Why You Should Get an Online MBA for a Career Shift Up ??



13 January, 2024

Why You Should Get an Online MBA for a Career Shift Up ??

Do you think that your career seems like it’s locked away in a dusty garage? As if your mind engines are bogging down, as dreams build up the cobwebs. You are not alone, friends! Many of us are in this queue of the job market today where we sometimes feel like there is only a one-way road. However, what if there existed an undiscovered thoroughfare — an avenue towards career satisfaction without resorting to such drastic measures?

The Advantages of Online MBA: The Road to Treasury

Welcome to the fast lane treasurer. In this space, you have all the lead. Behold yourself for top-notch opportunities in online MBAs. Forget the cramped old classrooms and rigid schedules. This is your chance to turbocharge your skills with flexible, rocket-fueled courses designed for busy professionals like you.

Online MBA: The Fast Lane Awaits

  • Crush your career goals with cutting-edge skills in marketing, finance, or leadership, leaving the competition in the rearview mirror.
  • Earn that six-figure salary that truly reflects your worth and expertise.
  • Land your dream job at a company that values your talent and drive, a place where you are celebrated for who you are.
  • Build a vibrant network of supportive peers who become lifelong friends and mentors, not just colleagues.

Online MBA: The Multi-Tasking Bridge

  • You are conquering your job, and handling household tasks while attending your favourite lecture on business management strategies.
  • You would be multitasking like a pro (because let’s be honest, life keeps rolling!).
  • You will be sharing virtual study sessions with classmates from across the globe, learning from diverse perspectives and expanding your horizons.

The Importance of an Online MBA

Getting an online MBA is about more than just getting a fancy degree—it is about changing your life. It is about finding your inner passion, letting your ideas go off like a rocket, and opening doors to opportunities you never would have imagined. It is about taking charge of your career and becoming the leader you were destined to be.

But is It Right for You?

  • Here’s the real deal: If you are someone who is a “Go-Getter”, this is for you! Online MBA has opportunities to watch the lecture at your pace.
  • If you are always hungry for a challenge then Online MBA is your next step. Online MBA has space to take up new projects to enhance your skills.
  • If you are someone who never settles for mediocrity, here’s your pursuit of excellence. Online MBA has multiple options for internships and online classes.
  • If you are a visual and lifelong learner, this is a natural, curious and adaptable lifetime experience. Online MBA has the knowledge and experiences of the best professionals, teachers and alumni.

This all sounds like the perfect package for an online MBA. This is the almighty ticket for your next shift.

Remember, you have got this! And we are here to cheer you on every step of the way.

Ready to leap? Here are some resources to get you started:

Top Jobs after an Online MBA: Me, Myself and Money

Here is the list of top professions after completing your Online MBA. Some of these job roles are dreams of many. Well, let your dream come true:

