MBA in India: Distance MBA VS Online MBA



02 May, 2022

MBA in India: Distance MBA VS Online MBA

Management programs are popularly known for helping individuals elevate their career paths. However, not everybody has the privilege to resign from their jobs and take up full-time management programs. In this regard, the question that so often arises in the minds of the people is, is an online/ distance MBA equivalent or as valued as an offline post-graduate management program. The answer to this is quite simple. In the current times, wherein norms are being redefined, the acceptability of an online and distance MBA is wide and overwhelming. 

Having said that, once candidates are wholly convinced that online and distance MBA options are as good, they might feel that both are the same things/courses. 

Hence, to begin with, an online MBA can be explained as an improvised and better version of a distance MBA. It can also be said that it is basically like the evolution of a distance MBA for even wider acceptability and better upskilling of students through an industry-aligned curriculum that facilitates interaction between students and teachers. 

On the other hand, distance learning is individual-based learning. While this course gives you the freedom to join an MBA program anywhere in the world, candidates must handle most parts of the course on their own. 

The students enrolling in distance education programs in India are given the books and syllabus and then they are all on their own to learn and acquire knowledge and information. Incurably, a distance MBA is not much interaction-based. The study material is sent by post. Although the course materials are articulated and designed in a way that they can be easily comprehended, student dedication plays a critical role. 

Institutes/Universities which offer distance learning usually have their centers in different cities. One goes to these exam centers and writes their final examination.

The centers established in varied cities are mostly established for administrative reasons but on rare occasions, the students are called a few times to interact with the experts. If a student is a disciplined self-learner, this course can be helpful to a certain extent. Since there is not much technology involved, it is quite pocket friendly. Nonetheless, the biggest concern is that many students get demotivated and get bored because of having to learn in their shells. This being one of the biggest limitations of the distance MBA programs, many would not want to take it up for lack of peer learning avenues, etc.

Now, moving to a wholesome discussion about what an online MBA is. It is mainly technology and internet-based learning of management subjects. The best online business schools from IIMs to XLRI, Narsee Monjee (NMIMS), and Symbiosis offer virtual classes where you can interact with the experts of the subject and also with your fellow students. Thus, this course not only appears to be interesting and interactive but also helps in building networks. This course is beneficial in terms of that it can be reached anytime/anywhere. 

The curriculum is aligned with industry demand with the principal focus being on helping students acquire the most in-demand market skills. Thus, it offers complete freedom. Hard copies of the course contents are provided by the online schools but there is no need to wait for them. The books and course material can be downloaded on the machine. Virtual classes also allow discussion, skills practice, lecture, or project discussions. This eliminates the chances of getting bored or demotivated.

Henceforward, we are attaching a tabular differentiation, particularly between an MBA that can be done through online Mode and Distance MBA in India.

Basis Online MBA Distance MBA
Accessibility Access to PC and Internet is important to get through the course of the program Study material is delivered at the address of the candidate.
Eligibility Bachelor’s degree with a minimum score of 50% Graduation from a recognized university
Attendance Requirement Required as per the case Not required
Student Teacher Interaction Yes No
Assignments To be submitted through online mode. To be completed and submitted to the respective study centers
Placement Assistance Yes No
Alumni Status Yes No
Average Package 8.25 lacs approximately 6.50 lacs approximately

Most importantly, an MBA that is done through online mode helps the students interact with each other and also learn under the guidance of an industry expert. Furthermore, unlike a distance MBA, the former brings students newer job opportunities in terms of placements, etc. NMIMS – one of the most renowned business schools in India is gaining mass popularity for its quality online management (MBA to be precise) programs which are widely being taken up by working professionals. 

With all said and done, the primary focus of candidates who are exploring management programs to elevate their careers must consider their core requirements to choosing between the various modes of management programs. Of course, if they feel that peer learning and having an expert for more insights and meticulous knowledge is important to them, an MBA via online mode should be their go-to option. But in case the candidate feels that technology isn’t the right medium for that and they can individually learn better at their pace, a distance MBA can well be a good option for them.

Now all you need to do is to understand your requirements. Also, check out the availability of the technology for yourself and then get enrolled in either distance MBA or MBA via online mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a distance MBA course equal to regular or online?


Does MBA Distance and Online get placements via institute?

While a few provide placement opportunities others provide job support.

Do distance and MBAs via online mode have the same value in the market as regular MBA programs?

Yes, they are as valued as a regular MBA. But of course, things depend on the skills and potentially a candidate has been able to acquire.

What are the top colleges offering MBAs through online mode?

Some of the top colleges that offer the program are IIMs, XLRI, Narsee Monjee, Symbiosis, etc. 

Is distance education or education received through an online mode as qualitative as a traditional MBA?

Yes, the education received is as qualitative as in a classroom MBA. Not to forget, a few things always depend on the candidate taking the course. For example, their ability to acquire new skills, grasp information, etc. 

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