Global Perspectives: Online MBA Programs for International Students



11 March, 2024

Global Perspectives: Online MBA Programs for International Students

“International business may conduct its operations with scraps of paper, but the ink it uses is human blood” – Eric Ambler

Did you know? Avi Chawla is a persistent and curious person who found success with an Online MBA program. He is working as a Learning Engineer at Carnegie Mellon University. Avi faced challenges in managing stakeholder expectations but his passion for teaching ignited during his college years, which led him to pursue an Online MBA course. This flexible program made Avi overcome challenges and advance his career.

Today, Avi’s MBA helps him drive impactful change and fulfil his passion for teaching.

This was the story of Avi, next can be yours. Pursuing an online MBA can fulfil your dream no matter what your geographical location or where you belong.

What is An Online MBA?

An Online MBA is a post-graduate programme for people who are unable to continue their traditional education. It is like the traditional MBA, but cooler, faster, and more flexible. You will be getting the same business education and you can choose from a pool of specialisations including Finance, Marketing, Leadership, and a lot more. You do not need to worry about tight schedules and no more cross-country commutes.

It is just you, your ambitions, and a world of opportunity is waiting for you to explore.

The Scope of Online MBA Programs for International Students

If you are looking for your career to expand worldwide then you can start your journey with Online MBA. With over a million international students just three years ago – a number soaring from two million in 2000 – the United States stands as their top destination.

Now, just think you are working from home sipping your favourite coffee, getting into top programs and landing a job with a starting salary of over $20,000 which is higher than what business undergraduates typically earn, as reported by NACE in 2020.

It is not just about salary; it is the sound of success echoing across borders! So, why wait? Let your dreams take flight with an Online MBA today!

As an International Student, Why Choose an Online MBA?

International students can unlock a world of possibilities – all from the comfort of their own familiar space.

  • Classrooms without borders:

    You can interact with a diverse, global network of peers and professors so that you can exchange insights and build connections. You will get the chance to learn from industry leaders scattered across the globe, gaining unique perspectives you would not find in a single location.

  • Flexibility that fits your life:

    You can ditch the busy schedules and appreciate the freedom to learn at your own pace. Do not matter whether you are juggling a full-time job, family commitments, or adventures in your home country, online learning adapts to your rhythm, not the other way around.

  • A global degree, delivered locally:

    You will be getting a degree from renowned universities that are recognised worldwide for their excellent academic terms.  You do not have to uproot your life – world-class education will be available wherever you are.

  • Cost-effective passport to success:

    If you are thinking of getting an MBA degree, it can be costly. You might not want to pay. Instead, you can save on many costs like relocation costs, visa fees, and living expenses. You can invest those savings in your education and future career.

An online MBA is not just convenient, it is strategically savvy

  • Develop Digital Fluency:

    You can develop online communication and collaboration skills that are crucial for thriving in today’s interconnected business world.

  • Gain a Competitive Edge:

    You will be standing out of the crowd by showing your adaptability, self-motivation, and tech-savvy approach.

  • Network on Your Terms:

    You will get many chances to connect with industry professionals around the world. There you can build a strong and valuable network on your terms.

Global Career Prospects: International Students and Online MBA Graduation

Career Options Details
Management Consultant As a Management consultant, you will be working with various companies to improve efficiency, solve problems, and implement strategies.
Financial Analyst As a Financial Analyst, you will be analysing financial data, making investment decisions, and providing recommendations to clients.
Marketing Manager As a Marketing Manager, you will be developing and implementing marketing campaigns and managing brand strategies. You will also be responsible for analysing the market trends.
Operations Manager As an Operation Manager, you will be overseeing day-to-day operations, streamlining processes, and ensuring efficient resource utilisation.
Human Resources Manager As a Human Resource Manager, you will be recruiting, training, and managing personnel and developing HR policies. You will ensure compliance with regulations.
Supply Chain Manager As a Supply Chain Manager, you will have to coordinate the movement of goods from suppliers to consumers and optimise logistics. You will also take care of reducing costs.
Project Manager As a Project Manager, you will plan, execute, and monitor projects to ensure they are completed on time, within budget, and meet objectives.
Data Analyst As a Data Analyst, you will be analysing large datasets to extract insights and inform decision-making. You will also take care of improving business processes.
Entrepreneur You can start and manage your own business venture, taking responsibility for its success and growth.

Some of the Best Colleges

Here are some of the best MBA colleges, including institutions from India and around the world. These rankings are based on the NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework) and the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2024.

Sl# College Name What to Expect
1 Stanford Graduate School of Business (USA) Expect innovation, entrepreneurship, and a network that opens doors wider than Fort Knox.
2 Harvard Business School, USA Expect rigorous academics and a global alumni network; known for producing CEOs.
3 Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania Expect a finance powerhouse with expertise in quantitative analysis and investment banking.
4 Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, India Expect top-notch faculty, a rigorous curriculum, and stellar placements; known for fierce competition and pressure-cooker academics.
5 Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, India Expect innovation, entrepreneurship, a tech-savvy environment, strong industry connections, and a global outlook.
6 Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, India Expect a well-rounded MBA experience with a focus on leadership, communication, and ethics; a traditional yet dynamic learning environment.


You can check out different Online MBA programs to find one that matches your goals. Remember, choosing to do an Online MBA is not just about getting a degree. It is about investing in yourself, your future, and your influence worldwide.

Good Luck!

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