Skill-Based ODL Education & Work Opportunities in India



19 October, 2022

Skill-Based ODL Education & Work Opportunities in India

India has the largest population of young individuals under the demographic age of 5 to 24, which makes the future of the Indian education industry bright and colorful. According to IBEF, the education sector in India was  valued atUS $117 billion in the year 2020 and is forecasted to reach approximately US $225 billion in 2025. 

The Indian Edtech market size is expected to reach US$ 30 billion by 2031. The credit for the same goes not only to traditional mode of studies but also to skill-based open & distance learning courses. According to KPMG, India has the second largest e-education sector after the US. 

The Indian Government has taken various initiatives to empower and inculcate practicality. Focused upon skill-based learning, the government has been taking several initiatives to increase the enrollment rate by 30% in 2020 by means of campaigns like “Skill India” and “Digital India.” 

Why is Skill-Based ODL Education Important? 

According to the recent UGC regulation, ODL courses are now at par with other modes of education because they provide students with the best of both worlds. Most universities offer distance courses night classes or weekend classes. This mode can also be called a hybrid mode. 

ODL courses are specially designed while keeping working professionals in mind so that they can continue their job or business while upskilling on the side. In this mode, the students can interact with the teachers for doubts or exam queries and also with their fellow mates in an offline setting. However, they can also avail the option of self-paced learning. 

Pre-Requisites for Choosing an ODL course

The trick to leveraging ODL courses is to keep a few critical pre-requisites in mind. 

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is choosing an institute. This decision can make or break your career. The integral component while considering your institute should be

  1. Course Specializations
  2. Tuition Fee
  3. Accreditations
  4. Networking Opportunities 
  5. Placement Assistance 

Another thing you should consider while opting for a distance course is the institute’s location. It is impractical to opt for a course from a university that is far away from your location because that will affect the time, lifestyle, and transportation cost you wanted to avoid with a full-time course. 

Why Should You Choose an ODL Course? 

Since we have discovered the scope of part-time courses and established the pre-requisites that should be taken care of, it is time to validate the fact and understand why you should opt for this mode of education. 

One of the most significant advantages of ODL mode of learning is the ability to balance your studies with your work or family obligations. Distance education allows you the freedom to combine the two aspects of your life, as well as the financial benefits of being able to continue working while still funding your studies.

Some added benefits are – 

1. If you are already in a job, then ODL courses can help you get a promotion 

2. It can help you expand your job options

3. You can make a transition to your job in a field that you want to work in

4. You can cut down the transportation cost, living expenses, and miscellaneous costs 

5. While pursuing a degree, you can obtain professional credentials while working

Which Universities in India offer ODL Courses?

Distance education is in vogue lately and many, many universities are trying to incorporate this mode of education. While the process is still going on, some universities have successfully done it and are setting an example. 

To list a few of them: – 

  2. Symbiosis Centre For Distance Learning Institute
  3. Sikkim Manipal University
  4. Amity University
  5. Jawaharlal Nehru University
  6. Chandigarh University

And the list goes on. 

Name of University Offering  Distance Education  Course Fee Structure (Per Year)
NMIMS  MBA 1,68,000
SCDL BCA 54,000 
UPES MBA 1,50,000
Chandigarh University BCom 12,850
Jaipur National University BBA 14,000

Job Opportunities for Students Who Choose ODL Courses? 

Is an ODL Degree of any use? Do students get the same packages as those who are full-time students? Are there any globally recognised universities in India that offer distance courses? 

These are some of the questions that immediately popped up when we talked about the distance mode. 

Well, the answer is, “Yes, you can find all the opportunities.” 

Even though the idea of ODL courses is not that popular, the job opportunities are not limited. A student who has opted for such a course will get the equal and same type of opportunities as a full-time student. 

Recruiters now understand that skills and experience are more important than the mode of education. Since there is no effect on opportunities, there is also no effect on the packages, and there is an extra advantage that your working hours will be less. 
The only difference in case of opting for an ODL course is that the eligibility may vary. Apart from a specific education qualification, the universities may ask for some work experience.e for You

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