Symbiosis Online MBA: Courses, Fee, Admission & more



19 October, 2023

Symbiosis Online MBA: Courses, Fee, Admission & more

In the contemporary landscape of education, online learning has emerged as a new mode of education for students. With unparalleled conveniences to students,  we witness more students going for online degrees each year. The internet has made it possible to learn at any place at any time from top colleges. The need for online education for people from all aspects of life has become more pronounced than ever.

Online degrees today have become the need of the hour. For learners who wish to pursue education further or those who want to continue learning after a break, distance/online degrees are the best option. As such, Symbiosis Online MBA programme is one of the most sought-after degrees among working professionals today.

Symbiosis: Education at Its Finest!

  • Symbiosis is one of the most prestigious institutions in India, now offering online & distance learning programmes.
  • UGC has rewarded the university with a category-1 status and NAAC has given it an ‘A++’ grade.
  • Symbiosis also offers online and digital learning through its constituent- Symbiosis School for Online and Digital Learning (SSODL). Regarded as one of the top organisations, it provides a top-notch online MBA programme.

A Legacy of Excellence

Symbiosis University is one of the most prestigious educational institutions, just not in India, but globally. Established in 1971 with the vision of having a home away from home, especially for international students, the institution runs on the principle of ‘World as One Family.’

Symbiosis University has a conventional mode of rich on-campus degrees and offers students online degrees. UGC and AICTE recognise Symbiosis School for Online and Digital Learning. It provides an excellent curriculum with multiple skill learning programmes for the students. Both the online and the offline modes of education emphasise learning in terms of upscaling skills, increasing intellectual rigour, and upgrading the moral nature of conceptual depth.

Symbiosis School for Online and Digital Learning (SSODL) offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. They also have an excellent online two-year-long MBA programme with no reservations. The course is learners-centric with excellent domain expertise and highly knowledgeable faculty, thus, creating a self-paced learning system.

About Symbiosis Online MBA

  • Online MBA from Symbiosis is a two-year-long degree which can be pursued via online mode completely.
  • There are various specialisations that you will choose from to specialise in your MBA degree.
  • An intake of only 1,000 students is done for one session in an online MBA at Symbiosis.
  • The course is conducted semester-wise. This means there will be four semesters during the two-year-long course.
  • The mode of teaching and instruction is in the English language.
  • The assessment for the courses is divided into two parts: 30% for the internal assessment and 70% for the external assessment.
  • There are a hundred credits in total, including all in the four semesters.

Online ‘SyMBAiosis’ – Know the Perks!

Pursuing an online MBA course from Symbiosis holds as much value and credit as an offline one. An online degree offered at Symbiosis meets the set standards of education and is highly regarded among hiring companies.

  • 100% Online Programmes- No Campus Visits Required

Online MBA means one hundred percent online. You will never need to visit the Symbiosis campus to carry out any formality. You enrol in the programme, submit the assessments, receive your assignments, have classes, etc. online.

  • Live Teacher-Student Lectures and Interactions

The biggest perk of pursuing an online MBA degree from Symbiosis is that the institution tries to create the same offline classroom teaching style in an online mode as well. So you need not worry; you will interact live with the teachers and guides during the online classes. You will also get the time and separate sessions scheduled to clear your doubts.

  • 24/7 Access to Learning Management Systems

Symbiosis makes sure that the facilities and the standards of its online MBA course are at par with the highest rankings. Apart from taking online classes, learners have access 24/7 to all the materials and learning matters. The learning management system ensures that the learners have access to the best of everything.

  • Curriculum Developed by Experts from Top 10 Symbiosis Institutes in India

Symbiosis became a reputed institution in India as it always has served the field of education with dignity and utmost seriousness. They carry out the same practice even with their online degrees. Different experts from different Symbiosis Institutions have curated the MBA curriculum offered to the learners in an online setting. The meticulously made curriculum is equally applicable to theory as well as practical.

  • Pre-Recorded Sessions- Anytime Anywhere

One of the biggest advantages of an online learning system in Symbiosis is that the learners can access the pre-recorded sessions at any time. Forgot something? Didn’t understand something? Want to refer back to something? The recorded sessions help the learners understand the lectures deeply and brush off any doubts.

  • No Room for Doubts!

Screen-recorded sessions have helped you, but there are still some doubts lingering in your mind. You can always have peer-to-peer interactions to get rid of them. Peer-to-peer interactions not only form a good communication bond but also help to understand a concept through various modes. You can always have sessions with the teachers where you share and solve all your queries and doubts.

  • Online Assessments- A Real Task

If online degrees are much easier to pursue, Symbiosis makes that task tough. You will need to leave that theory behind. The online assessments at Symbiosis are set according to the UGC guidelines. The assignments make sure that the students not only understand but also learn everything related to their degree. From having live interactions during online classes to getting assignments and submitting them, online assessments will show the progress of students.

Eligibility for Symbiosis Online MBA course

There are two ways to check if you’re eligible for an online MBA degree at the Symbiosis Distance Learning programme.

  • At the graduation level, you must have scored 50% marks (40% for SCs and STs).
  • Must have a valid score in CAT/MAT/ ATMA/ XAT/G-MAT/ MBA/ MMS-CET/ C-MAT or equivalent entrance exam at the National or State level that the university holds as a qualification. If not, the aspirant can appear for the SCDL, the university’s entrance test, and qualify for it.

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What is the Assessment Mode at Symbiosis?

As already discussedan online MBA holds as much credit and value as any other regular degree. Therefore, everything related to the curriculum and assessment is taken very seriously.

