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Architectural Conservation And Historic Preservation, IIT Kharagpur

Address the Concept of Historic Conservation & Preservation


IIT Kharagpur and NPTEL

About the Course

This course is designed to address the concept of historic preservation and conservation as an approach that links the past, present, and future. It aims to familiarise participants with the status of the conservation movement, various agencies involved in conservation worldwide, and their policies. The course covers the international framework of conservation, definitions, and concepts, as well as guidelines for preserving, conserving, and restoring buildings. By the end of this course, you will get an overview of the current status of conservation and preservation in India.

1.What You Will Learn?
2.Who Should Go For It?
3.Points to Note

This course takes you on an insightful journey through the captivating realm of architectural conservation and historic preservation. From exploring the evolution of the conservation movement to grasping the international framework. Here's a quick overview of what you're going to learn throughout the course:

Need, debate, and purpose of heritage conservation
Significance and values of heritage resources
Divergent approaches, ethics, and the history of the conservation movement
World Heritage Sites, selection criteria, authenticity, and integrity
Causes of decay in cultural properties and methods for documentation
Conservation reports for historic structures
Planning for heritage districts, towns, and cities through case studies
Designing new buildings in historic settings and conducting heritage impact assessments
Adaptive reuse of heritage structures and site management practices
Organizational framework, policies, and the role of agencies in India's heritage conservation
Importance of community participation, interpretation, and heritage tourism

The course on Architectural Conservation and Historic Preservation is designed to be accessible to a wide range of professionals and individuals interested in the field of heritage conservation and related disciplines. It would be an ideal choice for the:

Architecture graduates or postgraduates
Urban planners and conservation architects
Civil engineers and urban designers
Archaeologists, artists, and historians
It is designed for a diverse audience, including professionals, students, and enthusiasts in various fields related to heritage conservation.
The course covers both theoretical concepts and practical applications through case studies and examples.
Assignments and an exam are part of the course evaluation process.
The final score is calculated based on a combination of the exam score (75%) and the average of the best 6 out of 8 assignments (25%).


Field of Study:Architectural Conservation And Historic Preservation, IIT Kharagpur
Type:Free Course
Duration:8 weeks
Mode of Learning:Online
Average Salary Offered:The average salary offered in this field ranges from ₹ 1.4 LPA to ₹97 LPA depending upon your skills, experience, and level of knowledge.
Employment Roles:
  • Tourism Departments
  • Public Works Departments
  • Development Authorities
  • Archeological officer