The Complete Guide to Pursuing Online MA Degree in 2024



16 April, 2024

The Complete Guide to Pursuing Online MA Degree in 2024

An MA (Master of Arts) degree is a postgraduate qualification that can take your knowledge and expertise to the next level. Traditionally, these involved classroom-based learning, but the rise of online education has emerged as the best option for working professionals and those who cannot pursue their further education with regular colleges for any reason. It does not matter whether you are a teacher looking to specialise in Educational Leadership or a writer wanting to start a career in Creative Writing; an online MA can be your perfect stepping stone.

Before you read the article, consider this: The Master of Arts degree provides you with a range of career opportunities in both private and public sectors across various reputable companies. These opportunities span industries such as Theatre, Media, Writing, Advertising, Entertainment, and Corporate.

First things First: What Is An Online MA (Master of Arts)?

An online MA is a two-year PG qualification that replaces the need for a traditional on-campus MA programme as it is delivered online. This means you will gain in-depth knowledge in your chosen field. The online mode will help you participate in discussions, complete assignments, and interact with teachers and fellow students—all via a virtual platform.

Why Choose An Online MA Course?

There are N number of benefits of choosing an online MA course. Here are some of the best reasons to opt for an online MA course:

  • Flexibility That Fits Your Life:

    Sometimes, life can be hectic due to family commitments or personal pursuits. That is where online MA programmes come in, offering flexibility as a significant advantage. Here is how:

  • Study At Your Own Pace:

    While pursuing an online MA course, you do not have to think about fixed class schedules; you will be learning on your terms. You can complete coursework in the evenings, on weekends, or during breaks—whatever works best for you.

  • Location Independence:

    You have probably seen many students relocating or commuting long distances, sometimes taking hours. You can avoid these commuting hours and use them for something productive. These online courses will let you access world-class education from the comfort of your home.

  • Cost-Effective Advantages:

    Sometimes, traditional courses can be significantly expensive. If you want to continue your higher education with lower tuition fees, these courses might be your best option. These courses generally help you save on expenses like Accommodation, Travel, and Course Materials.

  • Interactive Online Lectures:

    You will be getting access to online classes like pre-recorded and live-streamed lectures.

  • Collaborative learning platforms:

    You can discuss your concepts and share ideas with your batchmates from around the globe via online forums and discussion boards. This will help you to connect with batchmates and you will get the different perspectives of students from various countries, fostering a global perspective on the subject.

Career Advancement And Recognition

A well-respected online MA programme from an accredited university holds the same weight as a traditional degree in the eyes of most employers. An online MA can benefit your career:

  • Specialised Skills And Knowledge:

    An online MA will equip you with advanced knowledge and specialised skills in your chosen field, making you a more competitive candidate.

  • Increased Earning Potential:

    As per CNBC, a study has shown that graduates with PG degrees tend to earn higher salaries. Earning an online MA can become a strategic investment in your career.

  • Networking Opportunities:

    Many online programmes offer networking opportunities to connect with professors, industry professionals, and fellow students. This can be a valuable source of career advice, mentorship, and potential job leads.

What Are The Top Online MA Specialisations?

