knowledge.
Employment Roles:
  • Research associate
  • Medicinal Chemist