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Architectural Acoustics

Learning about Architectural Acoustics


IIT Kharagpur and NPTEL

About the Course

This course will be all about acoustic design, and fundamentals of acoustic and will highlight on the evolution of acoustical science and its application in design and planning. There will be 8 modules and live sessions to give better knowledge and understanding about the Architectural Acoustical. Architectural acoustics allows interior designers to use furniture, furnishings, paints, and other articles that reflect, absorb, and transmit sound waves.

1.What You Will Learn?
2.Who Should Go For It?
3.Points to Note

The Architectural Acoustics course is broadly classified into three sub-sections and comprises of 8 modules: After introduction to the course the lectures will be on sound physics. Lectures will include:

Various characteristics of sound, its origin, propagation and auditory sensation and the measurement techniques Difference in behaviour of sound in closed and open spaces and the mathematical calculation Acoustical design of spaces which includes room acoustics
Understanding the phenomena of reverberation and sound absorption Design spaces where the primary purpose is related to achieving good sound quality. It includes small spaces like classroom to lecture halls or large spaces like cinema halls and auditoriums
Aspects of environmental noise control - both air borne and structure-borne.

Anyone can learn from this course and is open to a broad audience. However, pre-requisites are:

Basic knowledge of Mathematics
It is designed for a diverse audience, including professionals, students, and enthusiasts in various fields related to architecture.
The course covers both theoretical concepts and practical applications through case studies and examples.
Assignments and a final exam are part of the course evaluation process.
The final score is calculated based on the combination of the exam score (75%) and the average of the best 6 out of 8 assignments (25%).


Field of Study:Architectural Acoustics
Type:Free Course
Duration:8 weeks
Mode of Learning:Online
Average Salary Offered:The average salary offered in this field ranges from ₹ 3. LPA to ₹ 13 LPA depending upon your skills, experience, and level of knowledge.
Employment Roles:
  • Architectural Planner
  • Drafter
  • Acoustic Architect
  • Architectural Designer