Specialisation Description
Online MA in Sociology In this specialisation, you will explore the study of society, social behaviour, and interaction, including social structures, cultural norms, and the impact of social change. It will cover social stratification, gender roles, race and ethnicity, and globalisation. The core subjects include sociological theory, research methods, and specialised topics like criminology, urban sociology, and medical sociology. You will learn to analyse social phenomena, conduct research, and understand social dynamics.
Online MA in Psychology In this specialisation, you will explore the human mind and behaviour, examining mental processes, emotions, behaviour patterns, and psychological disorders. It will cover developmental, abnormal, cognitive, and social psychology. Regarding core subjects, it covers psychological theories, research methods, and practical applications in counselling, clinical, and organisational psychology. You will gain skills in psychological assessment, intervention, and research design.
Online MA in History In this specialisation, you will learn about investigating past events and their significance, exploring historical events, periods, civilisations, and their influence on contemporary society.
It will discuss ancient, mediaeval, modern, and world history. The core subjects are historiography, historical research methods, and specialised topics like political, cultural, and economic history.
You will learn about analysing primary sources, interpreting historical evidence, and constructing historical narratives.
Online MA in Political Science In this specialisation, you will learn about political processes and power and study political systems, theories, international relations, and policy analysis. It will cover political theory, international politics, and public policy topics. The core subjects will be political ideologies, political institutions, and specialised topics like diplomatic history and environmental politics. You will learn critical thinking skills, policy analysis and knowledge of political systems and processes.
Online MA in Education In this specialisation, you will learn about teaching methods and how people learn. You will study theories about education, how to make lesson plans, and how schools are led. You’ll cover topics like how the mind works in education, making lesson plans, different ways to teach, and use technology in education. The main subjects include thinking about education, researching education, and special topics like teaching kids with special needs, running schools, and teaching in diverse communities. You’ll learn to make suitable teaching materials, check if students understand, and lead new projects in education.
Online MA in Mathematics In this specialisation, you will explore the study of numbers, quantity, and space, including algebra, calculus, geometry, mathematical theories, and their applications. It will cover algebraic structures, mathematical analysis, differential equations, and discrete mathematics. The topics will includel logic, mathematical modelling, and specialised topics like number theory, probability theory, and mathematical physics. You will learn to solve mathematical problems, formulate mathematical proofs, and apply mathematical concepts to real-world problems.
Online MA in English In this specialisation, you will explore English language and literature, including literature, linguistics, writing, literary criticism, and the cultural impact of English. It will cover topics such as English literature, language structure, rhetoric, and creative writing. The core subjects are literary analysis, language studies, and specialised topics like poetry, drama, and literary theory. You will learn to analyse literary texts, write persuasively, and appreciate the diversity of English language and literature.
Online MA in Economics In this specialisation, you will be exploring Investigate the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services, studying economic theories, markets, policies, and economic development. It will cover topics such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, and international economics. The core subjects are economic theory and analysis and specialised topics like labour, monetary, and environmental economics. You will learn to analyse economic data, evaluate economic policies, and understand economic phenomena.
Online MA in Punjabi In this specialisation, you will explore Punjabi language and literature, including Punjabi literature, culture, language development, and its significance in regional contexts. It will cover Punjabi poetry, prose, drama, and folklore topics. The core subjects are Punjabi grammar, language proficiency, and specialised topics like Punjabi linguistics, literary criticism, and cultural studies. You will learn to read, write, and speak Punjabi fluently.
Online MA in Public Policy and Administration In this specialisation, you will learn about analysing government policies and their implementation, studying policy-making processes, governance, public management, and policy evaluation. It will cover public policy analysis, public administration, public finance, and public law. The core subjects are policy research methods, policy analysis frameworks, and specialised topics like health policy, environmental policy, and social welfare policy. You will learn to formulate policy recommendations, implement solutions, and evaluate policy outcomes.
Online MA in Hindi In this specialisation, you will be exploring Consumption language and literature, including, cultural aspects, and its role in Indian society. It will cover Hindi poetry, prose, drama, and language proficiency. The core subjects are Hindi grammar, language proficiency, and specialised topics like Hindi linguistics, literary criticism, and cultural studies. You will learn to read, write, and speak Hindi fluently.
Online MA in Journalism and Mass Communication In this specialisation, you will learn about investigating media, communication, and journalism, examining media ethics, reporting, digital media, mass communication theories, and media effects on society. It will cover journalism ethics, news reporting, multimedia storytelling, and media law. The core subjects include media studies, communication theory, and specialised topics like broadcast journalism, digital journalism, and media management. You will learn to write news stories, produce multimedia content, and analyse media messages.

Who is Eligible for an Online MA Course?

The eligibility requirements for an online MA course may vary depending on the university and particular specialisation. However, the general requirements are:

  • You should have a bachelor’s degree from a recognised university.

  • You must have at least 50% marks in your bachelor’s degree.

  • There is no age limit for joining an MA course.

Which Colleges offer Online MA Courses?

College Online M.A Course Fee
AMUOnline ₹21,000
LPU Online ₹70,000
Chandigarh University Online ₹70,000
Symbiosis Online ₹50,000
Amity Online ₹1,70,000
Online Manipal ₹75,000

What are the top job roles and salaries after completing Online M.A. courses?

Job Role Salary Range(Annually)
Social Worker INR 2.9 Lakh
Human Resources Manager INR 10.8 Lakh
Marketing Manager INR 12.2 Lakh
Education Administrator INR 5 Lakh
Public Relations Manager INR 7 Lakh
Research Analyst INR 4.8 Lakh
Content Writer INR 3.6 Lakh
Policy Analyst INR 7 Lakh
Project Coordinator INR 4.8 Lakh
Media Producer INR 4.9 Lakh

Source- AmbitionBox


An online MA course can be an excellent way to advance your career prospects, gain in-depth knowledge in a specific field, or simply pursue a lifelong learning passion. By carefully considering the above-mentioned factors, you can find the perfect programme that fits your academic goals and lifestyle. With dedication and the right approach, an online MA can open up new opportunities for you.

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