Unlock Online MBAs Hidden Networking Powerhouse: Beyond Boardrooms



18 January, 2024

Unlock Online MBAs Hidden Networking Powerhouse: Beyond Boardrooms

“85% of Indian professionals say their network helped them land their current job.” – survey

Your online MBA Degree does not end at those zoom classes. It’s a lot more than classes. It is the experience, the networking and the connections you make which is going to benefit you in your future career. Discover the new possibilities of online networking through this blog. How to discover the real powerhouse in just a few clicks.

Think Globally, Connect Locally

Your online cohort isn’t just classmates, it’s a diverse tapestry of professionals woven from across the globe. From seasoned CEOs to entrepreneurial whizzes, each brings a unique perspective and a wealth of experience to the table. Imagine the doors that open through these authentic connections, regardless of your physical location.

Beyond the Classroom Walls

Online programmes break free from the traditional lecture format, embracing interactive platforms and collaborative projects. Discussion forums buzz with lively debates, virtual breakout sessions foster teamwork, and guest speaker webinars brim with industry insights. Every interaction is a potential spark for a lasting professional bond.

What’s Up Stranger?

Forget the lonely cubicle blues, your online MBA is about to open the door to a bustling virtual bazaar of career-boosting connections! Ditch the awkward networking mixers and step into the vibrant scene, where finding your dream job feels as good as scoring the last jalebi at a dhaba. But hey, navigating the digital landscape can be tricky, so we have got you covered with a handy guide to the hottest platforms for Online MBA networking in India:

Table: Your Virtual Career Samosa Chaat Buffet:


Platform Vibe and Perks!
Programme-specific portals: 
The exclusive alumni WhatsApp group, chai included.
Vibe: Inside scoop, job boards, alumni mentorship – your insider’s club with garam chai on tap.

Perks: Your cosy neighbourhood adda, where everyone knows your name and has the inside track on the best career samosas.

LinkedIn & Co.:
Professional networking sites like LinkedIn and Jeetu, but with a spicy Online MBA twist.
Vibe:  Targeted groups, industry insights, expert connections – your virtual career mela with endless samosa stalls.

Perks:  The bustling Chandni Chowk of networking, overflowing with opportunities and diverse connections like crispy jalebis.

Webinars & Conferences:
The high-powered conferences, but without the jet lag and overpriced samosas.
Vibe:  Industry experts, cutting-edge knowledge, virtual networking rooms – your intellectual feast with a side of career chutney.

Perks:  The swanky five-star hotel banquet of the online world, where you rub shoulders with the bigwigs and learn industry secrets like the secret spice in the best samosa masala.

Online Interest Groups:
The Facebook groups, but for ambitious Online MBAs with specific goals.
Vibe:  Shared passions, peer support, collaborative projects – your virtual study circle with a dash of career chaat.

Perks:  The local chai stall with a tech twist, where you bond over shared interests and build projects that impress future employers like a perfectly crispy samosa.

Local Alumni Chapters:
Connect with your college Alumni through seniors and juniors
Vibe: Networking events, guest speaker sessions, city-specific career guidance – your local career adda with seasoned samosa connoisseurs.

Perks: The familiar comfort of your college canteen, where you connect with alumni who have been there, done that, and can guide you to the tastiest career samosas.

Elevate Your Online Persona: Stand Out, Not Stick Out

Forget dusty profiles and stale groups. Time to put some serious spark into your digital presence! Think of your LinkedIn as your professional power suit, tailored to perfection. Choose specialised forums where your voice is heard, and don’t simply stay there; participate, ask questions, and add to the discussion. Be the intelligent participant in the discussion that everyone wants to hear from. Recall that the goal is to establish sincere connections rather than to broadcast.

Embrace the Virtual Bazaar: Your Dream Job Awaits

The online MBA environment is a vibrant marketplace full of opportunities, not a desolate cubicle. Imagine colourful booths full of contacts, professional advice, and mentors who can change your life. Every exchange has the potential to be a treasure trove just waiting to be discovered. So, give up your hesitation and go right in! Take advantage of online conferences, webinars, and the power of a real-life chai-time conversation. You never know, maybe your casual online friendship will lead to your ideal career.

Networking Beyond Cards

Business cards aren’t supposed to be thrown like confetti when networking (unless they are edible confetti, in which case, please invite me). Not destroying bridges, but creating them is the goal. Be the personable team member, the one with a warm demeanour, and the one who shares sage advice like a seasoned dhaba wallah. Never be scared to initiate contact, pose inquiries, and show real interest. You never know who could be the next major asset to your career. Remember to be the person who draws relationships in the busy Online MBA networking bazaar by being genuine and approachable.

Click & Connect: YouTube- The New Found Network

Here is a YouTube channel guide that we have created for you to explore more. You are only one click away from exploring the quest for resources and experiences. One of the leading authorities on business is sharing their insights on YouTube channels.

YouTube Channel Topic
Financially Simple Business Education Hub
MBA Crystal Ball
GMAT with Magoosh
Career Launcher
Learning Routes Official


What is your key takeaway then? An online MBA is more than simply a credential; it’s a gateway to a world of opportunity. Enter your virtual world, make meaningful connections, and watch as your career takes off outside your computer.

Never forget that the internet is your oyster. Take advantage of it, network wisely, and your future self will thank you!

Please let us know if you have any more queries or if you would like us to go into more detail about any specific topics. We can’t wait to work with you to fully utilise your Online MBA’s hidden networking potential!

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