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Distance MBA in Marketing Management Syllabus – NMIMS University

NMIMS is one of the top management institutes in the country. The quality curriculum significantly helps students to acquire the most in-demand skills thereby helping them elevate their respective career paths. For this major reason, the brand equity, a prestigious alumni status, and growth avenues that a distance MBA in Marketing brings in for students are extraordinarily exemplary and preferred by thousands of candidates in India.

Primarily, the two-year NMIMS Distance MBA ( ODL mode) offers a deeper understanding of the various functions and principles of marketing, which can be practically applied in the corporate world. The course of Masters in Business Administration significantly helps students to gain knowledge of the marketing principles and apply them in their job processes to deliver effectively and efficiently. For this reason, a Master in Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most popular degrees among students who want to pursue a career in the field of marketing.

It is also equally important to mention that one of the particular reasons behind the popularity of MBA Marketing is the learning experience and salary growth that it provides. MBA in Marketing provides you with a wide range of avenues to grow your career horizon. During the entire duration of the program, you will garner your analytical thinking and presentation skills.

With coursework projects and assignments, you will develop interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Furthermore, working on tight deadlines will prepare you for the workplace environment.

A two-year program (MBA) that facilitates specialization in marketing, finance, and human resources management and the fact that the demand for an MBA (Marketing) has seen a steep increase in the past few years due to its huge career prospects.

Most importantly during an MBA course, a student gets exposure to what’s precisely happening and is demanded in the outside world. A student is given the opportunity to interact closely with industry experts who share their vast practical experience. In this regard, it is often seen that an industry expert also acts as a mentor for the students guiding them through the important frameworks of different sectors.

Now, when considering an MBA (or distance MBA) the question arises which are the best universities in India that have the most comprehensive and meticulous management programs. NMIMS University, without a doubt, comes to the top of our lists considering the fact that their business school is considered among top-tier institutes in India. Along with providing career advancement services, their syllabus and curriculum are aligned to help students develop skills in them.

Notably, and in detail, an NMIMS MBA India helps students in the following significant ways –

Get a Competitive Advantage

Besides having technical knowledge, managerial skills are much more pertinent to growing in a career. The knowledge gained through a comprehensive degree program MBA places a candidate in a position to take strategic decisions and helps the organization to grow.

Earn a Higher Salary

With the responsibility of taking strategic decisions, a higher salary is one of the perks that come with having an MBA. Thus, it is one of the right and important decisions to pursue an MBA.

Leadership Role

Each individual aspires to take a leadership role at some stage of their career. However, a candidate with an MBA always stands a higher chance of being given such an assignment considering the fact that the degree brings analytical and various other essential skills.

There is a varied range of subjects that students get to study during the NMIMS Distance MBA in the marketing program. However, it is important to note that a student who has an MBA degree is preferred to be given a promotion as it’s a safe bet and understandably in the organization’s favor to give an opportunity to someone who has acquired managerial skills through academic pursuit.

Career Advancement Opportunities

An MBA (Marketing) helps you get a job promotion and prepares you for management and executive positions.

This postgraduate program equips you with the required leadership and communication skills so you can grab the top marketing jobs with ease. 

The program of MBA (Marketing) mainly enhances your business development, advertising, and marketing skills. It also helps one’s interpersonal skills and get into the mind of the consumer.

These are some of the skills required for a senior-level position. Furthermore, with technological augmentation, marketing becomes the heart of any organization, creating an innovative marketing job profile mix. 

Exploring Varied Avenues

In a leadership role, a person is not only in the position to take strategic decisions with authority given but also gets to work closely in different segments and newer avenues. For example,

Semester 1

Subjects Credits
Management Theory and Practice 4
Organizational Behavior 4
Marketing Management 4
Business Economics 4
Financial Accounting and Analysis 4
Information Systems for Managers 4

Semester 2

Subjects Credits
Business Communication 4
Essentials of HRM 4
Business Law 4
Strategic Management 4
Operations Management 4
Decision Science 4

Semester 3

Subjects Credits
Brand Management 4
Consumer Behavior 4
Marketing Strategy 4
Customer Relationship Management 4
Sales Management 4
International Marketing 4

Semester 4

Subjects Credits
Services Marketing 4
Marketing Research 4
Digital Marketing 4
Business: Ethics, Risk and Governance 4
Research Methodology 4
Project 4

Career Prospects

After completing NMIMS, a student can pursue a career in various segments of the marketing domain. For an instance, a student is eligible to join a job as a Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Media Planning and Buying, PR Manager, Product Manager, and Market Researcher.

Clearly, MBA Marketing helps students explore different segments in the field of marketing which will enable them to gain exposure and have an exciting career path ahead of them. With marketing gaining prominence like never before, the importance of an MBA with specialization in the marketing domain will bring abundant avenues for professional growth.

Henceforward, as and when thought an MBA should be given serious consideration for a fructifying career.

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