5 Personal Leave Application Formats & Examples for Office Use



14 June, 2024

5 Personal Leave Application Formats & Examples for Office Use

Remember the scene in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge where Raj finally gets his chance to win over Simran with that epic train sequence? He leaves everything behind and takes the chance. Perfect timing is everything, and that applies to requesting personal leave at work too.

You may have many reasons to wish for leave: the need for a day to surprise someone special, for birthday celebrations with your parents, or simply to recharge yourself after draining out due to work. A well-structured personal leave application can work wonders despite any kind of reason.

In this blog, you will get clear, concise and effective leave request formats that can ensure a smooth workflow and your manager’s approval.

How to Request Personal Leave: Effective Examples & Formats

1) Leave Application Example for all Types of Personal Reasons in Office

Dear Manager,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing this letter to request a leave for a few days, that is from ‘start date’ to ‘end date’. I have to take this leave for some personal unavoidable reasons.

In order to ensure a seamless workflow I have completed most of my ongoing urgent tasks and have delegated the rest of my tasks to (colleague’s name) who has a clear idea of my projects.

The following is a list of projects that I am handing over to (colleague’s name):

  1. _____

  2. _____

  3. _____

I am also providing (colleague’s) contact number and email id so that you can reach out to him in my absence.

In case of emergency you can reach out to me too. I will be available on call and texts.


Thanking you,

Best Regards,

2) Casual Leave Application for Office for Personal Reason

Dear Manager,


I hope you are doing well. I wanted to let you know that I need to take a casual leave on [date] due to some personal matters. I will make sure all my work is up-to-date before I leave.


Thank you for your understanding.


Best regards,

3) Half Day Leave Application for Office for Personal Reason

Dear Manager,


I am writing this letter to request a half-day leave on [date] for personal reasons. I will complete my remaining tasks in the morning to ensure everything runs smoothly for the rest of the day.


Thank you for your consideration.


Yours Truly,

4) 10 Days Leave Application for Office for Personal Reasons

Dear Manager,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing this letter to request a leave for a few days, that is from “start date” to “end date”. I am planning a long trip with my family ( mention the reason why you need 10 days leave). It was pending for quite long. These are the personal commitments that I cannot avoid. I have delegated my pending task to my colleague ( Name). I have provided him with a clear picture of expectations.

I am also providing my colleague’s “name” email ID and mobile number for any urgent purposes.

Further, I also will be available on calls and WhatsApp in case of an emergency.

Thank you for understanding.


Yours Truly ,

5) Short Leave Application for Office for Personal Reasons

Dear Manager,


I hope this email finds you well. I am writing this letter to request a day’s leave that is tomorrow’s “date”. I need to take this leave due to my health issues and a doctor’s appointment and need to take rest for a day. I am also attaching the screenshot of the scheduled appointment with this email.


Thank you for understanding.


Yours truly,

The Final Words

You should take a breather! It’s okay to take some time off for yourself when you need it. You can always connect with your employer about it so they know what’s up and can manage things smoothly while you are away.

If you are not sure how to ask for time off, we already have provided you with some handy templates to help you out. They will show that you are responsible and respectful of your workmates.

Before you go, make sure any urgent stuff is sorted, and pass on any tasks to someone else if you need to. Being organised about it will make things easier for everyone and keep the workplace positive.


Q1. How do I write a personal leave request?

Writing a personal leave request involves several key elements to ensure clarity and professionalism:

  • Explanation of Leave: You should provide a concise explanation for your leave, mentioning its personal nature. Optionally, you can specify your whereabouts during this time.

  • Offer Assistance: If feasible, you should offer your assistance before your departure and specify the preferred method of contact during your absence.

  • Express Gratitude: You should conclude your request with a sincere thank you to your employer for their understanding and consideration of your request.

Q2. How can I use personal leave?

You can use your personal leaves for any kind of personal reasons such as you need to take care of a family member or household member requiring care or support due to:

  • Personal illness

  • Injury

  • Unexpected emergencies

Q3. What is a formal leave letter?

A formal leave letter is a written request for time off from work, submitted to your employer or HR department. It’s a professional way to inform them of your absence.

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