The curriculum provided to the students is always updated with the latest developments.

The meticulously curated curriculum always looks forward to upskilling the students and putting theoretical knowledge into practical use.

Regarding the assessment part:

  • It is divided into 30% internal assessment and 70% external assessment.
  • A student will be required to pass both internal and external assessments separately.
  • Based on the student’s performance, he/she is graded according to the GP (Grade Point) system. The maximum grade point would be O, which will be the highest value of 10 while the minimum grade value is P of value 4. To acquire an MBA degree at the end of two years, a student must have scored at least 4 out of 10 GP or 40% overall.

In all four semesters combined, the total marks will be 5,000 or hundred credits. Students are assessed on how many marks of credits they score during the course.

Credits for the four semesters:

Sem 1 Sem 2 Sem 3 Sem 4 Total
Generic Core 25 26 19 14 84
Generic Elective 0 0 0 0 0
Specialisation Core 0 0 8 8 16
Specialisation Elective 0 0 0 0 0
Open Elective 0 0 0 0 0
Audit 0 0 0 0 0
Total 25 26 27 22 100

Marks System for the four semesters:

Sem 1 Sem 2 Sem 3 Sem 4 Total
Internal Credits 0 0 0 0 0
External Credits 25 26 27 22 100
Total Credits 25 26 27 22 100
Total Marks 1250 1300 1350 1100 5000


Online MBA Specialisations Offered:

Agri Operations Management Human resources Management
Business Analytics International Business
Finance and Operations Logistics – Supply Chain Management
Hospital and Healthcare Management Marketing Management

Symbiosis Online MBA Syllabus

Semester I Semester II
Business Statistics Organizational Behavior
Marketing Management Operations Research
Financial Accounting Macroeconomics
Operations Management Financial Management
Legal Aspects of Business R Programming
Research Methodology Project Management
Microeconomics Management Information Systems
Technology in Business Business Communication
Data-Driven Decision Making Consumer Behaviour and Insights
Digital Marketing
Design Thinking
Innovation Management


Semester III Semester IV
Project Project
Corporate Governance and Ethics Entrepreneurship
Crisis Management in Business Global Business Environment
Strategic Management Conflict and Negotiation
AI and ML for Business Management Doing Business in India
Specialisation Courses Business Transformation and Organizational Turnaround
Specialisation Courses

How Costly is the Symbiosis Online MBA Degree?

Symbiosis online MBA programme’s fee is around INR 1,50,000. The cost of the programme is equal for both national and international students. What is important to note here is the cost of the programme might also depend upon the specialisation you have chosen.

Symbiosis also offers scholarships. A concession of Rs.50,000 for the batch of Jan and July 23 has been given. You need to either pay all of your fees at once or have at least two years of working experience to avail of scholarships, if applicable.


In today’s day and age of using the internet, along with education, doing an online degree has become easily possible. Symbiosis is one of the most reputed institutions in India that offers online MBA programmes for a comprehensive learning experience.

Irrespective of every other myth and preconceived notion about online degrees, they hold as much value as conventional ones. An online MBA from a reputed institution like Symbiosis is more valuable than many regular degrees. Online degrees offered in symbiosis are equal to the offline degrees offered.

Summary Table

Course Name Online MBA
Course Type Masters’ Programme
Duration 2 Years
Mode of Learning Online
Ratings NAAC A++
Approved by UGC-DEB, AICTE
Specialisations – International Business
– Business Analytics
– Hospital and Healthcare Management
– Agri Operations Management
– Marketing
– Human resources Management
– Finance and Operations
– Logistics – Supply Chain Management
Fee Structure INR 1,50,000 for the complete course (varies as per specialisation)
Eligibility Criteria At the graduation level, you must have scored 50% marks (40% for SCs and STs). Besides, this, you must fulfil one of the following conditions:
– Must have a valid score in CAT/MAT/ ATMA/ XAT/G-MAT/ MBA/ MMS-CET/ C-MAT or equivalent entrance exam at the National or State level that the university holds as a qualification.
– If not, the aspirant can appear for the SCDL, the university’s entrance test, and qualify for it.
Admission Drive January and July
Exam Drive April and October
Examination Method Online Examination


Q1. Is Symbiosis online MBA valid?

Yes, absolutely. Symbiosis offers online and distance learning programmes for students who wish to pursue their studies further. Online degrees like MBA from Symbiosis are equally credible and valuable as offline degrees. Educational bodies like AICTE, UGC, and NAAC recognised SSODL. Its curriculum is according to the standards of the UGC guidelines.

Q2. What is the eligibility for online MBA Symbiosis?

Like an offline MBA degree, any interested student in the online MBA programme needs at least 50% marks in any field of education at the graduation level or 45% marks for SCs or STs.

Q3. What happens if you fail the SCDL exam?

To pass the exam, students should score both in the exam and the assignment. However, if a student fails, they can avail one free attempt and two paid attempts to sit for the exam again. If they fail all the attempts, they shall no longer be eligible to apply for an online degree at Symbiosis.

Q4. How do I apply for the Symbiosis Online MBA programme?

  1. If eligible for the programme, you have to fill the application form.
  2. You shall submit the required documents afterwards.
  3. Once the documents are verified, you will undergo the screening and shortlisting process.
  4. The next step would be to pay the fee.
  5. Once you pay your fees and check out any other formalities, you will have booked a seat at the institution.

Q5. What is the cost of the Symbiosis Online MBA programme?

The cost of a Symbiosis online MBA programme will differ depending on the specialisation. However, the academic fee rounds up to around INR 1,50,000 per annum. The fee is the same, both for national and international students.

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