Can Online MBA Get Me a Job? 2024 Edition



10 July, 2024

Can Online MBA Get Me a Job? 2024 Edition

Online MBA has carved out successful career paths for many graduates. By providing the flexibility to balance work and studies, these programmes have empowered professionals to become competent leaders and managers around the globe.

For example, after earning the online MBA degree,Danielle DeJoy Moss transitioned her career into higher-paying roles in EY and eventually became a project manager at Farm Credit East, ACA. Similarly,Maya Smith has leveraged her online MBA skills to advance her career at Wegmans Food Markets. Due to her consistent efforts and exceptional performance, she sees herself as the company’s future leader. There are thousands of similar success stories from all parts of the world, where professionals have taken huge leaps in their careers after earning an online MBA degree. This programme has helped individuals refine their personalities and enhance their skills according to the latest industry needs.

Let’s dig deep to learn how an online MBA boosts job offers for graduates.

What is an Online MBA?

The online MBA is a 2-year (4-semester) postgraduate programme that helps individuals gain a complete understanding of the business world. It facilitates students to develop their managerial and leadership skills and

network with prominent global corporations. It is a programme that effortlessly blends business management theory with hands-on practical skills.

Difference Between Online MBA and Regular MBA

These two MBA programmes may have a similar outline of subjects and curriculum but differ in the formats of study and engagement. Let’s understand the difference between a regular MBA and an Online MBA:

Regular MBA  Online MBA
This programme requires students to be physically present in the classroom and follow fixed schedules. In online MBA the classes are held online and can be completed from anywhere, anytime. 
The fees of a regular MBA are generally high due to campus facility and hostel expenses.  The online MBA fees are generally much lower (due to savings on travel and accommodation).
Regular MBA spans over a fixed duration (typically 2 years). Online MBA offers flexible learning where one can study at his/her own pace.
The programme includes in-person lectures, seminars and workshops  The programme includes seminars, online lectures, student discussion forums and video conferences.
With a regular MBA, you can have an in-person network, discussions and group work. With Online MBA, you can have digital interactions and virtual networking.

Common Misconceptions About Online MBA

Despite getting wide recognition and popularity from professionals around the world, pursuing an online MBA is still a subject of doubt among many candidates. This exists, due to some misconceptions that linger around. Let’s shed light on some of the popular myths about Online MBA:

  • Lack of Rigor: Many believe that an online MBA is easy and not as effective as a regular MBA.

  • Lack of Accreditation and Prestige: Some candidates perceive online MBA to be lower in prestige. It is also believed that online MBA lacks recognition and accreditation, unlike regular MBAs.

  • Limited Networking Opportunities: There is a misconception that online MBAs don’t provide the same degree of networking opportunities as on-campus regular MBA programmes.

  • Quality of Education: The quality of learning through online mode is often put into question compared to in-person regular classes.

  • Technology and Support Issues: Many students fear the technical difficulties and lack of support for online mode learning. And if you suffer technical or connectivity issues then it is certainly concerning.

Skills and Knowledge Gained from Online MBA

Online MBA infuses unique management and leadership skills into individuals to prepare them to become business-ready for the competitive job market. It is a truly effective programme that fosters problem-solving skills and cultivates a thorough understanding of global markets and emerging trends. Some of the prominent skills and knowledge gained from an online MBA are as follows:

  • Problem-Solving Skills: Online MBA helps students enhance their ability to analyse real-world business problems and develop problem-solving skills.

  • Strategic Thinking and Planning: This programme improves your ability to develop long-term business strategies and make informed decisions.

  • Marketing Expertise: As candidates go through the online MBA curriculum, they gain knowledge of product development, customer behaviour, digital management strategies and branding.

  • Communication Skills: A degree in management upskills candidates with strong verbal and written communication skills. Email writing, presentation skills and effective public speaking all come under this domain.

  • Leadership and Management Skills: Candidates can easily develop skills to lead teams, manage projects and motivate their team members.

  • Global Business Awareness: With an online MBA one gets a deep understanding of international markets, global demands, and economic trends.

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset: An online MBA is the right programme to develop an entrepreneurial mindset within you. With this programme, one develops insights to start and manage new ventures and manage risks.

Career Options After Online MBA

Online MBA opens doors for a variety of career options. Some of the popular online MBA degree job roles are discussed below:

Job Position Role and Responsibility
Business Consultant  Provides expert advice to business owners for improving the overall business performance.
Marketing Manager These are professionals who create and manage marketing campaigns to generate demand for products and services.
Financial Manager These are the industry experts who help you make the right financial moves in your company. They formulate investment strategies and manage financial risks.   
Operations Manager An operations manager deals with controlling the production of goods and services. 
Human Resource Manager The job of an HR manager is to plan, coordinate and execute administrative functions in an organisation.
Project Manager A project manager plans executes and closes projects on the floor. He is also responsible for delivering projects with the constraints of budget and schedule.
Sales Manager A sales manager is all about leading his sales associates, implementing strategies and achieving revenue targets.

Job Placement Rates For Online MBA Graduates

Forbes Report says that in the academic year 2020-2021, Online MBA students outnumbered Full-Time MBA students. Some 45,038 students were enrolled in Online MBA in the U.S., compared to 43,740 in full-time programmes.

Not only in the U.S., but in India too the favouritism for online MBA is peaking high. Students are now becoming interested in taking up Online MBA since the Government of India has recognised online MBA as equivalent to regular full-time MBA.

The job salaries for popular MBA graduates for various professional business roles are as follows:

Job Roles Average Salary
Business Consultant ₹10.4 LPA – ₹30.6 LPA
Sales Manager ₹2.8 LPA – ₹17.4 LPA
Financial Analyst ₹2.2 LPA – ₹16.0 LPA
Project Manager ₹4.3 LPA – ₹30.6 LPA
Human Resource Manager ₹2.8 LPA – ₹19 LPA
Operations Manager ₹3 LPA – ₹21 LPA
Marketing Manager ₹2.3 LPA – ₹24.4 LPA

Source: Ambition Box

Wrapping It Up..

It is a myth that an Online MBA does not yield a respectable job or a desired salary package. Online MBA programmes are quickly taking over in the market, due to their learning flexibility, ease of accessibility and low programme fees. So, if you are planning to do an online MBA, there is hardly any reason to worry about your career prospects and future goals.

Remember with an earned online MBA degree from a reputed university, your career is in safe hands. Enrol for your online MBA programme and get ready to embrace a transformational career journey.

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