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Aircraft Design

Deepdive into the world of basic aerospace designing programme


IIT Bombay and NPTEL

About the Course

The main objective of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the stages involved in basic aircraft design, covering user-specified specifications for design and safety issues defined by aircraft certification officials. You will be learning about a wide range of aircraft types and their features, requirements gathering, configuration selection, initial sizing, aerodynamic coefficient calculation, constraint analysis, mass breakdown, load types, V-n diagram, operational issues (noise, emissions, Range-Payload diagram), and life cycle cost analysis.

1.What You Will Learn?
2.Who Should Go For It?
3.Points to Note

Suppose you enter the field of aircraft design. In that case, you will be exposed to various types of aircraft and their design theories, learning how to mathematically formulate aircraft mission analysis by defining an iterative analysis loop between aerodynamics, weight, and performance assessments. Here's an overview of what you will cover in this course module:

Quality function deployment
Propulsion system Layout
Landing Gear
Estimation of fuel weight fraction
Subsonic parasite drag estimation
Estimation of lift coefficient
Constraint analysis
Environmental issues in aircraft design

Aircraft design is a critical and vast field that requires problem-solving skills, engineering interest, and curiosity about aviation. It demands a blend of technical proficiency, creativity, and precision. Additionally, the following qualities would make you an ideal fit for this field:

Strong maths and analytical skills
Innovation and creativity
Science background
The course is available free of cost.
It is a 12-week certification course.
Based on the level of the week and the percentage you score in each evaluation you will be getting a certificate i.e. silver, gold, elite, or completed.


Field of Study:Aircraft Design
Type:Free Certificate Course
Duration:Around 12 weeks
Mode of Learning:Online
Average Salary Offered:The average salary offered in this field ranges from ₹2.5 LPA to ₹15 LPA depending upon your skills, experience, and level of knowledge.
Employment Roles:
  • Design Engineer
  • Aircraft Mechanic
  • Production Manager