Job Title Responsibilities & Salary
Operations Analyst An Operations Analyst’s job is to work with different departments in a firm to improve operations. Creating effective production plans, controlling the supply chain, setting effective pricing strategies, and optimising the distribution of funds and resources are among the activities that fall under their purview.
– Average Salary: INR 5 LPA
– Highest Salary: INR 8 LPA
Investment Banker Investment Bankers are experts in managing the financial aspects of business projects including investments. Helping clients with mergers and acquisitions, facilitating the issue of debt, and selling company equity are some of their duties.
– Average Salary: INR 12 LPA
– Highest Salary: INR 38 LPA
Business Consultant Business Consultants, usually referred to as Management Consultants or Management Analysts, provide firms with expert guidance and knowledge while they are implementing new procedures or facing new issues. They anticipate long-term developments, including changes in client demographics or new rules, and concentrate on increasing productivity and profitability.
– Average Salary: INR 12 LPA
– Highest Salary: INR 24 LPA
Project Manager Project Managers are in charge of managing one or more business initiatives. In the construction sector, for example, a Project Manager can supervise the building of a residential complex or other structures.
– Average Salary: INR 17 LPA
– Highest Salary: INR 32 LPA
Finance Manager – A Financial Manager is responsible for overseeing the stability and profitability of a company’s finances. They advise top-level executives on how to increase profits and are in charge of formulating the organisation’s financial goals and plans.
– Average Salary: INR 12 LPA
– Highest Salary: INR 30 LPA
SAP Consultant SAP Consultants play a crucial role in helping organisations find and take advantage of the best software solutions for their needs.
– Average Salary: INR 7 LPA
– Highest Salary: INR 15 LPA
Business Intelligence Analyst Business Intelligence Analysts use specific tools and software to acquire data from a company and assess it together with industry trends. Their objective is to ascertain the company’s performance of its competitors.
– Average Salary: INR 7.63 LPA
– Highest Salary: INR 15.4 LPA
Product Manager Product Managers are essential for the creation and launch of new products because they coordinate the efforts of the finance, development, and marketing teams. They oversee the full product lifecycle, from ideation to launch, guaranteeing that goods are delivered on schedule and under budget.
– Average Salary: INR 13 LPA
– Highest Salary: INR 23 LPA
Chief Technology Officer The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is a senior executive who oversees the demands and problems related to technology within a firm. Making judgements about the usage of technology in the workplace is their main duty.
– Average Salary: INR 8 LPA
– Highest Salary: INR 25 LPA
Chief Financial Officer CFO is a top-level executive who is in charge of a company’s financial operations and long-term financial objectives.
– Average Salary: INR 22 LPA
– Highest Salary: INR 41 LPA

Top Online MBA Colleges: Let the Journey Begin!

Here is a list of top Online MBA Colleges:

College/ University NIRF Rank Fee (INR)
1. Amity University 28 1,79,000 full course
2. IIM Kashipur 19 5,40,000 – 12,00,000 full course (depending upon the specialisation)
3. ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education 40 45,000 per semester
4. DY Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune 46 1,40,200 full course
5. Bharathidasan University 41 91,000 (full course)
6. Manipal University 6 1,66,000 – 6,00,000 full course (depending upon the specialisation)
7. Jain University 68 60,000 per semester
8. Chandigarh University 27 37,500 per semester
9. UPES CCE 52 37,500 – 49,750 per semester (depending upon the specialisation)
10. Lovely Professional University 32 44,000 per semester


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Free Online Management Course

Here is the list of Online Management Courses. You can give these a chance as they are both time and pocket-friendly.

Course Name University Time Period
Corporate Finance IIT Kharagpur via Swayam 8 Weeks
Marketing Management IIM Bangalore via edX 9 Weeks
Strategic Management IIM Bangalore via Swayam 6 Weeks
Accounting and Finance IIM Bangalore via edX 11 Weeks
People Management IIM Bangalore via edX 6 Weeks
Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Indian School of Business 13 Hours

Let’s make this happen!

P.S. Don’t forget to dream big. What’s that corner office with the stunning view looking like? What kind of impact do you want to make on the world? An Online MBA can be the launchpad to your wildest dreams. So go for it!

How to Apply for an Online MBA?

Congratulations! You have paved your way through the road map of Online MBA. It’s now the last step for a new journey. Here is your quick guide for “How do I apply?”

The admissions procedure for online MBA programmes

  1. Registration: Complete the online application and, if necessary, pay the registration fee.
  2. Submission of Documents: Please send copies of your previous academic records, proof of your national ID, a passport-size photo, proof of your job experience, and your GMAT or CAT score, if applicable.
  3. Verification: The university checks the attachments, email address, and mobile number after receiving all necessary paperwork.
  4. Fee Submission: You may choose to pay the course fee in instalments, either semester-by-semester or annually for the duration of the course.
  5. Verified Admission: A confirmation letter including resources and study materials will be distributed, along with an online portal access ID.


Keep working towards your professional goals. Invest in your passion and change course with an online MBA. It is your fast road to spectacular salary, ideal careers, and leadership that you were destined to have. Fire up your engine, change the course of your life, and rule your career highway. The open road awaits!

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